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voice addressing us, and saying, “ Be ye “ followers of them who, through faith and “ patience, inherit the promisest.” Who then desires to have his soul gathered with theirs ? Let him, without delay, attend to the things which belong to his peace. Today, if ye will hear the voice of the Son of man, harden not your hearts. Remember that solemn admonition, “ He that, be, “ ing often reproved, hardeneth his neck, “ shall suddenly be destroyed, and that 6 without remedye.”

The day is coming which will try our principles, and determine our fate. Then they who have neglected or despised the things which belong to their peace; they who have resisted the workings of conscience; they who have refused to receive instruction, will depart under a cloud of melancholy, and in all the agony of fearful expectation : whilst they who have attended to the things which belong to their peace; who are washed in the blood of the Lamb, will be supported and cheered by the hope of eternal blessedness.

L! f Heb. vi. 12. g Prox: xxix. 1. · VOL. II.. ...10

To which of these classes, Men and Brethren, do you belong? Examine your views, your conduct, your hopes. Remain not in ignorance about your state. Be not ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. “Give diligence to make " your calling and election sure"."

Ere long the factitious distinctions of life will be no more, and every one will be treated according to his moral worth. Ere long the partiality of attachment will in vain seek to cast its veil over the deficiencies of friends in relation to moral character. Ere long the soothing accents of kindness will no more be poured forth to quiet the heart, racked with pain on account of its own estrangement from God. · Ere long your fate and mine will be deter“mined. The shadows of our days are lengthening; the darkness of the grave is descending

Time is short. Presently the curtain of life will be drawn, and eternity disclosed to your view. , :

Time is short! The foundation on which the earthly house of your tabernacle rests, is tottering with years: presently it will give way, and you will be ingulphed' in eternity

h 2 Pet, i. 10.

Time is short! The clock which marks the progress and duration of your pilgrimage in this world, is fast running down: in a little while, a very little while, its hand will point to that which its striking will announce—“ Eternity!"

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O my people, what hare I done unto thee?

and wherein have I wearied thee? testify against me.

WHAT a train of overwhelming ideas do these words originate in the mind of every reflecting person! Jehovah, the Sovereign of the universe, permits his subjects to plead their cause before him. He who needs not their praises or obedience to increase his glory or his happiness, condescends to place himself at their tribunal, and appeals to their judgment for the

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equity of his government. Truly we have reason to rejoice, that he is thus gracious and merciful, thus slow to anger and of great kindness ; but we ought to rejoice with trembling. When he stoops so low, “his forbearance is almost exhausted, and " the day of his merciful visitation near its “ close; for, as he does not want power to “ punish, or provocation to justify such pu“ nishment, he thus acts to make our con“demnation consistent with his mercya."

With mingléd emotions of gratitude for the divine patience towards us, and of fear lest we should sin against it any longer, let us at this time enter upon the consideration of these words. Although addressed to the children of Israel in the first instance, they are strictly applicable to the professing people of God in all ages. Two leading truths are contained in them, which require our attention, and will in order be explained.

I. That the people of God sometimes grow weary of him..

II. That such conduct on their part, in all cases, is unreasonable, iniquitous, and condemnable.

a R. Walker's Sermon on the text.

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