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Endorsed: Resolve discharging Colo Brewer Truckmaster at Fort Halifax & the Interpreter and reinstating Juniper Barthiaume in the office of Instructor & granting £1000 to supply the Eastern Department and requesting to Govt to issue orders to the Commissary General to supply the Indians with necessaries and for the election of a Naval officer at Machias Oct 17, 1782

Letter of Fr. Juniper Berthiaume.

To his Excellency Governor Hancock

Co' Brow who inhabits fort halifax in Quenebec River having said that the states of Massachuset had dismissed me of my employment, I come here on purpose with six of the chiefs of the Indians of that river to justify of my conduct, and to prove that the certificates I have in my possession are of men of honor, and that on the contrary, those of Coli Brow were signed but by people who most of the time are drunk, besides your Excellency has certainly received letters to convince you that what I advance is true. I can not represent too much to your Excellency what a revolution would hapen if Col' Brow and his Interpreter were not dismissed and if I was not to continue my functions. It is not necessary I should say any more about this the chiefs of the nation will say enough

F Juniper Berthiaume Recollet

In Senate Sept" 30th 1782

| Read & thereupon Ordered that this Letter with the papers accompanying the same be committed to the Com

mittee appointed by both Houses on the Letters from Colo
Allan & Colo Lithgow
Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid
In the House of Representatives Sept 30th 1782
Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker

Report of Peter Noyes. Cumberland Ss

Falmouth Aug 29th 1782 Whereas a Dispute arising between the Town of Topsfield in the County of Essex & the Town of Gorham in the County of Cumberland both sa Towns claiming Timothy Bacon as a Soldier inlisted by sa Topsfield upon the Resolve of the 24 of Dec 1780 & Application being made to me by sa Town of Gorham to determine to which Town sa Man belongo agreeable to sa Resolve — Whereupon I notified the Parties to appear at my House in Falmo this Day who appear'd & after a full Hearing of the Parties it was fully provd that sd Timo Bacon was at the Time of his Inlistment & long before an Inhabitant of the sd Town of Gorham & that he was inlisted muster'd & Rec'd for the sa Town of Topsfield — Whereupon I do hereby determine agreeable to sd Resolve that sa Timo Bacon properly belongs to said Gorham

Peter Noyes / Muster Master for the County of Cumberland for the Men that were rais'd upon the Resolve for the 20 of Dec" 1780

This to Certify that timothy Bacon and Beniamin Libbey was Received as Continental Soldiers for the town of topsfield for three years to Compleat there Quota of men July 19: 1781

Israel Hutchinson Superintendant for

the County of Essex Danvers August 13: 1782

Petition Inhabts Massabeeseck.

To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives in

General Court Assembled We the Petitioners Inhabitants of a Place known by the Name of Massabeeseck in the County of York and State of Massachusetts Bay— Humbly Sheweth ( that we are Settled here and not incorporated and there Lays a Number of tax Bills against us likewise an Execution from the Treasurer for Soldiers which is not in our power to Pay at present by Reasons that we are Greatly Deminished in our Number taken into Coxhall Incorporation ; Littel falls; and Huberts town; which takes away a Very Considerable part of the Estates formerly called Massabeeseck Likewise that there has been hired out of this place a Number of Soldgers into other towns against the Laws of this State & not in our power to hinder for which Reasons we Pray your Honours to Consider our Sircumstances and Put us into Som Method Either by Incorporation or any way that your Honours think fitt and we will Send a Valuation Bill of our Estates Submiting our Selves to the mercy of the Court and begg your Patience and we Shall willingly put to our Sholders to the utmost of our ability Relying on your mercy & Wisdom and we as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray for your honours and the Wellfair of the United States | N B. we Like wise Inform your Honours that it is Generaly thought that all the Inhabitants Posesses would not pay the taxes that lays against us. Joseph Swett, Joshua Webster, Samuel Scribner, Clement Moody, Nath' Hawes, Isaac Johnson, David Kimball, Joseph Carter, Coffin Fling Israel Smith, Jeremiah Smith, John Smith, James Harvey, David Carter, Jonathan Smith And* Burley, Daniel Scribner, John Smith, Simeon Tebbets,


At the Request of several of the Inhabitants of Massebeseck being well Acquainted With that Settlement knowing that there is not more than one Quarter of the Inhabitants Posses a Sufficianse of Provitians to Last them and there Families the Year about and one half of them Seavs anything or Very in Considerable Towards There Surport by Reason of Extreem Poverty Haveing Large Families and no oxen to help them Towards Cultivating and bringing tue Those Lands which are Very Hard to Subdue and but few oxen in the Settlement: which obliges them to seek there Supplys of Provitions at a great Distance and at a Great Disadvantage and to Pay for them in Small manufacturies which still has an attendancy to keep them under such circumstances as above mentioned

David Gile,
Morgan Lewis, Inhabitants of Sanford
Nathe' Conant

Memorial Inhabts First Parish, Scarborough.

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To the Honble General Court of the comon Wealth of Massa

chusetts | The Memorial of the Inhabitants of the first Parish in Scarborough in the County of Cumberland Thomas Lancaster Minister of said Parish & Nehemiah Libby of ga Scarborough Yeoman humbly shews that a Tract of Parsonage Land in sa Scarborough belonging to go Parish containing Eighteen Acres & one Hundred & forty one square Rods and lying on the Southeast Side of the high Way over Beach Ridge so called in gd Scarborough and Bounded as follows viz? Beginning at a White Maple marked four sides and the Letter P and runs Southwest Seventy three Rods to the s' High way then North four Degrees west 104 rods by the High Way then N. E. five Rods then S. E. Eighty Rods to the maple Tree first mentioned Lies at such a Distance from where the Minister of sd first Parish now liveth and in all Probability from where any future Minister of s' Parish must hereafter live that it is not nor ever will be of much use or Service to the Minister of sd Parish yet it is in such a Situation & the Bounds thereof so interferes with Lands belonging to od Nehimiah Libby as to be exceedingly profitable to him, and the s' Inhabitants of sa first Parish and their present Minister the sd Thomas Lancaster of the one part and the ga Nehimiah Libby on the other are very desirous of making an exchange of sd Parsonage Land for sundry pieces of Salt Marsh & thatch Bed in sa Scarborough containing in the whole about fourteen Acres and the property of the sa Nehemiah Libby and which is handy & convenient to the present Minister of said Parish & must probably be so to any future one, Which Exchange if it could be effected would be of very great Service to sd Parish to their sa Minister & the s' Nehemiah Libby and not the least Damage to any Person in the World as no other Person have any Interest or concern therein — Wherefore they humbly Pray that the Inhabitants of said parish by their Committee and the ga Thomas Lancaster may be impowred to make said Exchange with the ga Nehemiah Libby & they and he authorised to make and execute a good & sufficient Deed in Law of sa Parsonage Land to the sa Nehemiah Libby his Heirs & Assigns for ever on his the ga Nehemiah Libbee's making a like Deed to them of ga Salt Marsh and Thatch Bed for the use of the Ministry in sd Parish in Scarborough for ever, and as in duty Bound will ever pray

| Comtee of the
Wm Tompson) first Parish in sa

W Vaughan Town of Scarborough

Thos Lancaster | Minister of sd Parish Scarborough Sept 6th 1782 —

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