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Introductory Latin Book.
Wm. F. Wyers, Academy, West Schools, Prov., R. I. : "It is just

Chester, Pa.: * This is a most the book needed to meet the
valuable Introduction to the dis. wants of beginners in Latin. It
tinguished author's other Latin cannot be too highly commend-
works." - Prof. O. Howes, ed."
Shurtleff College, Ill.: “This is E. R. Adams, Academy, East
undoubtedly the best book of its Bloomfield, N. J.: “I can say
kind to be found in our language." plainly, and without reservation,
-S. M. Capron, Latin School, that it is the best work for begin-
Hartford, Conn. : * With such ners in Latin that I have ever
text-books, the scholar may easi- seen." Pres, A. D. Sand-
ly grow enthusiastic in the study born, Northwestern College,
of the Latin."


It is a gem of a book, A. H. Buck, late Princ. Latin and contains just what the begin

School, Roxbury, Mass.: “Like ner needs to learn."-E. D. Hoihe author's Grammar, this is the vey, Rome Academy, Rome, only work of its kind which we N. Y.: "I am highly delighted Americans can afford to use."- with it. Now I have a genuine Rev. D. Leach, Supt. Public progressive Latin course.'

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Elements of Latin Grammar. Pres. Cobleigh, East Tennessee book which has long been needUniversity: “This work is indis- ed."-Rev. M. C. Stebbins, pensable in many schools in the High School, Springfield, Mass.: South.”—Prof. W. H. Young, “I must pronounce this work a Ohio University: “I most heart- model of condensation."-H. F. ily commend this work. I have Lane, High School, Templeton, for some time felt the need of it." Mass.: “It is exactly adapted to -Prof. C. G. Hudson, Wesley- our wants."'-Prof. S. H. Manan Seminary, Lima, N. Y.: “I ley, Cornell College, Iowa: “ It think it is superior to all rivals."- is one of the finest compendiProf. M. B. Brown, Notre ums of grammar I have ever Dame University : It is just the



Cæsar's Commentaries. Pres. Aikin, Union College, tic rendering which are among the N. Y.: "This edition is admir- most important results of classiably suited to develop those hab- cal study." - S. H. Taylor, its of investigation and that style LL. D., Phillips Academy, Adof rigorous, tasteful, and idioma- dover, Mass.: " The notes show


presy of

E ᅡ




the hand of the finished scholar -Prof. A. E. Palmer, Claver-
as well as of the experienced ack, N. Y.: "This is a model of
teacher." Prés. McEldow- excellence." Prof. H. W.
ney, Albion College, Mich. : Haynes, Vermont University :
* This is the most valuable edi. “Never before have I seen such a
tion of Cæsar with which I am ac- lucid and simple explanation of
quainted." - Prof. C. S. Har- Cæsar's bridge acro. 3 the Rhine."
rington, Wesleyan University, -Prof. R. W. Sterrett, Dick-
Conn.: " The student who uses inson College, Pa.: “It is decid-
this edition must read Cæsar with edly the best edition of the Com-
a lively relish." Prof. W. S. mentaries which I have ever
Stevens, Denison University, seen."'--Prof. L. G. Chaffin,
Ohio: "The notes are greatly Hobart College, N. Y.: “In all
superior to those of similar works essential points it far excels all
in Eugland." — Pres. Angell, other editions of Cæsar."'-Prof.
University of Vermont: “It is a s. Hassell, State Normal Uni-
happy idea to furnish the illustra-

versity, Del.:. “This edition of tions which enrich the notes."- Cesar is superior to all others Prof. W. A. Packard, Princc- published in this country. The ton College, N. J.: “The notes biographical sketch of the Roman are models of what the beginner Commander is a splendid producneeds to interest and guide him."| tion."


First Creek Book.
Rev. B. Sears, D. D., LL. D., Dr. J.J. Owen, New York Col-

late Pres. Brown University : lege: “It cannot well fail of be"This is an admirable work, both ing a favorite book in our acadin plan and execution."--C. C. emies and classical schools." Felton, LL.D., late Pres. Har- Prof. W. S. Tyler, Amherst vard University: I was so much College: “The Syntax is remarkpleased with the work, that I read ably perspicuous in its analysis of nearly every word.”

sentences and its deduction of Prof. J. Hadley, Yale College :

rules." “It will be found highly service- Prof. T. Chase, Haverford Colabie in the work of instruction." lege: '“ This is an admirable - Prof. E. S. Gregory, Re- work, and a great improvement serve College, Ohio: "I think it on our previous text-books."'-the best book for beginners I ever Dr. Austin Phelps, Andover

Theol. Seminary; “I am much H. S. Taylor, LL. D., Phillips pleased with it. It seems to me Academy, Andover, Mass.: “It distinguished for its clear statewill be found an unusually attrac- ments and its simple and scholartive book."

ly arrangement."




Horace, The Works of. With English Notes, for the use of

Schools and Colleges. By J. L. LINCOLN, Professor of Latin

Langaage and Literature in Brown University. 12mo. 575 pages. Livi. Selections from the first five books, together with the twen

ty-first and twenty-second books entire. With a Plan of Rome, and a Map of the Passage of Hannibal, and English Notes for the use of Schools. By J. L. LINCOLN, Prof. of the Latin Lan

gnage and Literature in Brown University. 12mo. 329 pages. Quintus Curtius: Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great.

Edited and illustrated with English Notes, by WILLIAM HENRY

CROSBY. 12mo. 385 pages. Sallust's Jugurtha and Catiline. With Notes and a Vocabulary. By BUTLER and STURGAS. 12mo. 397 pages.

It is believed that this will be found superior to any edition heretofore published in this country. The Histories of Tacitus. With Notes for Colleges. By W. S.

TYLER, Professor of Latin and Greek in Amherst College.

12mo. 453 pages. Tacitus's Germania and Agricola. With Notes for Colleges.

By W. S. TYLER. 12mo. 193 pages. Virgil's Æneid.* With Explanatory Notes. By HENRY FRIEZE,

Professor of Latin in the State University of Michigan. (Recently published.) 12mo. 598 pages.

The type is unusually large and distinct. The work contains eighty-five engravings, which delineate the usages, customs, weapons, arts, and mythology of the ancients, with a vividness that can be attained only by pictorial illustrations.


A First Greek Book * and Introductory Reader, By A.

HARKNESS, Ph. D., author of “ Arnold's First Latin Book." - Second Latin Book,” etc. (Recently published.) 12mo.

276 pares. Acts of the Apostles, accordirg to the text of Augustus Hahn.

With Notes and a Lexicon by JOHN J. OWEN, D.D., LL. D.

With Map. 12mo. Arnold's First Greek Book,* on the Plan of the First Latin

Book. 12mo. 297 pages. Arnold's Practical Introduction to Greek Prose Composi. tion.* 12mo. 297 pages. Second Part to the above,* 12mo.

248 pages.


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