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Chinese and English, arranged alphabetically,

, 2 vols.; III, English and Chinese, 1 vol. Macao, 1819-22, 6 vols., 4to. The 2nd part, arranged alphabetically, is re

printed in 2 vols. Shanghai, 1865, 8vo. See J. Klaproth, Allg. Litt. zeit., No. 29, 1828,

and Dernier mot sur le dictionnaire du

Dr. R. Morrison. Paris, 1830, 8vo.
A. Rémusat, Mél. as., II, p. 157-216. This

monument of literary labor was publish-
ed at the expense of the East India
Company. The first vol. of part I is the
best, the others are excelled by modern

works. 47

Vocabulary of the Canton dialect. Macao, 1828, 3 parts, 8vo.

I, English-Chinese; II, Chinese-English;

III, Chinese words and phrases. 48

An English and Chinese vocabulary, the latter in the Canton dialect. Calcutta, 1840, 12mo. 49 GONÇALVEZ, J. A., Diccionario Portuguez-China.

Macao, 1831, 4to. 50

Diccionario China-Portuguez. Macao, 1833, 4to. The author has reduced the number of 214

radicals to a system of his own, which is,

however, easily mastered. 51

Vocabularium latino-sinicum. Macao, 1836, 8vo. 52

Lexicon manuale latino-sinicum. Macao, 1839, 8vo. 53

Lexicon magnum latino-sinicum. Macao, 1841, 4to. 54 MEDHURST, W. H. (sen.), Dictionary of the Hok

këèn dialect of the Chinese language, according to the reading and colloquial idioms. Macao, 1832, 4to., LXIV, 860 pp.

See Chin. Repos., VI, p. 142.

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55 MEDHURST, W. H. (sen.), Chinese and English

dictionary. Batavia, 1842-43, 2 vols., 8vo. 56

English and Chinese dictionary. Shanghai, 1847-48, 2 vols., 8vo. See E. C. Bridgman, Chin. Repos., XII, p.

496. 57

Comparative vocabulary of the Chinese, Corean and Japanese languages, to which is added the Thousand-characters classic in Chinese and Corean, accompanied by indexes of all Chi

nese and English words. Batavia, 1835, 8vo. 58 DAVIS, J. F., Commercial vocabulary, English-Chi

nese. Macao, 1834, 12mo. 59 DYER, D., Vocabulary of the Hokkien dialect. Sin

gapore, 1338, 8vo., without Chinese characters. 60 SIEBOLD, P. F. von, Lui Hö, sive vocabularium

sinense in Kôraïanum conversum, opus sinicum origine in peninsula Kôraï impressum in lapide exaratum a Sinensi Ko....annexa appendice vocabulorum Kôraïanorum, japonicorum et sinensium

comparativa. Lugduni Batavorum, 1838, fol. 61 CALLERY, J. M., Systema phoneticum scripturae

sinicae. Macao, 1841, 8vo.
See G. T. Lay, Chin. Repos., XII, p. 253 and

Callery's reply, ibid, p. 371. 62 CALLERY, J. M., Dictionnaire encyclopédique de

la langue Chinoise. Paris et Macao, 1845, part
I, fasc., 1, 4to.
For prospectus and preface, see Chin. Repos.,

XII, p. 300; XIV, p. 137.
The beginning of the translation of the

* pëi-wen-yün-fu (see Wylie's

notes, p. 11.) 63 LEGGE, J., A lexilogus of the English, Malay and

Chinese languages, comprehending the vernacular idioms of the last in the Hok-keen and Canton dialects. Malacca, 1841, 8vo.

See Chin. Repos., XI, p. 389.

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64 THOM, R., Chinese-English vocabulary. Canton,

1843, 8vo. 65 WILLIAMS, S. W., An English and Chinese voca

bulary in the Court dialect. Macao, 1844, 8vo.

See E. C. Bridgman, Chin. Repos., XV, p.

145. 66

Tonic dictionary of the Chinese language in the Canton dialect. Canton, 1856, 8vo. A new edition of this work by J. Eitel is soon

expected. 67

A syllabic dictionary of the Chinese language, arranged according to the Wu-fang Yuan-yin, with the pronunciation of the characters as heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy and Shanghai. Shanghai, 1874, 1252 pp., 4to. See Chin. Recorder, V, p. 226-228; China

Review, III, p. 138-142; W. P. Groenevelt, ibid, p. 226-241; Ibid, IV, p.

318-322. 68 SCHOTT, W., Vocabularium sinicum. Berlin, 1844,

A collection of Chinese types, brought to

Berlin by K. Gützlaff, with Latin trans

lation. 69 GODDART, J., A Chinese and English vocabulary

in the Tie-chiu dialect. Bangkok, 1847, 8vo.
In the dialect of Chaochou fu (local pronun-

ciation: tië-tshiu) in the province of

Kuang-tung. 70 CHALMERS, J., Chinese phonetic vocabulary, con

taining all the most common characters with their sounds in the Canton dialect. Hongkong, 1855,

8yo. 71

English and Cantonese pocket dictionary. Hongkong, 1859, 120., 4th ed., 1873.

See China Review, II, p. 126. 72 HOBSON, B., Medical vocabulary in English and

Chinese. Shanghai, 1858, 8vo.

73 MACGOWAN, J., Chinese and English vocabulary.

Shanghai, 1862, 2 vols., 8vo. 74 ISAIAH, J., Russko-kitaiski slovar (Russian-Chinese

vocabulary.) Peking, 1867, 535 pp., 16mo. (in Russian.)

Supplement, Peking, 1871, 16mo. 75 WASSILYEFF, W., Kitaiski-russko slovar (Chinese

Russian dictionary.) St. Petersburg, 1867, 456

pp., fol.

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76 PAUTHIER, G., Dictionnaire étymologique Chi

nois-Annamite Latin-Français. Paris, 1867,

4to. 77 LOBSCHEID, W., English and Chinese dictionary,

with the Punti and Mandarin pronunciation. Hongkong, 1866-69, 4 vols., 4to.

See China Mag., 1869, p. 112. 78

Chinese and English dictionary. Hongkong, 1871, 8vo. 79 Kwong Tsun Tuk, An English and Chinese

lexicon. Hongkong, 1868, 8vo., 326 pp. and Chinese and English index, 66 pp. Expressions, 3 pp.; short sentences, 24 pp.

In Cantonese. 80 EDKINS, J., A vocabulary of the Shanghai dialect.

Shanghai, 1869, VI, 151 pp., 8vo.

See Phoenix, II, p. 32. 81 PERNY, P., Dictionnaire Français-Latin-Chinois,

de la langue Mandarine parlée. Paris, vol. I, 459
pp., 1869; vol. II, 1872, 4to.
Vol. II has the separate title : Appendice du

dictionnaire Français-Latin-Chinois, and
is composed of essays on various sub-

jects relating to China. 82 MACLAY, Ř. S. and BALDWIN, C. C., Alphabetic

dictionary of the Chinese language, in the Foochow dialect. Foochow, 1871, 1107 pp., 8vo.

See Chin. Recorder, III, p. 132; Phoenix, I,

p. 222.

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83 STENT, G. C., A Chinese and English vocabulary

in the Pekingese dialect. Shanghai, 1871, 8vo.; smaller edition: A Chinese and English pocket dictionary. Shanghai, 1874, 8vo.

See Chin. Recorder, V, p. 55. 84 DOOLITTLE, J., Vocabulary and handbook of the

Chinese language. Foochow, 1872, 2 vols., 4to.

See China Review, I, p. 269.
Vol. I is an English-Chinese vocabulary;

Vol. II contains useful lists and transla

tions by various authors. 85 DOUGLAS, C., A Chinese and English dictionary

of the vernacular or spoken language of Amoy
with the principal variations of the Chang-chew
and Chin-chew dialects. London, 1873, lex. 8vo.,
XIX, 612 pp.

Without Chinese characters.
See China Review, II, p. 129; Trübner's Re-

cord, June, 1873; Chin. Recorder, V, p.

50-53; Lit. Centralblatt, 1874, p. 304. 86 GILES, H. A., A dictionary of colloquial idioms in

the Mandarin dialect. Shanghai, 1873, 4to.

See North Ch. Herald, 1st Dec., 1873, p. 527. 87 LEMAIRE, G. et GIQUEL, P., Dictionnaire de po

che Français-Chinois suivi d'un dictionnaire technique des mots usités à l'arsenal de Foutcheou. Shanghai, 1874, 421


12mo. See Chin. Recorder, V, p. 169. 88 MORRISON, W. T., An Anglo-Chinese vocabulary

of the Ningpo dialect. Shanghai, 1876, XV, 559

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pp., 8vo.

See Chin. Recorder, VII, p. 145-46.


Dialogues, Handbooks, &c. 89 DUFAYEL, Recueil de pièces utiles pour faciliter

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