Oriental and Western Siberia: A Narrative of Seven Years' Exploration and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and a Part of Central Asia

Harper & Brothers, 1858 - 533 Seiten

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Seite 323 - ... stood near, looking to the east, and began chanting a prayer, and beating on his large tambourine to rouse up his god, and then made his request for multitudes of sheep and cattle. The ram was being flayed; and when the operation was completed, the skin was put on a pole, as shown in the accompanying sketch, raised above the framework, and placed with its head to the east.
Seite 99 - The government employs a great number of its serfs in this Zavod in the machine shops and on other works. None of them can be said to be " poor," if by this word is meant want of bread ; black bread they have, and salt; these, with a draught of quass (a drink made from rye), is the food of hundreds who work hard for twelve hours in the day, and receive for their labor fourpence.
Seite 415 - The kirghis sprung from his horse, slipped the hood over the eagle's head, and the shackles upon his legs, and removed him from his prey without difficulty. The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoote on his perch, and he was ready for another flight. No dogs are taken out when hunting with the eagle : they would be destroyed to a certainty ; indeed the kirghis assert that he will attack and kill the wolf.
Seite 112 - ... cast steel will assume. The genius of Anossoff has triumphed over this objection, not in hardening the soft steel, but in giving elasticity to the hard ; and it may be doubted whether any fabric in the world can compete with that of Zlataoost, in the production of weapons combining in an equal degree edge and elasticity.
Seite 243 - Kirghis begin making koumis in April. The mares are milked at five o'clock in the morning, and at the same hour in the evening, into large leathern pails, which are taken immediately to the yourt, and the milk poured into the koumis bag.
Seite 112 - The Russian damask, on the contrary, discovered by my friend Colonel Anossoff, is natural. It is a peculiar modification of cast steel, by which it is impressed with a peculiar character in its crystallization. Which character betrays itself, when the corrosion of acids, by acting more violently between the interstices of the structure than elsewhere, traces out the arrangement of the crystals. This property is communicated to the damask of Zlataoost by a process tending to perfect the quality of...
Seite 99 - One is told he must be a blacksmith : he goes to his anvil without the least hesitation, and begins his work ; another is ordered to be a fitter in the machine-shop...
Seite 81 - Mnrchison beheld this wonder of nature before the wedge and hammer had mutilated its form. He says : "The copper ground we have been describing having been excavated by shafts, an enormous mass of malachite was recently detected at the depth of 280 feet. Thin strings of green copper ore occurring...
Seite 101 - Maias ; some of these magnificent crystals have been discovered six inches long, perfectly transparent, and sold at a very great price. I have seen fine specimens cut as gems, and exceedingly brilliant. Pink topaz is rare : up to this time only five small crystals have been met with at one of the gold mines in the South Oural ; one of these was presented to me : I deeply regret to say that it is either mislaid or has been lost on the journey.
Seite 327 - ... was fearful. Every flash came nearer ; the storm was soon directly over us, the lightning and the report simultaneous. It was awfully grand : a thick darkness at one moment, the next a blaze of light the eye could not look upon, at the same instant a terrific crash. The clouds appeared hanging on the trees in a black mass, while all around us was enveloped in a dense fog. Much as I like to see a thunder-storm, this made me fear its dreadful effects, more especially after seeing so many larches...

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