The Speeches of the Right Honorable William Huskisson: With a Biographical Memoir, Supplied to the Editor from Authentic Sources. ... In Three Volumes ...


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Seite 184 - Majesty, subsequently revived and made perpetual by a statute of the thirtyninth year of his reign, it is enacted, that no tender in payment of money made in the silver coin of this realm, of any sum exceeding the sum of twenty-five pounds at any one time, shall be reputed in law, or allowed to be a legal tender, within Great Britain or Ireland, for more than, according to its value by weight, after the rate of 5s. 2d. for each ounce of silver.
Seite 56 - Observations on the Principles which Regulate the Course of Exchange; and on the Present Depreciated State of the Currency.
Seite 2 - An Act for making Wet Docks, Basons, Cuts and other Works, for the greater Accommodation and Security of Shipping, Commerce, and Revenue within the Port of London; and to make Regulations relating to the said Docks.
Seite 186 - That in order to revert gradually to this security, and to enforce meanwhile a due limitation of the paper of the Bank of England, as well as of all the other bank paper of the country, it is expedient to amend the act which suspends the cash payments of the Bank, by altering the time, till which the suspension shall continue, from six months after the ratification of a definitive treaty of peace, to that of two years from the present time.
Seite 97 - COMMITTEE, appointed to inquire into the State of IRELAND, as to its CIRCULATING PAPER, its SPECIE, and CURRENT COIN, and the EXCHANGE between that part of the UNITED KINGDOM and GREAT BRITAIN...
Seite 244 - Britain ; and shall be issued at the receipt of the Exchequer to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, to be by them placed to the account of the commissioners for the reduction of the national debt...
Seite 311 - That this House do resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to take into consideration the Distressed St,,te of the Agriculture of the United Kingdom.
Seite 183 - REPORT FROM THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE HIGH PRICE OF GOLD BULLION. Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 8 Jime, 1810. THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to enquire into the cause of the High Price of Gold Bullion, and to take into consideration the state of the Circulating Medium, and of the Exchanges between Great Britain and Foreign Parts...
Seite 77 - Bank note is not a commodity; it is only an engagement for the payment of a certain specified quantity of money. It cannot vary its value in exchange for any commodity, except in reference to the general increase or diminution of the value of such commodity in gold, and in the precise proportion of that increase or diminution. Gold therefore is the test by which the value of Bank notes must be tried, and if a one-pound note, being an engagement to pay 5 dwts.
Seite 166 - ... majesty's household, and to dispose, order, and manage, all other matters and things relating to the care of his majesty's royal person, during the time aforesaid; and that for the better enabling her majesty to discharge this important...

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