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8 DENNYS, N. B., Catalogue of books on China (other

than philological) in Treaty Ports (No. 1213).

Appendix, pp. 1-26. 9 For the publications of protestant missionaries up to

1867, see A. Wylie's Memorials, No. 3650. 10 KISTNER, O., Buddha and his doctrines, a bi

bliographical essay. Leipzig, 1869, 4to.
See Notes and queries, III, 95; Chinese

Recorder, III, 228. 11 The “ Wissenschaftlichen Jahresberichte der deuts

chen morgenl. Gesellschaft,” by Fleischer, Rödiger and Arnold. But especially the excellent one by R. Gosche (Professor at Halle a/s), 1862-67.

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C. B. of the R. A. S., Shanghai. Shanghai, 1872,
Besides these works, nearly all the serials

under IX have been extracted.


Chinese Language and Literature.



14 VARO, F., Arte de la lengua madarina, acrecentato

y reducido de la mejor forma P. N. St. Pedro de la Pinuela. Anadiose un confesionario muy util y provechoso para alivio de los nuevos ministros. Canton, 1703, 4to.

Printed on blocks, without Chinese charact15 FOURMONT, S., Meditationes sinicae. Paris, 1737,


fol. 16

Linguae Sinarum manderinicae et hieroglyphicae grammatica duplex, latine et cum characteribus Sinensium. Item Sinicorum regiae bibliothecae librorum catalogus. Parisiis, 1742, fol.

See Chin. Repos., X, p. 672 ; XVIII, p. 403. 17 BAYER, T. S., Musaeum sinicum. Petropoli, 1780,

2 vols., 8vo.
Contains also a translation of the first part of

the Ta-hsio with Chinese text; grammar

of the Ts'in-ts'iu dialect, I, pp. 137-67. 18 HAGER, J., Elements of the Chinese language.

London, 1806, 2 vols., 8vo.

See As. Mag., II, 79, 1803. 19 MARSHMAN, J., Clavis sinica. Elements of Chi

nese Grammar, with a dissertation on the charact-
ers and the colloquial medium of the Chinese and
an appendix containing the Ta hyoh of Confucius
with a translation. Serampore, 1814, 4to.
See A. Rémusat, Mél. as., II, 132; Chin.
Repos., VII, p. 115; IX, p. 587.

. 20 MORRISON, R., A grammar of the Chinese lang

uage. Serampore, 1815, 4to.

See A. Rémusat, Mél. as., II, p. 152. 21 REMUSAT, A., Elémens de la grammaire chinoise

ou principes généraux du kou-wen ou style antique
et du kouan-hoa, c'est-à-dire de la langue com-
mune. Paris, 1822, 8vo.; 2nd ed. by L. de Rosny.
Paris, 1853, 8vo.
The preface contains critical notes on all pre-

ceding works.
See S. de Sacy, Notice de l'ouvrage intitulé:

Eléments, etc. Paris, 1822, 4to. 22 GONÇALVEZ, J. A., Arte China, constante de Al

phabeto e grammatica, comprehendendo modelos das differentes composiçoens. Macao, 1829, 4to.

See Chin. Repos., XV, p. 71.

The extracts from histories and fables trans

lated by J. Bowring, Chin. Repos., XX, p. 94, p. 122, p. 194; and Chin. and

Jap. Repos., Dec., 1863, Jan.-Ap., 1864. 23 PREMARE, P., Notitia linguae Sinicae. Malacca,

1831, 4to.

See A. Rémusat, Jour. des Savans, Sept., 1831.
E. C. Bridgman, Chin. Repos., I, p. 152 ;

XVI, p. 266.
The proverbs selected from it Chin. Repos.,

XV, p. 140.
Translated into English by J. G. Bridgman.

Canton, 1847, 8vo.
For a notice of the manner, in which this

valuable work was prepared and sent to

Fourmont, see Chin. Repos., X., p. 671. 24 HYACINTHE BITCHOURIN, Kitaiskaya gramma

tika (Chinese grammar.) St. Petersburg, 1838,

243 pp., lithogr., 4to. (in Russian.) 25 (GUTZLAFF, K.) Philosinensis : Notices on Chi

nese grammar. Batavia, 1842, 8vo.

See E.C. Bridgman, Chin. Repos., XI, p. 317. 26 ENDLICHER, S., Anfangsgründe der chinesischen

Grammatik. Wien, 1845, 8vo. 27 Premiers rudiments de la langue Chinoise. Paris,

1844, 12mo. 28 EDKINS, J., A grammar of colloquial Chinese, as

exhibited in the Shanghae dialect. Shanghai,

1853, 8vo.; 2nd, ed., 1868, VIII, 225 pp., 8vo. 29

A grammar of the Chinese colloquial language, commonly called the Mandarin dialect.

Shanghai, 1857, 8vo.; 2nd ed., 1864, 8vo. 30 BAZIN, A., Grammaire Mandarine ou principes

généraux de la langue chinoise parlée. Paris,
1856, 8vo.
See T. Pavie, Grammaire mandarine par

Bazin, J. as., 5me. série, X, p. 558; see
also No. 531.

31 SCHOTT, W., Chinesische Sprachlehre. Berlin,

1857, 4to. 32

Zur Chinesischen Sprachlehre. Berlin, 1868, 4to. Contains additions and corrections to the

preceding work. 33 SUMMERS, J., Handbook of the Chinese language.

Oxford, 1863, 8vo.

Grammar and Chrestomathy. 34 LOBSCHEID, W., Grammar of the Chinese lan

guage. Hongkong, 1864, 8vo.

For the dialect of Canton. 35 ISAIAH, J., Wwedenie w russko—kitaiskii slovar.

Peking, 1869, 16mo., 69 pp. (in Russian.)
Grammatical introduction to the author's

Russian-Chinese vocabulary. 36 CASTAÑEDA, B., Grammatica elemental de la lengua

China, dialecto Cantonés. Hongkong, 1869, 8vo.

See Notes and queries, III, p. 160. 37 JULIEN, S., Han-wen-tchi-nan, Syntaxe nouvelle

de la langue Chinoise, fondée sur la position des
mots. Paris, 1869, 2 vols., 8vo.

See Ch. Review, I, p. 110.
Vol. I: grammatical observations, monogra-

phies on the most difficult prepositions,
particles, etc.; table of idiotisms, fables,

legends, etc., translated verbally. Vol. II: Reprint of critiques against Pau

thier, a vocabulary of difficult expressions of the Chinese novel It Yütshiau-li (see Wylie's notes, p. 163), a verbal translation of the first 3 acts of

the “Orphelin de la Chine.” 38 RUDY, C., The Chinese Mandarin language after

Ollendorf's new method. Ban-zai-sau by Turre

tini. Senève, 1872, 8vo. 39 ROSNY, L. de, A grammar of the Chinese language,

London, 1874.



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40 COLLADI, D., Dictionarium linguae sinensis cum

explicatione latina et hispana. Romae, 1632, 4to. See A. Rémusat, mél. as., II, p. 65.

. 41 DIAZ, F., Vocabulario de letra China con la explicacion castellana, hecho con gran propriedad y abun

y dancia de palabras. Manuscript in the R. libr. of Berlin, c. 1647, fol., 598 pp.; another copy at

Paris, 4to., 396 pp. 42 DALQUIE, F. S., Dictionnaire chinois et français, in

the French edition of Kirchner's China illustrata. Amsterdam, 1670, fol., appendix, p. 324-367, in

roman letters. 43 RAPER, M., A Chinese and English dictionary,

translated from the Latin Macao dictionary. Lon

don, 1807. 44 DEGUIGNES (fils), Dictionnaire chinois, français

et latin. Paris, 1813, fol.
Reprinted : Dictionarium sinico-latinum auc-

tore M. de Guignes ; meliori ordine
digestum labore, cura ac diligentia F.

H. Mangieri. Hongkong, 1853, 4to. The original is the M. S. dictionary of P.

Basile de Glemona. See A. Rémusat,

Mél. as., II, p. 71. 45 KLAPROTH, J., Supplément au dictionnaire chi

nois-latin publié par M. de Guignes. Paris, 1819,
fol., I, fasc.
Only to rad. 61, the “examen critique in

the preface is by A. Rémusat.

See A. Rémusat, Mél. as., II, p. 217-242. 46 MORRISON, R., Dictionary of the Chinese language,

divided into 3 parts. 1, Chinese and English, arranged according to the Radicals, 3 vols.; II,

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