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same manner

further resolved that all persons holding said lands be and they hereby are holden and compellable to release said lands to him the said Williams his heirs or assigns at any time untill the said first day of December next in the same manner as they by law are holden for the term of three years from said sale the said Williams his heirs or assigns complying with all prerequisites of law — any law to the contrary notwithstanding — Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham, Speaker In Senate May 4th 1782 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid' Approv'd John Hancock

Appointment of Excise Deputies. Sirf By a law of this Commonwealth, I am as a Collector of Excise apply to your Excellency for your apperbation of my Deputys — I have appointed M' Jonas Farnsworth of Machias a Deputy Collector of Excise for that part of the County & Request your approbation of him— I am with Respect your Excel: mostd obliga Humb. Serve

1 To His Excel John Handcook Hallowell May 3d 1782

Josiah Brewer to Richard Devens.

Fort Hallifax May 6th 1782


Yours of the 20 of Octo” 1781 Novi gth & 15th I have received. the Goods and Provisions ware all Delivered to Colo William Howard agreable to your Direction, it was so late before the Sloop arrived in the River it was not possable to git the goods up by water to Fort Hallifax last fall, some part of which I got up by Land in the Winter the Remainder is still at Fort Weston and Could not be got up till this time by Reason that the water has been very high till this time. Grate part of the Indians Removed back to there old hunting ground last fall and have not got in with thare Springs hunt which has lengthend out there provision so that I have more then one half there Rations by me now. The French Pres! went over to Penobscot in march he was to Returne here in three weeks with the Indians he is not Return" which makes me think he may be taken and carred into the British Fort at Penobscot, I have Shipon Board the Sloop hope Samuel Howard Master Sixty Two moos: Skins two Carrebo Skins Thirteen Bare Skins two Woolf Skins One Barrel of Furs Containing Nineteen Bever Skins Sixty Seven Saples one

Skins and one otter Not in the Barrel which is all the Skins and furs of Every Kind I have Received since I left Boston (I am Sir With the Gratest Respect your most Obed Humble Servant

Josiah Brewer Truck Master (Richard Devens Esq.

| Reca June 5th 1782 from Col. Brewer at Fort Hallyfax.

Petition of Town of Cape Elizabeth.

To the Honourable Senate and the Honourable House of Representatives in General Court Assembled

April A D 1782 | The Petition of the Town of Cape Elizabeth Humbly Sheweth That your Petitioners have been over Taxed by reason of a Mistake of one Hundred Polls in our Return more than we had in the Town when the list of Polls and Estates were called for in the year 1777 or 1778 and by the Resolve of Court those Towns which appeared to have paid

too Great a proportion of Taxes should be abated in the Next
Tax for such sums and as the Mistake augmented our Valua-
tion 88/4on Every Thousand Pounds which we Humbly
conceive has caused us to pay since that valuation took place
to the Year 1781 part in Silver and part in paper curency
to the amount of 7869£ 14°/2° and we humbly conceive our
Beaf Taxes and Cloathing is in the same proportion as allso
if any Tax has been Granted by Government Since 1782 in
the same Proportion all which added to our Distresses by
Reason of the war Extraordinary loss of Men and increase of
Widdows and Fatherless beyond any Town in the compass of
our knowledge we haveing but 265 Rateable Polls left in the
Town now which causes much of our lands to lie Dormant
our Navigation intirely lost, the Great Sums we have been
obliged to Give as Bounty for the men we have furnished
has Caused us for want of Money to Make over part of our
stocks to them which with all other Extraordinary Charges
bas brought an inormus Debt on the Town wherefore pray
Your Honours to take the Distrest Surcumstances of the
Town into your wise consideration and Grant us such abate-
ment in our back Taxes as in Justice you shall find our Due
and further pray your Honours to take our Distrest Surcum-
stances into Consideration particularly our losses of Men and
Exposedness to the Enemy being only a Cape or Nick of land
the Enemys Cruzers allmost continualy in sight of us, our
Extream Poverty, and abate us of the six men we are want-
ing or stay the Execution for the Average Drill and fine till
we are able to pay the same for it is impossible for us to pay
it under our present Sircumstances and Your Petitioners as
in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray
By Order of the Town

Stephen Randall,
Barzillai Delano, \ Selectmen of Said Town
Benjamin Jordan)

Resolve on Above Petition.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate May 7, 1782 On the Petition of Stephen Randall & others Selectmen of the Town of Cape Elizabeth, praying that Execution may not be issued against said Town for penalties incurred by not compleating its' quota of men agreeable to the Order of Government of the 24 of December 1780 Resolved, That the Town of Cape Elizabeth be allowed sixty days, from the date of this order, for procuring and compleating its quota of Men agreeable to the Resolve of the General Court of the 2d of Dec" 1780. And the Treasurer of this Commonwealth is hereby directed to issue no Execution, against said Town for any deficiency of said Men, in the mean Time, Or if Execution is already issued to recall the same, the said Town paying all such Cost as hath arisen therefrom — Sent down for Concurrence —

S Adams Presid

Deposition of John Linnekin.

The deposition of John Linnekin of Lawful age testifyeth & saith that some time of the faull of the Year 1781 I the deponant was at Long Island at M' Pembertons where I saw Thomas M Guire of Bristol who said that he the sa MGuire came thether in a Canew from Camden, & that he the sa M Guire said he was going to headquarters meaning Bageduce & that sa McGuire said that William McCobb Esquire of Boothbay had had a lawsute with M Guire and further that the sa McCobb had had a Thousand hard Dollar & that he the sa McGuire said to the Men of an Armed Boat from Bageduce there was a fine oppertunity for them

& likewise told them there was also valuable Cloaths & house furneture and he the sa McGuire did perswade the Men of sa Armed Boat, to go & rob gd McCobb, & further saith that one of the Owners of said Boat asked me the deponant if I could pilot him to sa McCobbs House & told me he had heard sa McCobb had a thousand hard Dollars & other valluable Good & if we would go we might make our fortune, & further saith the boat was designed to go, but in a Stormmy Night was cast a drift & finially lost, and further I the Deponant heard my sister who was at Bageduce say about fourteen days after she saw said McGuire at Bageduce, and further I the Deponant in November 1782 saw said MoGuire at work at the Taylor Trade at Bageduce and knew that he came there of his own accord and further saith not —

John Linnekin Lincoln Ss May gth, 1782

Then personally appeared the afore named John Linniken & made solemn Oath to the truth of the above Deposition by him signed — before me —

Dum" Sewall J. Peace

Resolve to Continue Post Between Portsmouth and Falmouth.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts —

In the House of Representatives May 8, 1782 Whereas Ebenezer Hazard Esq" Post Master general of the United States has by his Letter of the 25th February to Samuel Freeman Esq' Post Master at Falmouth, signified the Discontinuation of the Post from Portsmouth to Falmouth Aforesaid ; and Whereas the situation & Circumstances of that part of the Common welth, having all certain Communication by water cut off, & being contiguous to the Enemy, which Renders Troops in that Quarter Necessary, with whome Communication must be Kept up- Therefore Re

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