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EGIN to be good betimes:

thou canst not be too good; B

nor too soon.

1763 Sell not Virtue to pur

chale Wealth. 1764 Let thy Inside be better than thy Outside.

1765 Judge not a Man by his Incomes, but by his Expences.

1 766 Be industrious; but not affected in fhewing thy Abilities.

1767 Think a Day before thou promisest any thing of Moment.

1768 Read not to dispute but live: not to talk but know.

1769 Be pleasant and familiar; but not to Cheapness and Contempt.

1770 Then speak when it is not expedient to hold thy peace.

1771 Of all Studies study thy present Condition.

1772 Let thy Vices die before thee.

1773 Undertake coolly ; and execute with Ardour.


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1774 Live 1774 Live in the World as if thou meanedit to leave it.

1775 Be as good in Prosperity as in Adversity.

1776 Thou oughtest to startle at the passing Bell of thy Friend.

1777 Suspect all extraordinary and groundless Civilities.

1778 If thou expecteft to receive Good, do thou thyself do Good.

1779 Take as much Care to blame thyself, as to reprove others.

1780 Observe all Men; but thyself most.

1781 Do nothing for thy Friend against thy Conscience.

1782 See not with others Eyes; but always have thy own about thee.

1783 Carry it courteously to all; familiarly to few; and flatter none.

1784 If thou hast Knowledge, let others light their Candle at thine.

1785 Tell not to him that thou thinkest will not believe thee.

1786 Neither oppose, nor despise what thou dost not understand.

1787 Add not one Inch to Beauty ; 'twill raise it up into Vanity.

1788 Be not so frugal of thy Time, as to lavish away thy Health.

1789 Be a good Man, tho' thou beeft not so accounted.

1790 Make God thy Friend; and then it's no Matter who is thy Enemy.

1791 If thou wouldest not fear Death, live a good Life.

1792 It's

1792 It's Goodness, not Greatness, that will do thee Good.

1793 Never think thyself the wiser for pleafing of Fools.

1794 Choose_not à Wife so much by thy Eye, as by thy Ear.

1795 Use Temporal Things, but desire Eternal.

1796 Thou shouldest grace thy House; not/ thy House thee.

1797 Do ill to none; speak ill of none. /

1798 Be not of any Faction: A wise Man is always free.

1799 Know thyself; fo shall no Flatterer get within thee.

1800 Make not a Jest of another Man's Infir mity. Remember thy own.

1801 Be good to thy Servants; but not familiar with them.

1802 If thou canst not talk to the Purpose learn to hearken.

1803 Be merciful to every one, even to a Beast.

1804 Never marry without full Consent on both Sides.

1805 Let thy Library lie chiefly in thy Head, and in thy Heart.

1806 If thou boastest of thyself; thou affrontest the Company.

1807 Do what is thy Duty. And what is more is Vanity.

1808 If thou canst not undergo Croffes joyfully; yet bear them patiently.

1809 If thou dost what thou canst not to err, thou wilt miss very narrowly.

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1810 AC

1810 Accustom thyself to do well, upon all Occasions.

1811 Prize not thyself for what thou hast; but by what thou art.

1812 If thou art envyed, let it not trouble thee, it's a good sign.

1813 Kcep thy Promise precisely with all the World: but promise not for others.

1814 Always tell Truth: where it is not loved, it is respected and feared.

1815 Take Care of thy Business thyself, if thou wouldest have it fucceed.

1816 Believė not that Men have an Esteem for thee only because they say so.

1817 Keep thy Eyes wide open before Marriage; and half shut afterwards.

1818 Look upon thy Life as a Stream that continually runs, and never returns.

1819 Pray for Infidels ; but never give up thy Creed in Compliment to them.

1820 Wish and spare not; but let not Laziness make thy Wishes vain.

1821 Spend not thy Time idly: thy Country, thy Friends, and thyself need it.

1822 Do good to all; that thou mayest keep thy Friends, and gain thy Enemies.

1823 Dispute not against common Custom, that would be fighting against the whole World.

1824 Account him thy Friend that desires thy Good more than thy good Will.

1825 Labour not to inform a proud Man; 'twill but make him thy Enemy.

1826 If thou wouldest live without Crofles; fix not thy Affections on the World.

1827 If

1827 If thou wouldest succeed in thy Project, conceal thy Secret.

1828 Other Mens Sins ought to put thee in Mind of thy own Frailty.

1829 In mixt Affemblies be sure say nothing against any one's Sentiments.

1830 Defire nothing, but what thou knoweit thyself capable of and fit for.

1831 Then only dost thou begin to live when thou art got above the Fears of Death.

1832 Be respectful before the Learned, and silent before the Ignorant.

1833 Engage not so far in any Party, as to make its Quarrels thine.

1834 Let Calamity be the Exercise; but not the Overthrow of thy Virtue.

1835 Never reprehend a Fault thou art apt to commit thyself.

1836. If thou dost not in some sort live to others; thou dost not live to thyfelf.

$37 Speak sparingly to thy Competitor for Caution fake ; and to others for Civility.

1838 If thou art cenforious, thou art full of Pride, Malice, Envy and Prejudice.

1839. It concerns thee more, to govern thy Will, than to increase thy Knowledge.

1840 Set thy own Works before thy Eyes; and cast other Mens behind thy Back.

1841. Neither hate the Man for his Vice: nor love the Vice for the Man's fake.

1842 Fear Pride and Vanity, even in thy best and most virtuous Actions.

1843 Suppose all thy Auditors Enemies when thou dispraisest any.

B 3

1 844 Spend

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