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Home of Truth, 1233 A. J. Street, Sacramento, Cal.
Home of Truth, Corner Grand Street and Alameda Ave., Alameda,

Co-operative Truth Center, Library and Reading-Room, 2309

Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, Calif. Home of Truth, 1830 Turk St., San Francisco, Calif. Home of Truth, 275 North Third St., San Jose, Cal. Metaphysical Library and Reading Room, 611 Grant Building,

Los Angeles, Cal. New Center of Truth, 1292 McAllister St., San Francisco, Calif.

Mrs. Lizzie Robe, Manager. College of Divine Science, 730 Seventeenth Ave., Denver, Colo. The Truth Center of Christian Living and Healing, 108 W. 1oth

Street, Pueblo, Colo. New Thought Lyceum, Sunday service, 11 A. M., K. P. Hall

, Masonic Temple, Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Ruth

Brrymaan Ridges, speaker. Chicago Truth Center, 1157 N. Clark St., Flat 2, Chicago, Ill. Sarah Wilder Pratt Rooms, (Room 419), 87 Washington Street,

Chicago. Noon meetings every day from 12:00 to 12:30. Society of Practical Christianity, S. E. Cor. 18th and Pestalozzi

Street, St. Louis, Mo. Services every Sunday at 11:00 A, M., and every Tuesday at 8:00 P. M. (English); every Sunday at 2:45 P. M. and every Thursday at 8:00 P. M. (German). Sunday School at 9:30 A. M. H, H. Schroeder, 3537 Crittenden Street,

St. Louis, Mo. Home of Truth, May D. Wolzak, teacher and healer. 2312

Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo. New Thought Center, 418 12th St., (C. G. Pomeroy), Toledo, O. New Thought Temple, 7:45 Sunday evenings, Gorman Hall,

131%2 South Jefferson St., Dayton, Ohio. New Thought Temple, services Sundays 10:00 A. M. and 8:00 P.

McMillan St and Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Circle of Divine Ministry of the Oranges, Studio Bldg., 589 Main

St., East Orange, N. J. Brooklyn Truth Center, 313a Quincy Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mrs. P. E. Sayre in charge. Circle of Divine Ministry, 29 West 20th Street, New York City. Brooklyn Circle of Divine Ministry, 76 Hanson Place, Brooklyn,

N. Y. J. E. Lambert, Librarian. Higher Thought Center, 10 Cheniston Gardens, W., London, Eng. Science of Sciences Society, (Mrs. Hannah More Kobaus). 3

Tower House, Candover St., Nassau St., London, W. England.


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Application for Treatment. The Society of Silent Unity is the Twentieth Century fulfillment of the promise of Jesus Christ:

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on

I earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.- Matt. 18:19,20. TO THE SOCIETY OF SILENT UNITY,

913 TRACY AVENUE, KANSAS City, Mo. DEAR FRIENDS-I desire your spiritual assistance in demonstrating the points mentioned in my letter enclosed herewith.

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Notice to Applicants. We can help you in matters pertaining to health, finances, spiritual understanding, and, in fact, every thing that is desirable and for your highest good. " Ask whatsoever ye will in my name and it shall be done unto you,' covers every human need. We put no limit upon the power of the Holy Spirit, through which the work is done. Write us freely just what you most desire. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

If this is your first application, please say so. If you are already on our list for treatment, please mention it when you renew your application, which should be done every 30 days.

Before writing, please read instructions and suggestions under head of "Society of Silent Unity," on the preceding page.

If you ask help for another person, be sure and mention the name.

If you desire membership in the Society, a written request to be enrolled is all that is required.

There is no specific charge for membership or treatments. Our expenses are met by the free-will-offerings of those who ask our assistance.

Society of Silent Unity,

Vnity Building, 913 Trapy Avonuo, Kansas City, Mo.

Box 185,

Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Murray, Dr. John D. Miles,
Teachers and Healers. Present or

Divine Healing.
absent treatments. Correspond- Present or absent treatments. Per-
ence, both German and English.

sons at a distance who desire absent 90 S. Union St., Rochester, N. Y.

treatment can write or telegraph for Jan об

fuller particulars.

* 2414 Penn: Ave.,N.W., Cassius A. Shafer,

Washington, D. C.
Teacher and Healer.

Phone West, 221 K
Students and patients received in

(May 07) the Home, 539 La Salle Ave.

Chicago, III. (Jan 06)

Florence C. Gilbert and Maud
Lilian Thompson,

Evalynn Aldrich.
Teacher and Healer.

Healing by the spiritual influence of
Waco, Texas.

God as it operates through Infinite
(Jan 05)

Understanding and Truth. Influence

is the operative force of all law, and R. C. Douglass,

understanding gives one power to

call it into action. Teaching by corTeacher and Healer.

respondence. Address, A student of the Divine Science for sixteen years.

1350 Marengo Ave., Pasadena, Cal.

Station A. 1030 E. 164th St.,

New York City (Apr 05)

[Feb 07] Easton's Divine Science Center, E. P. C. Webster,

Health, Happiness and Prosperity A very successful Divine or Mental Demonstrated by Practical Christi- Science Healer and Teacher. Please anity Methods Present and absent mention UNITY when writing to him. treatments, al'o teaching. 3523 Mozart St.,

Chicago, III. Free-will offerings.

Mrs. A. E. Lothrop. East Paxinosa Ave. Easton, Penn. (Dec 07)

Chicago Truth Center,

Established by Mrs. Annie Rix Militz. The Circle of Divine Ministry.

Classes, private lessons, treatments

and advice in Christian Living and C. B. Fairchild, Healer.

Healing. Appointments by tele29 W 20th St.,

New York City phone · Mrs. Meroe C. Parmelee, (March 06)

Miss Mary E. Troyer in charge.

1157 N. Clark St., 2nd Fiat., John H. Rippe,

Chicago, Ill. Tel., Lake View 2789 Christian Teacher and Healer.

Sept 07
English and German Correspondenec,
1620 Madison Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

Marion Austin Drake.
Sept 04

Fayette M. Drake.
S. Emily Biglow,

Teaching and Healing.
Teacher and Demonstrator of

Absent treatments a speciality. Also
Practical Christianity..

teaching by correspondence, 384 St. James Ave.,

Springfield Mass. Kansas City,

(May 05)

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alig об

Miss Clara F. Mason,

Miss Harriet C. Hulick, B.S., B.D
Christian Healer.
Mt Rainier,

Metaphysical Teacher and Healer.

Maryland. [Last house on 34th Street.)

St. Louis, Mo.

Send 15 cents for her New Thougbt
Aug 06


June об
Mrs. Mary Robbios Mead,
Special correspondence course in

Mrs. S. A. McMahon,
Mental Healing, and list of helpful

230 Bradley Place,

Chicago, tu Watkins,

New York,
Feb 06

Geo. C. Bear,
Thomas E. Sweeny,

Julia S. Bear,
Divine Scientist.

Teachers and Healers.
Metaphysical treatment for all ills.

Present or absens treatments.
Absent treatments only.
804 Boyd St.,
Jackson Miss Mosier,

Oregon (7-06)

Dec 05

Nattonal New Thought Centre, Prof. LeRoy Moore,
Loan and Trust Bldg., Cor. F

Teacher and Healer.

9'3 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, MO and 9th Sts., Washington, D. C.

Harriet W. Coolidge, Daily noon meetings. Mondays at Metaphysical Teacher and Healer. 4:30 P. M., for questions. Circulating 1415-416, 87 Washington St., Chicago, I library. Monthly Classes. Sunday

(Sept 05]
meetings at 4 P. M. at Rauscher's,
1032 Conn. Ave.

Judge H. H. Benson,
Emma Gray and Geo. E. Ricker, Christian Teacher and Healer.
Teachers and Healers.

Present and absent treatments; (Aug 07)

ready to respond to calls in the city.

21 Tra y Ave., Kansas City, Mo St. Louis School of Metaphysics

[Dec 041 and New Thought Center, 2803 Health, Happiness and Prosperity Dickson St., St. Louis, Mo. How to attain through the power of Present and Absent treatments, also

thought is given in demonstration, by advice. Class and private instru ;

Mrs. Katharine Hay, 203 West 81st tion.

Street, New York City. Absent Elizabeth Dodge Carson, Ida J. Jones,

treatments 9 to 10 P. M. Office hours, Laura K. Hey.


(Dec 05] Mrs. Rose Howe,

Mrs. C. A. Bartholomew,
Teacher and Healer.

Absent treatments.

It costs you Was healed of half a lifetime of nothing if not restored to health. invalidism through the mighty


Lansing, Pa. power of the living, loving Word.

(Sept 07! Present and absent healing. Teach- Temple of Truth, 1228 16th St., Box 165,

Spring Valley, Minn. N. W., Washington, D. C,
July 07

A center for instruct on in the true

way of living to insure h-al h, hapBrooklyn Truth Center,

piness and prosperity. Class and Mental treatments given.

private instruction, and healing Classes taught weekly. No charge

treatments given upon application,

Regular weekly meetin's hed is made for teaching Free-will offerin's only being received.

Thursday nights. Circulating LiMrs. E. P. Sayre, 313a Quincy St.,

brary and Reading Room fci New Brooklyn,

N. Y.

Thought literatura.
Sept 06

Mrs. Florence Willard Day,
Teacher and Healer.

( Nov 6) Will R. Penick, Jr.,

Eleven years experience as a Men- Frances Larimer Warner, tal Science Healer. Trust Love's

Faulkton, S. D. (Formerly of Chicago) attraction, and write or earnest, individual service.

The many letters received relating 1612 Francis St., St. Joseph, Mo. to my article in September UNIT", 06 (Sept 05)

on the “Invisible Resource,” desir

ing to know more of the principles Mrs Martha M. Hortenstein,

governing supply, leads me to con

tinue my card in more explicit form, Christian Teacher and Healer. Pres- sincerely desiring to he'p rthers ent and absent treatments. Calls through the knowledge which freed any where.

me from a confirmed belief in lack. Springer, New Mexico

Janr 8
March 06

Nell C. Johnson,
Milly H. Esmond,

New Thought Teacher and Healer. 19 Sherman Ave.,

Correspondence Solicited, Glens Falls,

New York. 1704 Gandolupe St., Austin, Texas. (July 06]

March 06

Mrs. Lizzie Robe, Mrs. Lizzie C. Head,

Metaphysical teacher and healer. Healing. present or absent.

Present and absent healing. Teach1927 Park Ave.

Kansas ity, MO ing by correspondence.
Nov. 6)


Mc Allister St., San Francisco, Cal. Jean Kenworthy, Spiritual healing, Healiug letters.

Mrs. A manda E. Hobbs, Counsel and instruction

Present or absent treatmen

for 19 W. 170th St.,

New York

Health, Happiness and Prosperity. Harbor Heights. Mamaroneck, N. Y.


Mch 07

Club Combinations

of Books and Unity

aa A Popular $1.25 Combination 12 Lessons in Truth (1 volume), H. Emilie Cady $0.50 Wee Wisdom's Way, by Myrtle Fillmore.

.25 Talks on Truth, by Leo Virgo.

.25 Seek Wisdom, by Leo Virgo..

.15 Bf Christ the Emancipator, by Rev. C. H. Parkhurst.15 Faith's Fruition, by A, P. Barton....

.15 What is Truth? by Vivia A. Leeman..


$1.60 All above books, $1.25, or with Uniry one year, $2.00.


A 75c Cady Combination
12 Lessons in Truth...
Finding the Christ in Ourselves.

Oneness With God and Neither do I Condemn Thee .15
God's Hand, and Loose Him and Let Him Go....
Trusting and Resting, and In His Name..

.IO .10

$1.00 All above books, 75 cents, or with UNITY one year, $1.75.

A 50c Leo Virgo Combination
Talks on Truth..

$0.25 Seek Wisdom....

.15 The Philosophy of Denial..

.15 The Church of Christ.

.10 Directions for Beginners.



All above books, 50 cents, or with UNITY one year, $1.25.

A 25c Tract Combination
Overcoming the Poverty Idea, by Leo Virgo..... $0.05
The Gospel of Joy, by Chas. E. Prather...

.05 The Unreality of Matter, by Leo Virgo..

.05 Loose Him and let Him Go, by H. Emilie Cady.. .05 Jesus Christ's Atonement, by Leo Virgo...

,05 Giving and Receiving, by Leo Virgo..

.05 None of These Things Move Me...

.05 Flesh-Eating Metaphysically considered.


$0.40 All above tracts, 25 cents, or with UNITY one year, $1.15. Any of the above booklets or tracts may be ordered

at stated price.

UNITY TRACT SOCIETY, 913-915 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

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