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BOOKS printed for STEPHEN Austen at the Angel over against the North Door of St. Paul's.

1. The Lord's Prayer explained and recommended in feveral Practical Discourses; by OffSpring Blackall, D. D. and late Lord Bishop of Exeter. Pr. 4 s.

2. Practical Sermons preached on feveral Occafions, and dedicated to her late Majefty Queen Anne; by the Rev. Dr. Lake, Author of the Officium Eucharifticum. The fecond Edition, 8vo. Pr. 4 S.

3. Chriftian Priesthood, and the Dignity of the Epifcopal Order, afferted and defended; defigned to obviate the erroneous Opinions, fallacious Reasonings, bold and falfe Affertations of all Freethinkers, &c. in which a Book, entituled the Rights of the Chriftian Church, is more particularly taken Notice of; by George Hickes, D. D. 2 Vol. 8vo. Pr. 10 S.

4. Controverfial Difcourfes between Dr. Hickes and a Popish Prieft, to which is added feveral valuable Papers by Bifhop Bull, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Chillingworth, &c. 2 Vol. 8vo. Pr. 8 s.

In the Press, and will speedily be published,

Refpublica Literaria, or, The Republick of Letters; being a Vifion written originally in Spanish by Don Diego de Saavedra, Knight of the Order of St. James, and tranflated by James Evans, A. B.

cum proftrata Sopore

Urget membra Quies, & Mens fine pondere ludit.


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