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England in 6 hours, 1772 minutes and 6 hours, 40 minutes respectively. Other remarkable performances by vegetarians on the bicycle include those of J. E. Newman, 17572 miles in twelve hours; T. H. S. Younge, 100 miles in 5 hours and 23 minutes. Chas. Miller, the well known ex-cycling champion, never touched flesh food during training, his trainer being a strict vegetarian.

Yet other athletes who religiously endorse a vegetarian diet are Eustace Miles, the ex-amateur tennis and racket champion; Miss M. A. Scott, until recently the holder of the smimming record for 100 yards and 66 yards; W. de Creux Hitchison; H. E. Bryning, the champion pedestrian; and a number of equally prominent British athletes.

C. B. Fry, who according to Arthur F. Duffey, and other authorities, is the greatest all round athlete that England ever produced, asserts that a vegetarian diet consisting of cheese, nuts, grain foods, fruits, and salads is of an ideal sort for athletes, and if it was generally adopted, the fatigue from which the average athlete suffers would be unknown.

In April, 1904, the members of the London Trade Oraganization of Outfitters had their annual walk from the English Metropolis to Brighton, 5274 miles. The winner covered the distance in 9 hours and 24 minutes, doing the last five miles in 51 minutes, 45 seconds.

He was a vegetarian, and through a misunderstanding walked the first twenty-five miles of the journey without food.

The French long distance bicyclist, Huret, a few years since rode 545 miles in twenty-four hours on the Paris winter track. His speed averaged 22 miles an hour from the start to finish. During the contest, his food consisted of thirty eggs, three quarts of boiled rice, milk, some tapioca, chocolate, fruit, and Vichy water.

Marcus Hurley, of New York, ex-one mile bicycle champion

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for a number of years.

He won the title in question in a contest which took place at Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London, his opponents being J. S. Benyon and L. B. D. Reid, both meat eaters. Mr. Hurley is also captain of the Columbia Basket Ball Club.

One of the most remarkable pedestrian performances was of a vegetarian athlete; that of Mr. Allen, to whom allusion has already been made. In the fall of 1904, he started from Land's End Hotel in Cornwall, England, and walked to John O'Groat's, Scotland, a distance of 90872 miles, which he covered in sixteen days, twenty-one hours, and thirty-three minutes. The average mileage was fifty-three miles a day. In the last five days the enormous average of sixty-three miles a day was attained, and in the final two days, 140 miles were covered. Mr. Allen beat the best previous record for the distance by seven days, finishing in splendid physical condition. He is, as already said, a consistent vegetarian. It should be added that up to the age of sixteen years he was extremely weak and sickly. Having overheard the doctors say that he would never be strong, he determined to confute the assertion, which he did by becoming a vegetarian and a physical culturist. With the adoption of a non-meat diet, he began to improve until he became the athlete which he now is.

Another English athlete, J. E. Newman, who has been a vegetarian all his life, at his first attempt at long distance bicycling covered 17574 miles in 12 hours over a somewhat rough road.

A well known Scotch amateur athlete, J. Barclay by name, a strict vegetarian, won during one year I firsts, 7 seconds, and five thirds in running races which included distances from 200 yards to 10 miles. His fastest mile was done in 4 minutes, 24 2-5 seconds. He is the ex-holder of the half mile running Scotland championship.

Another enthusiastic vegetarian athlete, J. Miller, of Larkhall, Scotland, has walked ninety-five miles in 22 hours.-W. J. REDDING, in Physical Culture.

Telah anda

Practical Christianity.

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This book, like " · Healing Currents From the Battery of Life," by the same author, is replete with words of wisdom and counsel to the one who seeks to establish the Kingdom of God within his soul, and thus attain peace of mind and health of body. True in its spiritual tone, masterful in its expressions of Truth, clear and logical in its deductions, “Mystic Words o Mighty Power" will prove a valuable aid in a wakening man to a recognition of his spiritual powers and in guiding him in a conscious development of these ioner forces. There are four principal parts: Mind Culture; Health Culture; Suggestions to Teachers and Others; Soul Culture. Space forbids an extended analysis of the book, but we quote a few inspiring paragraphs:

“You are in the position you now occupy, not be-
cause you are a sinner upon whom God has frowned,
por because someone is holding you down, but
simply because you have not polarized sufficient
intelligence and character to warrant your being
elsewhere. But the supply is equal to the demand.
“Ask, and it shall be given to you," when you
understand that your mind is not separate or apart
from the universal Mind of Jehovah."

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“Cultivate a positive faith in the healing life and
energy of your soul, for thus your external mind
learns to think forth into manifestation the perfection
which God has stored in His Word of power within

213 pages, beautifully bound in purple cloth stamped in gold. Published by the College of Freedom, Chicago, Ill., for sale by Unity Tract Society, Price $2.00.


The chief purpose of this book, according to the author, is to prove and interpret the kinship of the human species with the other species of animals. Physical Kinship is first dealt with, evolution showing the progress of man from the first forms of cellular conscious life to the present developed race. This evolution is carefully traced, and man is proven to be simply one portion of the immense whole. The Psychical Kinship is next considered, and the evidences of psychical evolution very clearly stated. Quoting from Romanes the author says: “I hold that, if the doctrine of organic evolution be accepted, it carries with it, as a necessary corollary, the doctrine of mental evolution." The elements of human and non-human minds are compared, and

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