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These reports will contain the decisions of the Circuit Courts of the United States in patent cases, from January ist, 1874, the date to which such decisions are reported in Fisher's Patent Cases.

When the cases are reported to date, volumes will thereafter be published, whenever a sufficient number of opinions can be collected and prepared.

After careful consideration, and upon the advice of some of the judges, we have omitted, except in a few cases, the insertion of preliminary statements and diagrams. The opinions, in almost all cases, fully explain the nature of the questions and the mechanical features of the inventions involved in the controversies.

We are under great obligations to the judges for their assistance and co-operation, without which the undertaking would have been impracticable. We especially acknowledge our indebtedness to Judge Blatchford, who has permitted us to insert those cases, decided in the Second Circuit, which appear in Blatchford's Circuit Court Reports, as therein reported by him. Judge Sawyer has accorded us like permission to use the cases decided in the Ninth Circuit, which are reported in Sawyer's Reports, and for which we are indebted to him.



NEW YORK, October ist, 1881.

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Reported in this Volume.


Adams-Monce v.

126 Adjustable Window Screen Co. 2. Boughton

327 American Nicholson Pavement Co. v. City of Elizabeth 439

463 American Steam Gauge Co.

United States S:eam Gauge
Co.v. -

30 Ashcroft v. Boston and Lowell R. R. Co.

215 Ashland Machine Co.- Birdsall

- 165

Booth v. Parks

225 Boston and Lowell R. R. Co.Ashcroft v.

215 Boston Diatite Co. - Florence Míg. Co. v.

- 396 Boston Elastic Fabrics Co. v.

East Hampton Rubber Thread
Co. .

222 Boston Machine Co.-Tufts v. 633 Boughton-Adjustable Window Screen Co, v.

327 Bradley Mfg. Co.-Dorsey Re

volving Harvester Rake Co. v. 330 Buerk v. Imhaeuser

337 Burleigh Rock Drill Co. v. Lobdell

625 Burrows v. Lehigh Zinc Co. 529 Bussing-Gilbert & Barker Mfg.


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Co. v.


Bailie-Ball v.

549 Bailey Washing Machine Co. v. Young

362 Baker's Administrators Smith

117 Ball v. Bailie

549 2'. Withington

549 Bantz v. Elsas

351 Barclay v. Thayer

267 Benjamin — Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co. v.

384 Birdsall Ashland Machine Co.

165 v. McDonald

165 V. Hagerstown Implement Msg. Co.

426 Black v. Thorne


Cammeyer v. Newton

294 Chase v. Sabin

399 Cincinnati Gaslight and Coke

Co.-Stilwell & Bierce Mfg.
Co. v. -

610 City of Elizabeth American Nicholson Pavement Co. v.


463 Cohn v. United States Corset Co. 340 Consolidated Fruit Jar Co. v. Wright

320 v. Whitney

356 Coolidge v. McCone

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Gilbert & Barker Mfg. Co. v.

621 -v. Tirrell

315 Gill-Wells v. Gillespie v. Cummings

537 Glendale Elastic Fabrics Co.

Smith v.
Goodrich-Fuller v.

520 Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co. v. Benjamin

334 v. Ireland

384 v. Perry

381 v. Root

384 v. Schemerhorn

384 v. Smith

201 v. Willis

568 Goulds Mfg. Co. v. Cowing 375


Dalton v. Jennings

256 Dexter-Earl v.

400 Doherty v. Haynes

289 Dorsey Revolving Harvester

Rake Co. v. Bradley Mfg. Co. 330 Dover Stamping Co.-Monroe v.401 Dunbar-Myers v.

565 Duker-Myers v.


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Geier v. Goetinger -
Goetinger-Geier v.


Keith United Nickel Co. v.
King v. Werner
Kissling-Murphy v. -

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