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I don't think that in matters fo important as: thofe that were then in agitation, any Author can be allowed to give a loofe to bis Wit and Imagination, for thus one runs the rifque of making an Author fay a great many things he perhaps never dreamt of; and in my bumble Opinion an Author can never be too fcrupulously a Slave to bis Original, in thofe occafions. Every boneft Man must then facrifice Elegance to Exactness. It is better to be too ftiff than too loose. What I now fay is to be understood only of fuch Occurrences, when a Writer is to tranflate into another Language the Words of a Man that must serve for a Rule, to determine what his true Sentiments have been on fuch or fuch really material Points: But I pretend not to extend this Maxim to all forts of Subjects; much less, to make it ferve for an Excufe of my Style, for which I very fincerely beg the Indulgence of my Reader. I know, that I shall be understood by all, but I am no lefs certain, that thofe alone who, in a Narration, prefer things and exactness to meer words, will be able to read my Book with Satisfaction.

Experience will make me more cautious with regard to this in the next Volume; and fince the eyes of three Perfons employed, were not fufficient to render this Work more perfect, I fball take new measures bereafter, in order to meet with a better Succefs,

I shall receive with all imaginable regard the good Advices, which I hope judicious People will be fo kind to procure me on this firft Volume; and if they know any thing on the fecond, that they can think might be of fome concern to the Publick, and that could not be found in M. De Thou, De Beze, D'Avila, De Caftelnau, D'Aubigné, Monluc, Mezeray, or any other printed Hiftories or Me


moirs, and they be fo kind to communicate it to me, I fhall publickly fhew my Gratitude to them


N. B. As I was forced to shorten the third Book, ર. not to fwell this Volume, I was also obliged to change the Articles of it from the LXIXth to the End, which are to be read in the following Order.

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LXIX. Defpence's Obfervations on Beze's Reply. LXX. The Refult of these Conferences. LXXI. Some general Confiderations on them. LXXII. M. De Beze's Life and Character. LXXIII. The Spaniards take offence at the bolding of the Conferences. LXXIV. Arthur Didier's Treafon and Punifoment. LXXV. Tanquerel's Offence and Condemnation. LXXVI. The Council of Trent. restored. LXXVII. The Pope's. Intrigues to binder a National Council in France. LXXVIII, The King of Spain amuses the King of Navarr. LXXIX. Affembly of the Notables refolved upon. LXXX. The Cardinal of Lorrain and the Duke of Guife leave the Court. LXXXI. Tumults at Dijon, and feveral other Places. LXXXII. The Queen's Inqueft about the Reformed's strength, LXXXIII. The Notables affembled at St. Germain. LXXXIV. The Chancellor's Speech. LXXXV. Edict of January. LXXXVI. Somę general Confiderations upon the State of the Reformed in France.


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The Rt. Rev. Father
in God Lord Bishop
of Litchfield.

The Rt. Rev. Father in
God Lord Bishop of

The Rt. Rev. Father in
God the Lord Bishop
of Londonderry.
Mr. Ifaac Lacam 2. T
Gideon Leglife Efq; 7

---La Roche Efq; James La Touche Elq; Mr. Jofeph Lycett,


The Rt. Rev. Father in God Lord Bifhop of Kildare.

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Captain Philip Moreau,
De Morin Efq;

Mifs De Morin.

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Her Grace the Duchefs Mr. James Moêtiens.

of Kent..

James Mundy Efq;
The Reverend Mr. De
Muy Jon


Mrs. Ravenel.

The Rt. Rev. Father in
God Lord Bishop of

Mr. René Roulleau.
Mr. Peter Ruffe.
--- Reilbe Efq;
Mr. Ifaac Roberdeau.

Gerard Von Neck Efq;7.
Sir Roger Newdigate. 4.


The Rt. Hon. the Earl Edward Strong Efq;

of Oxford.

Mrs. Stukeley.

The Rt. Rev. Father in
God Lord Bishop of


Her Grace the Duchefs Dowager of Portland, deceased.

The Rt. Hon. the Coun-
tels of Portland.
Mr. Packer of Bristol.
Mr. Peloquin of Bristol.
Sir Erafmus Philips.
Hon. Mrs. Pitt.
Mrs. Prevot.

The Revd.Mr.Prelleur.
----Primerofe Efq; 3.


Mrs. Prifcilla Stample.
Mr. Richard Sidmarch.


The Rt. Rev. Father in
God Lord Bishop of
Mrs. Rogerfon.
Captain Ribot.

Mr. Tanqueray.
Th. Thomas Efq;
Mr. Samuel Torin.
Dr. Luke Trevigar.
Mr. Tribble 2.
The Rev. Dr. Tyrwhitt,
Archdeacon of Lon-


Philip De Vifmes Efq;
--De Vermenoux Efq;


The Rt. Rev. Father in
God the Lord Bishop
of Winchester. 2
Henry Woodfall, Printer.

His Grace the Lord
Archbishop of York.

N. B. Several others have fubfcribed, whofe Names have not been fent to me as yet; but will be inferted in the net Volume.

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