Report on the Affairs of British North America


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Seite 7 - ... Government and a people ; I found two nations warring in the bosom of a single State ; I found a struggle, not of principles, but of races ; and I perceived that it would be idle to attempt any amelioration of laws or institutions until we could first succeed in terminating the deadly animosity that now separates the inhabitants of Lower Canada into the hostile divisions of French and English.
Seite 7 - I expected to find a contest between a government and a people: I found two nations warring in the bosom of a single state: I found a struggle, not of principles, but of races...
Seite 123 - I know not how it is possible to secure that harmony in any other way than by administering the government on those principles which have been found perfectly efficacious in Great Britain.
Seite 23 - ... it as the work of mere imagination ; but I feel confident that the accuracy and moderation of my description will be acknowledged by all who have seen the state of society in Lower Canada during the last year. Nor do I exaggerate the inevitable constancy any more than the intensity of this animosity. Never again will the present generation of French Canadians yield a loyal submission to a British Government ; never again will the English population tolerate the authority of a House of Assembly,...
Seite 123 - It needs no change in the principles of government, no invention of a new constitutional theory, to supply the remedy which would, in my opinion, completely remove the existing political disorders. It needs but to follow out consistently the principles of the British constitution, and introduce into the Government of these great Colonies those wise provisions, by which alone the working of the representative system can in any country be rendered harmonious and efficient...
Seite 64 - The bench, the magistracy, the high offices of the Episcopal Church, and a great part of the legal profession, are filled by the adherents of this party ; by grant or purchase, they have acquired nearly the whole of the waste lands of the province ; they are all powerful in the chartered banks, and, till lately, shared among themselves almost exclusively all offices of trust and profit.
Seite 123 - I believe that the interests of the people of these Colonies require the protection of prerogatives, which have not hitherto been exercised. But the Crown must, on the other hand, submit to the necessary consequences of representative institutions ; and if it has to carry on the Government in unison with a representative body, it must consent to carry it on by means of those in whom that representative body has confidence.
Seite 13 - It is impossible to exaggerate the want of education among the habitans ; no means of instruction have ever been provided for them, and they are almost universally destitute of the qualifications even of reading and writing.
Seite 11 - I find the spirit which animated each party at all more coincident with the representations current in this country, than their objects appeared, when tried by English, or, rather, European ideas of reforming legislation. An utterly uneducated and singularly inert population, implicitly obeying leaders who ruled them by the influence of a blind confidence and narrow national prejudices, accorded very little with the resemblance which had been discovered to that highspirited democracy which effected...
Seite 3 - Governor-General of her Majesty's provinces on the continent of North America and High Commissioner for the adjustment of certain important questions depending in the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada...

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