James Smithson and His Bequest

Smithsonian Institution, 1880 - 68 Seiten

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Seite 28 - Smithson should be invested, when received, by the Secretary of the Treasury, with the approbation of the President of the United States...
Seite 147 - Like the baseless fabric of a vision, Left not a wreck behind.
Seite 16 - British empire, a public institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life.
Seite 25 - July, 1836, to enable the Executive to assert and prosecute with effect the claim of the United States to the legacy bequeathed to them by James Smithson, late of London...
Seite 18 - The business and design of the Royal Society is — " To improve the knowledge of naturall things, and all useful Arts, Manufactures, Mechanick practises, Engynes and Inventions by Experiments — (not meddling with Divinity, Metaphysics, Moralls, Politicks, Grammar, Rhetorick, or Logick).
Seite 109 - The fulcrum is a bit of plate brass, the middle of which lies flat on my table when I use the balance, and the two ends are bent up to a right angle so as to stand upright. These two ends are ground at the same time on a flat hone, that the extreme surfaces of them may be in the same plane ; and their distance is such that the needle when laid across them rests on them at a small distance from the sides of the beam.
Seite 16 - A glance at the names of a few of the great organizations instituted in different parts of the world at the close of the last and beginning of the present century...
Seite 53 - I shall acquire . ampler information at more voluminous sources — to a conviction that it is in his knowledge that man has found his greatness and his happiness, the high superiority which he holds over the other animals who inhabit the earth with him, and consequently that no ignorance is probably without loss to him, no error without evil...
Seite 54 - Paris, 1819. Bibliotheca Parisiana. A catalogue of a collection of books formed by a gentleman in France.

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