The History of the Reign of Queen Anne, Digested Into Annals: Year the First[-eleventh. Being the Pacifick Year].

A. Roper ... and F. Coggan, 1713

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Seite 193 - ... so that they may be transported and carried in the freest manner by the subjects of both confederates, even to places belonging to an enemy, such towns or places being only excepted as are at that time besieged, blocked up, or invested.
Seite 191 - ... to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports, and havens, of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy, before mentioned, to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one power or under several.
Seite 178 - Placentia, and whatever other places in the said island are in the possession of the French shall be yielded "and given up, within seven months from the exchange of the ratifications of this treaty, or sooner, if possible, by the Most Christian King, to those who have a commission from the Queen of Great Britain for that purpose.
Seite 202 - ... the high and mighty lords, the states general of the United Netherlands...
Seite 191 - It shall be lawful for all and singular the subjects of the most Christian king, and the citizens, people, and inhabitants of the said United States, to sail with their ships, with all manner of liberty and security, no distinction being made who are the proprietors of the...
Seite 178 - Inhabitants of the same, are yielded and made over to the Queen of Great Britain, and to Her Crown for ever...
Seite 185 - Majefties may have leave and licence to come with their fhips, as alfo with the merchandizes and goods on board the fame (the trade and importation whereof are not prohibited by the laws of either kingdom) to the lands, countries, cities, ports...
Seite 179 - But the island called Cape Breton, as also all others, both in the mouth of the river of St. Lawrence, and in the gulph of the same name, shall hereafter belong of right to the French, and the most Christian King shall have all manner of liberty to fortify any place or places there.
Seite 132 - ... the payments of a willing and obedient people, as well as all the glorious toils and hazards of the soldiery; when God, for our sins, permitted the spirit of...
Seite 193 - ... or passports, expressing the name, property, and bulk of the ship, as also the name and place of habitation of the master or commander of the said ship, that it may appear thereby that the ship really and truly belongs to the subjects of one of the parties, which passport shall be made out and granted according to the form annexed to this treaty...

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