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307, 308

Our being calla so, obliges us to Union. 20. And to

24-26 The Neceflity and Advantage of our living as such.

-28, 47 Chriftian Name, what it means.

16 Church (of Christ) a Description of it.

4951 How Perfons become Members of it.

51, 52 How the Privileges of it are forfeiteld.

53, 54 In what reffeEts 'tis but one.

301, 302 The Holiness of it.

In what respects 'tis Catholick or Universal. 306, 307
The Duty of its Members.
Privileges of the Members thereof.

309 Commandments (of God) how they must be kept. 110-113

Hoto keeping rbem is a necesary Condition of Happiness.

113-115. vid. Will of God. Communion of Saints, vid. Saints. Concubinage, the Nature and Evil of this Crime. 475, 496 Confeffing of Christ, what meant thereby.

What meant by confefling him before Men. 743 Contentment, the Nature of this Virtue.

519, 520 The Reasonableness of it.

520522 Means to obtain and increase it.

522-524 Covetousness, the Nature of this Vice.

513, 514 The several Objets of it.

514-516 Created, vid. Heaven and Earth. Creed, whence this word is deriv'd.

147 Tlve several Names of it.

ib. Wby ascrib'd to the Apostles.

148 The New Testament seems to refer to it. 149, 150 Why the Apostles compos'd it.

ISO, 151 'Twas deliver'd by Word of Mouth, and why 'owas fo.

151, 152 Crucifixion, the Nature of this Punifloment. 234, 235 Of Christ foretold by the Prophets.

235 How 'twas infiEted on our Saviour. of Christ, bóz to be improv'd by us. 238-240

738, &com

236, 237

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D Aily-Bread, tlie Import of this Pbrase in the Lord'sPrajer.

600, 601 In what senise 'tis call'd ours.

601, 602 W.9 we request it only for this Day. 602; 603 Wliy rich People have need to pray for it. 603 Wbat Things are included in fetitioning for it. 604, 605 How we must pray for it.

605 Death of Christ, whai újé we fould make of it. 245—247

In what respects 'twas properly a Sacrifice. 699-700
Ought 10 be continually remember'd.

701, 702 The Benefits of it to be commemorated. 702, 703 The Lord's Supper the best Means of remembring it.

703, 704. Vid. Chrift. Decalogue (or Ten Commandments) the Obligation of it.

370-375 The Comprehensiveness of its Precepts.

375–377 Rules for exfounding in

378-380 The Preface to it open'd.

381, &c. Obedience to it presi'd from God's Sovereign Authority

over us. 381, 382. From bis Propriety in us. 383. And his Goodness to us.

384 Denying Christ, tuhat ineant by it.

754 W10 they are that deny Christ, viz. Jews.

ib. Arians, &c.

755 Eutychians.

Socinians and Deists.
Atheists 671d Freethinkers.
Scepticks and Anti-fcripturists.

ib. What implied in denying Christ before Men. 759 The Causes of that Denial.

760 The several ways and manners in which Christ is deny'd.

761 Detraction, the Nature and Evil of this Vice. 502, 503 Devil, who be is.

71, 72 What 'tis to resist and forsake lim.

72-74 His various way's of tempting Men.

73, 74
How Cbristians are asur'd of overcoming him. 76, 77
What we are to understand by his Works.
How the Son of God has destroy'd bis Works.

81, 82 What Obligations we are under to renounce him and his Works,

82-84 Diligence,

756 758



Diligence, necesary to preserve Chastity.

483 Discontent, the Nature and Evil of it.

516, 517 Dominion (of Christ) what Use we should make of the Doc

trine of it. 210, 211. Vid. Lord. Doxology (or Conclusion) of the Lord's Prayer, explain'd.

619-625 Drinking Christ's Blood, how to be understood, vid. Eating. Duty towards God, vid. Fear. Toward Men, comprehended in the Second Table of the Decalogue.

529, 530



E Ating Christ's Flesh, and drinking bis Blood, how to be .

654-656 Education of Youth, to some Calling, necesary.

10, II
In Religion should be early.
The Necesity of this. 13, 14. The Advantages of it. 14
And the Mischief of negle&ting it.

Egypt, How the Israelites Deliverance from it concerns us.

384, 385 Envy, the Nature and Evil of it.

517 Eternity of God's Perfections, bow fitly mention'd in the Cona clusion of the Lord's Prayer.

622, 623 Eucharift, vid. Supper. Everlasting Life, how to be understood in the Creed.

332 Wbat Infuence the Belief of it should have upon us.

336-338. Vid. Life. Vid. Punishment.
Evil, what is meant by it in the Lord's Prayer.

How we should pray to be deliver'd from it.
Evil-speaking, the Kinds and Occasions of it.
Examination (of ourselves) what it is.

725, 726 The Subje&t of it before the Lord's Supper. 726—728 What Qualifications must attend and follow it. 728-732


617, 618


FAith, the Nature and Kinds of it.

154 The Ground of a Divine Faith.

154, 155 Every one should make Profession of it. 156-158 What need we have to pray for the Increase of it. 158 The Nature of that Faith wbich is to precede Baptism.

682, 683 The Neceflity of it before Baptism. 683,684. Vid. Belief. Eee 3


False Witness, the several Ways of bearing it. 499-506 Father (God the) bis Pre-eminency in the Holy Trinity.

170, 171 The Duties wbich flow from this bis Relation to us.

171, 172 Father, how filly we are taugbt to begin our Prayers with that word.

576, 577 Father and Mother, what meant by them in the Fifth Commandment.

445, 446 How they ought to be severally honour'd. 446-451

The Evil and Danger of disonouring them. 453, 454 Fear, Scrvice which proceeds from it, acceptable to God.

386 Of God, what 'tis.

526, 527 How this is a Compendium of our Duty to God.

528, 529 Flattery, the Nature and Evil of it.

503 Flesh, what are the sinful Lusts of it.

94-96 How zre are to renounce obe Lusts of it,

96, 97 Wlat Obligations we are under to akstain from its Lufts.

98-100 of Christ, how eaten, vid. Eating. Forgiveness (of Sins) the Nature and Conditions of it,

318-320 The Extent of it to all Sims upon Repentance, 320--324 What's imply'd in believing it.

322 -- 324 How fitly we are taught to pray for it next to our Daily Bread.

606 What is imply'd in begging it,

608, 609 How we must ask it.

609-611 Forgiveness (in Men) the Excellency and Neceflity of it. 471 Form of sound Words, what meant by it.

146, 147 How we muft bold it fast. 152. Vid. Creed. Fornication, the Nature and Evil of it,



GLory, in what sense, and how fitly 'tis aforib'd to God in

The Conclusion of the Lord's Prayer, 621, 622 God, what Notion we lbould form of bin,

160 How his Existence is provid.

161-163 of his Unity.

164 The Duties which flow from the Belief of bis Existence, &s,



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How many ways he is call's Father.

How he is peculiarly call’d the Father of Christ. 169, 179

Wbat is included in having bim for our God. 388-394
Godfathers, &c. why Sureties are so calld.

Of the Antiquity of them.

The Reasonableness of their Use.

31, 32
Usefulness and Benefit of having them.

Why giving the Name to Children is usually committed
to them.

34, 35
The Duties incumbent upon them.

36, 37
The Use of them excludes not the Duty of Parents.
The Carelesness of too many should not invalidate this

Who are fit to be chosen such.

39 -41
Good Name, vid. Reputation.
Gospel, what we are to understand by it. 102. Vid. Articles.
Grace, how necesary to the performance of our Baptismal

133, 134
W by 'tis to be pray'd for.

135, 136
The Sufficiency of it to belp our Infirmities. 560-562

37, 38


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184, 341
185, 344, 345

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Allowed, vid. Sanctification.

Heaven, vid. Kingdom of Heaven.
Heaven and Earth, how to be understood in the Creed.

180, 181
How God is said to make them.

182-184, 342, 3 43
Why making them is peculiarla afcribd to the Father.

What God's creating them teaches us.
Hell, several Notions of Christ's Descent into it. 255--259

The most probable Sense of the Article of our Lord's
descending thither.

259, 260
What improvement may be made of Christ's Descent in-
to it.

260, 261
Holy Ghost, bis Work in the Conception of Christ mysterious.

215, 216
What Christ's being conceiv'd by him teaches us. 217,218
He is a distinęt Perfon proceeding from the Father and

293, 294
His Divine Nature asserted,
His extraordinary Gifts.


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