The Repertory of patent inventions [formerly The Repertory of arts, manufactures and agriculture]. Vol.1-enlarged ser., vol.40, Band 4


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Seite 169 - An Act for amending an Act passed in the fourth year of the reign of His late Majesty, intituled " An Act for the better administration of justice in His Majesty's Privy Council, and to extend its jurisdiction and powers.
Seite 342 - Now know ye, that, in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Charles Tetley, do hereby declare that the nature of my said invention, and the manner in which...
Seite 170 - Office, against the extension. (3) If her Majesty shall be pleased to refer any such petition to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the said Committee shall proceed to consider the same, and the petitioner and any person who has entered a caveat shall be entitled to be heard by -himself or by counsel on the petition.
Seite 9 - Having thus described the nature of my invention, and the best means I am acquainted with for performing the same, I would...
Seite 340 - Now Know Ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Adolphe Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement thereof, reference being had to the Drawing hereunto annexed, and to the figures and letters marked thereon...
Seite 281 - Having now described the nature of my said invention, and the manner of performing the same, I hereby declare that I claim, as of my invention, the manufacturing of fat acids and glycerine from fatty bodies by the action of water at a high temperature and pressure.
Seite 251 - On a full consideration of the subject we have come to the conclusion, that the view taken by the defendant's counsel is substantially correct, for we think that the invention has already been made public in England, by a description contained in a work, whether written or printed, which has been publicly circulated ; in such case the patentee is not the first and true inventor •within the meaning of the statute, whether he has himself borrowed his invention from such publication or not ; because...
Seite 251 - Encyclopaedia or other work in general circulation. The question will be whether upon the whole evidence there has been such a publication as to make the description a part of the public stock of information.
Seite 120 - The papers are prepared in the most simple manner, and may be kept ready by the tourist until required for use. They require no preparation previously to their being placed in the camera, and they can be preserved until a convenient opportunity offers for bringing out the picture, which is done in the most simple manner, with a material which can be anywhere procured. Anxious to give the public the advantage of this process during the beautiful weather of the present season, I have not waited to...
Seite 247 - The solution should first be freed from any excess of iron it may contain by the careful addition of a fresh portion of the ammoniacal liquor, by which the oxide of iron will be precipitated and a neutral solution of muriate of ammonia obtained.

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