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That in the year 1778, there was a small Tax assessed upon the Inhabitants of this County, which was insufficient to discharge the Debts then against the County, since which there has been no Tax assessed, except One in the Year 1780, which was chiefly collected and paid into the Treasury in Money of the old Emission, which is now in the Hands of the Treasurer,— by Reason whereof, the County is now greatly in Debt; a proper and particular Estimate of which, it is impossible to lay before your Honors in Season, so that an Assessment may be made at the said Court of General Sessions of the Peace which now stands adjourned to the third Tuesday in November next; and unless they can then make an Assessment, it must necessarily be delayed till next June, and will be more than a Year before any Money can be collected and paid into the Treasury, which would be very detrimental to the country and involve them in many Difficulties — They therefore pray that they may, at said Court to be held on the third Tuesday of November next, be impowered to assess the Sum of five hundred pounds upon the several Towns and plantations within said County towards discharging the Debts and necessary Expences of said County, which Sum, upon the best Computation they are at present able to make, will be wanted (and indeed will be insufficient) to discharge the De mands now against the County, exclusive of what may arise before another Assessment can be made, And as in Duty bound &c

Signed by Order of Court Jona Bowman Cler

Josiah Brewer to Richard Devens Esq.

Fort Halifax Oct 4th 1782 Sir

I have ship on board the Schooner Polley Capt Samuell Oakesman master fifty eight mooshides Eleven Bair Skins one barrel of Furs Containing — 103 Musk quash 26 Sables 5 minks 5 Catts 1 otter 4 Small Rackoons 18 bever Skins, which is all the Skins and furs of every kind that I have Received Should be Glad if you Could Send by the barrer or by Cap' Samuell Howard, three monthes provision for the thirty Indians of Orinos Tribe of Penobscott which are now Dayli Coming in after there provision I send you the perticulars of what is still Remaining in the Truck House viz.

Fare 3 barrels of Flour

2 0 10 25 Rec'd in Octo" 1779

1 3 17 20 2 0 0 24

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5 3 27 69 100 pounds Shott 100 do Powder 100 do Musket Ball

4 barrels pork 215 Each 40 Tin Measures 10 Ruggs

1 firkin Butter 0 2 20 13 Fare 45 Grose pipes 2 peices Sheeting 1 Dozen Handkerchiefs 4 Do Steels 15 Tin Kittles What Remaines in the Truck which was Rec'd in Novem" 28, 1780 Viz. 40 yds Dowles 10 do Linnen 40 Cotton 600 Flints 54 ya Towe Cloath 100 pounds powder 16 Blankets 40 ya Baize 29512 Goose Shott 72 Hatchits 100 pounds Musket Balls 250 pound Tobaco 15 Dozen Gun Worms 10 peices wide binding 15 ya Yallow Baize

What was Rec'd in 1781 Now Remaining 20 yds Stripa Woolen 50 do. blew Batten 31 Gal molasses 6 pounds Vermilion 25 yds blew Broad Cloath 20 doz" french Knifes I have Trusted the Indians to the Value of one Hundred Pounds —

I am with the Greatest Respect Your most Obedient Humble Servant

Josiah Brewer Truck Master. Superscribed: Richard Devens Esq? Comm' General Boston

Memorial Selectmen of Fryeburg.

To the general Court of Massachusetts

The Memorial and Petition of the Select men of the Town of Fryeburg in the County of York, humbly sheweth, that on the fourth Day of august, 1781, this and the Neighbouring Towns were greatly alarmed on Receiving Intelligence that a boddy of Indians had made an assault on the Township of Sudbury Cannada, (so called) and Places adjoining on and · near Amorescoggin River, killing and Carrying Captive the Inhabitants and Destroying their Property, and soon after Receiving a Letter from a Number of the Inhabitants of those Townships, Setting forth their Distress and Craving Speedy Relief. We as Select-men (being destitute of Militia officers by Reason of our not haveing received orders for the Choice of such officers agreeable to the Constitution) Imediately assembled the Inhabitants of this Town, and Detached Twenty three Men to their Relief who went in Persute of the Enemy, but Returned five Days after without being able to overtake them, after the Return of this Party, Further application was made to us, by Letter from the aforesaid Distressed Inhabitants, for further assistance, as they were under apprehentions of a Returne of the Savages, and being an Infant Plantation, unable to Defend themselves. Whereupon we Sent a Party of men as a guard to the Inhabitants and Con

tinued that till the 24th of Sept when they were Releived by a Detachment of the militia orderd by Brigdr Gen" Frost for their Protection under the Command of Cape John Evans, and agreeable to the Direction of Brigdr Frost in a Letter to us. We have Supplied the Detachment with Rations to the fourth of December, 1781: as Likewise the other Parties Sent from this Town (Except the first) including Six men Sent from Bridgeton, who joined the Party Sent by us, as may appear by a pay Role herewith transmitted to the General Court haveing Represented these facts —

Our Humble Petition to the Honorable Court is that they would be Pleased to allow Pay and Subsistance, for the party of twenty three men first sent, as Likewise Pay for the second Party sent by us, as a guard, and for the Rations, Supplied Dureing the Continuance of that guard, and also, for the Rations Supplied the Militia order'd by Brigdr Gen" Frost, and also for ammunition Supplied out of our Town Stock to Cap' Evans, for said Militia —

We as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray-
Moses Ames

Richard Kimball
Samuel Walker

Fryeburg 18 March 1782


Resolve on Foregoing.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives Oct 7th 1782 On the Petition of the Select Men of the Town of Fryeburgh for Services & disburstments for the defence of the Commonwealth

Resolv'd that the Comittee on Muster Roles & Accounts be & hereby are directed to examine the Roles & Accounts men

tioned in ga Petition & allow what may be found Justly due thereon — Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate Oct 10th 1782 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid' Approv'd John Hancock

Memorial of Col. Hunter. Common Wealth of Massachusetts To the Hon'ble the Senate

& the Hon'ble the House of Representatives in General

Court assembled The Memorial of Collo James Huntter Commander of a Regiment stationed at Broad Bay in the Service of this Common Wealth

Humbly Shews

That said Regiment is wholly destitute of necessary supplies of Provisions of all kinds that for the purpose of Obtaining fresh supplies of Provision he has sent forward to Boston Lieu Samuel Hussey of said Regiment, he therefore intreats that this Hon'ble Court will be pleased to pass a Resolve permitting him to draw from the Commissary General Store of this Commonwealth what provision he may think needfull for the supply of said Regiment and he as in duty Bound will pray

James Huntter Com"

Resolve on Foregoing.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house of Representatives Oct 12th 1782 Resolved that Colo James Hunter with the Officers and Soldiers under his Command and Stationed in the County of

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