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during the whole time he was aboard said Vessells, altho' what he rec'd was not more than one third of his Pay allowed by Congress and he was aboard Doing Duty by Order of his Comd Officer — Therefore your Petitioner Humbly Prays your Honors wou be pleased to Direct the Committee on Rolls to make him up for the Time that his Pay was Retain'd, and as in Duty Bound will ever pray —

John Preble. In Senate Sep" 27th 1782

Read & thereupon Orderd that John Bliss Esq' with such as the Honble House shall join be a Committee to take this Petition into consideration, together with the papers accompanying the same, & make report thereon Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid

In the House of Representatives Sept 28, 1782

Read and concurred & Colo Grow & M' Longfellow are joined

Nath Gorham Speaker

These Certifey that Capt John Preble of the Indian De part hath Received from this store but fourteen Rations of Meat & thirty eight Rations of Bread from the Last day of March unto this date

p* Stephen Smith Com'

Com' Store Machias August 16, 1782 These Certifey that Capt John Preble of the Indian Department hath received from this Store since the Last day of January last past unto this date But thirty five Rations of Bread & meat in all he has Received unto this Date and Never Received More than a Singel Ration when he did Receive his Provisions

p' Stephen Smith Comisary

Com' Store Machias, March 31, 1781 These Certify that Cape John Preble of the Indian Department hath Received But only a Singel Ration of Provision from this Store at any time Since the twentyeth day of January last past and that there Remains Due to him thirty Rations of Bread to Make up his Singel Ration to this Date

p" Stephen Smith Comisary Common Wealth of Massachusetts

| The Committee appointed to consider the Petition of John Preble & papers accompanying the same beg leave to report the following Resolve - John Bliss pk Order Re solved that the Comissary general, of this comon Wealth be directed to pay John Preble Captain of a Company of Indians in the Eastern department under Colo John Allen £49 in Money or Provisions being for 1470 back Rations due to him from the 20th of Jan' 1781 to the 16th of August 1782 at Eight pence p" Ration, & Charge the same to the United States — In Senate Oct 3, 1782, Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Octo 4th 1782 Read and concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock

Com' Store Machias Septem" 30, 1781

Action on Petition First Parish, Scarborough.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In House of Representatives Oct" 4th 1782 On the Petition of the first Parish in Scarborough in the County of Cumberland, Thomas Lancaster Minister of sd Parish & Nehemiah Libby of sd Scarborough, Yeoman, praying that the Committee of sa Parish & the said Thomas Lancaster may be impowered to make & execute a good & sufficient Deed in Law of a certain Tract of parsonage Land in ga Scarborough upon his the sa Nehemiah Libby's making a like Deed of sd Parish of Sundry pieces of Salt Marsh & Thatch Bed for the use of the Ministry in sa Parish in exchange therefor—

Resolvd That William Tompson Esq' and M William Vaughn Committee of the first Parish in ga Scarborough & Thomas Lancaster Minis= of sa Parish be and hereby are impowred to make & execute a good & sufficient Deed in Law to the sa Nehemiah Libby his Heirs and assigns forever of a certain Tract of parsonage Land in so Scarborough containing Eighteen Acres & One Hundred & forty one square Rods lying on the Southeast Side of the high Way over Beach Ridge so calld in gd Scarborough, the Bounds whereof mentioned in ga Petition are as follows viz — Beginning at a white maple mark'd four Sides and the letter P & runs Southwest Seventy three Rods to the go high way then North four Degrees West One Hundred & four Rods by the high way then Northeast five Rods then Southeast Eighty rods to the Maple Tree first mentioned — upon his the ga Nehemiah Libby's making a like Deed to them of sd Salt Marsh & Thatch Bed for the use of the Ministry in sd Parish in Scarborough for ever Sent up for concurrence

Nathaniel Gorham Speaker

In Senate October 19th 1782
Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid'
Approv'd John Hancock

Certificates Accompanying Resolve.

This may Certify that I fully concur that the desired Exchange of Parsonage Lands for Salt Marsh should be made between ye said M' Lancaster & Nehem Libbee both of Scarborough from me —

Benj" Chadwick Scarboro August 16, 1782.

This may Testify that W" Tompson Esq" & M" W" Vaughn are a Committee Chosen by the First Parish in Scarborough at a leagal parish Meeting To join with Mr Tho Lancaster to petition the General Court For the Exchange of a peice of the parsonage for Marsh Tract.

Ebenz' Libby pi Clerk


Five Acres & Seventeen Square rods of Salt marsh Scituate in Scarborough Near none Such River So callà Bounded as follows. beginning by the up land at ye head of a Ditch, thence running by sd Ditch South 25 Degrees east, 16 Rods thence South one degree west 4 Rods & one Quarter thence west 43 Rods to the up land thence by sa up land North nine Degrees east 16 Rods. thence north 72 Degrees East 18 Rods thence South 80 Degrees east 21 Rods to ye first mentioned bounds

A certain Tract of Salt marsh Situate in Scarborough containing two Acres be ye Same more or less bounded As follows Adjoining on ye western corner by Marsh of Forgus Flagins deceasd now in Possession of Joseph Boothby Thence running Southwest to a Six acre or Meserves Island & so to continue round by Sd Island from thence to a ditch cutt in the marsh or however otherwise the same may be bounded or described.

The Thatch bed Lying on the great Thatch bed (so Cald Begins at a stake Standing at the Southwest Cornor of Ebenz" Libbys thatch bead adjoining Cap' Tylers Thatch bead and runs east 15 dg South 6 rods werst Forty five rods Containing one acor & 143 Square rods.

the Parsonage Land That Lieth on the East Side of the high way over beach ridg in Scarborough is Bounded as Follows Viz! Beginning at a white Mapel Tree Marked Four Sids & the P and runs South Werst 73 rods To the go high way then N 4006 w one hundred & Four rods By the high way then N-E 5 rods Then South East eighty rods To the First Bounds the Mapel Tree afors' Containing Eighteen acors & one hundred & Forty one Square rods

The peice of high Marsh which Lieth Near Mill Crick) So Cold (is bounded as Folers Viz Beginning at a Stake Standing at Richard Libbys South werst Cornor and runs South Eighteen ds W 40 rods then East 11 dg South 6 rods & 20 Links then N 26 E 40 rods To Sa Libbys Marsh then by sa Marsh w 11 de N to the First Bounds Containing two acors & 62 Square rods

the Low Marsh That Lies a joining to Mill Crick is Bounded as Foloweth Viz Beginning at the South East Cornor of the Widow Hannah Libbys Marsh & runs S 54 dg E 1712 rods to said Crick then N 15 dg E 12 rods by sa Crick then N 36 dg E 10 rods then N 17 dę w 4 rods to the Mouth of a Small Crick then South westerly By Sd Crick as sa Crick runs to the go Widow Libbys Marsh afores then Sd 32 dę w to the First Bounds Containing two acors & a half

Memorial Justices Court Lincoln County. Commonwealth of Massachusetts To the Honorable the

Senate, and the Honorable House of Representatives, in
General Court assembled

October 4, 1782 The Memorial of the Justices of the Court of General Sessions of the peace, within the County of Lincoln, humbly sheweth,

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