Lectures on Preaching and the Several Branches of the Ministerial Office Including the Characters of the Most Celebrated Ministers Among Dissenters and in the Establishment

Richard Edwards, sold by R. Ogle, 1804 - 126 Seiten

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Seite 16 - BOYSE. — He has been called the dissenting SCOTT, — but much more polite. — His language is plain, animated, and nervous ;— pretty much resembling EVANS. His matter is excellently digested.— He abounds with ideas ; — each sermon appears to be a contraction of some judicious treatise, — and often is so. The two volumes of his sermons, and his discourses on the Four last Things, are his principal practical works, and deserve attentive, repeated reading.
Seite 24 - His works ought to be reckoned among the greatest treasures of the English tongue. — They continually overflow with love to God, and breathe a heart entirely transformed by the gospel, above the views of every thing but pleasing God.
Seite 18 - WILKINS. — His method is very exact, but too scholastic.— His style is almost as easy and pure as TILLOTSON'S. — Many excellent thoughts are thrown together in a very intelligible manner.
Seite 126 - The Isle of Man, or the Legal Proceedings in Manshire against Sin. Wherein, by way of a continued allegory, the chief malefactors disturbing both Church and Commonwealth are detected and attacked, with their arraignment and judicial trial according to the laws of England.
Seite 45 - ... dealt withal, as upon his humble request to have so huge a debt so freely forgiven, should, whilst the memory of so much mercy was fresh upon him, even in the very next moment, handle his fellow-servant, who had made the same humble...
Seite 80 - ... so large, that deserves to be entirely and attentively read through. The remarkable passages should be marked : there is much to be learned in this work in a speculative, and still more in a practical way.
Seite 77 - Greek languages of any Commentator we have. There is no translation that I know of equal to his ; and his remarks on Erasmus, and the vulgar Latin, are wrought up to the utmost degree of exactness. It is an invaluable treasure, and deserves to be read with the utmost attention.
Seite 44 - Orontes, to add, without hazarding the imputation of an affected singularity, that 1 think no man had ever less pretensions to genuine oratory, than this celebrated preacher? If any thing could raise a flame of eloquence in the breast of an orator, there is no occasion upon which, one should imagine, it would be more likely to break out, than in celebrating departed merit ; yet the two sermons which he preached upon the death of Mr. Gouge and Dr. Whichcote are as cold and languid performances as...
Seite 83 - Classics gives many well chosen instances of passages in the classics, which may justify many of those in scripture that have been accounted solecisms. — They illustrate the beauty and energy of many others, and contain good observations on the divisions of chapters and verses, by which the sense of scripture is often obscured.
Seite 11 - BATES — charming and elegant ; — yet his style not formed. — His sentences are too short; — his words, however, are very polite ; — admirable similes, — only too many of them ; — proper to be quoted by those whose genius does not lead in this way. — Read his Harmony of the Divine Attributes, Spiritual Perfections, and Four Last Things.

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