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or in Chief on the Subject-Expedition against tho
Indians under General Sullivan-He destroys their
Towns The American Army posted for the de-
fence of the High Lands on the North River, and
for the protection of the Country against the incur.
sions of the British-Sir Henry Clinton moves up
the Hudson, takes possession of Stony and Verplank
Points, and fortifies them-Arrangements made for
Assaulting these posts-General Wayne carries
Stony Point by Storm—The Attact upon Verplank
fails--Congress vote their thanks to General Wash
INGton and to the brave Troops employed in this
service-They vote General Wayne a Medal
Evils of short Enlistments-Plan of the General's to
remedy them—The Army in two Divisions erect huts
for winter quarters, one near West Point, and the oth-
er at Morristown in New-Jersey-The troops suffer
through the scarcity of Provisions-Colonel Wads-
worth resigns his Office-Confusion in the Commis-
sary's department—The Commander in Chief is ne-
cessitated to apportion supplies of Meat and Flour
upon the Counties of New-Jersey—The winter ex
cessively cold, and the waters around New-York
frozen over ; but the Commander in Chief is too
weak to avail himself of this opportunity to Assail
the British Posts—Expedition to Staten Island
fails · ... · · · · · · · · · 174

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