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It is just about a month since I wrote to you asking for help. My throat responded at once and I hardly ever think of it; and I feel especially pleased about the payment of an unexpected debt to us, enabling us to make a payment on our own home. We had so many things to meet it seemed as if we could never do it. I can not tell you fully how much this last month has been to me.

– Mrs. C. W.

I wish to thank you for the kind help you have given my

He has found work, and is satisfied with it.- Mrs. T. S.

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The spiritual progress I am making lately seems simply wonderful, and as I read the last UNITY received and try to understand it, it seems to me it is the plainest expression of Truth I have had.

-C. C. S.

Permit me to thank you for the much improved atmosphere of my life, which, I feel, has been brought about by a thoughtful perusal of UNITY. It has certainly brought to me a clearer understanding of my origin, or relation to the Divine Source. Through its agency, together with Emily Cady's "Finding the Christ in Ourselves," and "Directions for Beginners in Practical Christianity," I certainly find myself more closely approaching that soul-soothing recognition of the Divine Intelligence, I have, for some time, so fervently prayed for. Surely, your literature proves, to the earnest Christ-seeking soul, that He ever lives to comfort His children. To me, your Red Leaf proves a visible means of touching His very garment.

- Mrs. C. H. S.

I am always glad to welcome UNITY, but it came this month when greatly needed. I had been living a strenuous life and was weary, and an hour with UNITY refreshed me wonderfully. I was skeptical in regard to the Red Leaf at first, but I have tested it many times and found its value.

- Mrs. J. S. J.

We have lived in Arizona a year. It is the saddest, most lonesome place for strangers. I get all my comfort from reading UNITY. I can never tell you what it has been to me this last year.

I have one where I can read it all the time. I felt I could not give my old ones away, I found so many new things in them all the time.

- Mrs. I. B. M.

We are very much pleased with the UNITY magazine, and thank you very much for the twelve lessons you sent us some time ago.

We sent them to a friend, and she says they are grand, although she is a member of the Baptist church.

— Mrs. J. G. C.


I have been a reader of UNITY for some months, and have received great good from it. It has comforted, cheered, and strengthened me every way.

- P. A. C.

I am so pleased with the literature that I have read. I am very happy that this beautiful thought has been presented to me. I enjoy the silence and am getting such valuable help along all lines from it. Never enjoyed anything so much in my life. I praise God every day that this knowledge has come into my experience, as it has changed, entirely changed, so many of my former ideas, and I am so happy in the small knowledge I have been able to get.

- F. McG.

DEAR FRIENDS Whom having not seen, we love," rises gratefully in my mind for all the blessings I have realized since my first knowledge of Unity, and especially when reading the copy received today. Surely the power to uplift and help the number of people that you do yearly, is a demonstration to you that God is with you, and the joy of such realization is truly a heaven on earth. I am thankful for the desire for spiritual manifestation. Materiality had me so fast bound for so long, and when my final deliverance appears, yours will have been the light that led me to Truth. Most gratefully yours,

- H. E. E.

Since I have been a member of the Unity Society I have received a greater blessing than even health, namely, an opening of spiritual understanding, instead of mere head knowledge, although I do succeed with the “silence."

- S. T.

I am just writing a few lines to thank you for your help in time of trouble. I must tell you that your treatments are working a wonderful change in my home. I wish I had time to go into details and tell you some of the results of your treatments, but will at some other time.

Mrs. M. Mc.

Even at this late hour I want to put in my dollar for the corner stone. So much have I thought of you and wanted to write but have not had the time. I have had some wonderful demonstrations of the Spirit during this campaign. There came a time when my brain and nerves refused to act, and seemingly I pretty nearly passed over. The friends think it was a nervous breakdown, but I know it was just one of the steps in the regeneration of mind and body- an inability to adjust myself to the minds of others, and I had to go almost to the door of death to get my vision clarified. But when the Truth came, it came with a mighty power, and I am a good deal wiser in spiritual things than I was before. I took up my work again in a few weeks, and am gaining in health right along.

- L. G.

I never heard of New Thought until about a week ago when a friend gave me a copy of Mind, which seemed to take right hold of me and stir me all up. About that time I was taken very ill with what I thought was inflamatory rheumatism and very bad heart attacks. I thirsted so for more comfort and wisdom that I sent to a friend and asked her to send me anything on New Thought and any books on healing. She sent me March and April UNITY. I have read and re-read every word. It is all so new to me, but I am sure I have a right understanding of this blessed Truth. I was very low at the time, thought I could not live my heart was so bad, but I quit all the medicine and the doctor (who is an intimate feiend), and got up and stayed up. My strength has gradually come to me and the pain has all left

I thirst for growth, I long to embrace all the Truth as my own experience. I am cured, only once in a while up to yesterday my heart would seem bad, but I would take UNITY in my hand and affirm all things, when I would get relief. I have done this many times a day. I want to belong to you and have my name on your list for health and prosperity, and to learn how to claim all the promises and benefits.

-H, W. R.


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I wrote you about a month ago for treatments. Please let me thank you for the help that I have received through them. Indeed I could almost see the good come in. I realized an ambition that had been cherished from childhood. - Α. Μ. Η.

After my

At first I was discouraged because I did not see immediate results, but I have learned better now, for I am learning of the Spirit every day, and I am so happy and peaceful. I feel that I want to proclaim to all the world what peace and joy I have found in understanding this blessed Truth aright. orthodox views were shaken I was wandering in darkness so long. I hardly knew where I was, and for a long time I hardly prayed at all. Now I have found that peace which can never be taken from me. Another good piece of news is, that, before a great while, I will be able to have a little money of my own to do as I will with, so I hope soon to send you an offering, and likewise get some of your books and leaflets.

Mrs. C. E. C.

We are both feeling fine this morning — feel that God has returned and filled our house with love, health and harmony.

- Mrs. L, B.


I want to thank you so much for the help you have given

I am a much better little girl since I became a member of our dear Silent Unity. I have found the Christ and am conscious of a freer, fuller life throughout my whole being. - H. H.


I am happy to tell you that he study of Unity and the Cady Lessons have helped me greatly to a better understanding of God. I am satisfied that your treatments are helping me, for it is only during the last month that I bave been able to realiez that God is right with me all the time, but now I believe that is the truth, and I know that God is the only power there is to help me.

- F. E. H.

I think I receive a blessing from some mind in your circle every month just before Unity arrives. I am reminded that it is nearly time for it to come by a happy feeling of strength in right purpose that is very encouraging. I felt this strongly in December last. I knew nothing of your intention at that time but realize it came from Kansas City. It gave me an impulse to do a work that I had been too timid to undertake. - F. A. J.


I do believe the over-work microbe is the hardest one to lay low. I have enjoyed my last month's thought greatly — “The Spirit within me is greater than mortal thought, and I now send forth the word of life, health and strength to every cell and fibre of my being." It was fine. Send me another as good. I am alone at preseut and am using the spoken word wherever I am and whatever I am about. It is great for stilling the hurry mania. Much love and many good wishes,

- E. M.

A couple of nights ago I woke up from a sound sleep with the thought: "Spirit Mind illuminates and heals," standing out like a bright light. I hope my spiritual nature may be taught to discern the great thought of Life and its true meaning. To me it is a beautiful thought that so many of us children are all offering up the same petition, or song of thanksgiving at the same time.

– Mrs. J. B. S.

I am glad to let you know that God is answering our prayers for Mr. L. He is getting better right along with his drinking, and is so kind to every one of us. Everyone who knows him wonders how he is changing; and it not only changes him but me also. I used to get cross at him where now I don't see anything to get cross about, and, as May UNITY says: “I can now rejoice in affliction," for it has brought me to learn the true God, and is bringing him also.

- Mrs. A. L.

Am happy to say I am improving under the treatment. My health is better, and the financial outlook is encouraging. Have much comfort in the daily reading of UNITY. Will never be without it while I live.

- Mrs. L. J. A.

I saw my mother a few days ago, and was so delighted to see how much improved was her condition.

- A. L. R.

I am so much improved in mind and in body that from day. light till dark my heart rejoices. The hearing in my right ear seems to be entirely restored. I do love UNITY so much. Words

feeble to express my appreciation of it. -R. H. B.


I am ever so much better than when I first wrote you.

- R. A. D.

I am quite free from the rheumatism -- have not even had a twinge, when to mortal sense the weather would cause such reminder. I am sure it is the treatments you have given me.

– M. DEP. T.

I will write to let you know that we are all perfectly well – husband's chills did not once return.

We are

now able to demonstrate for our children - one little one was troubled quite often. My brother is very enthusiastic over his UNITY. He has great faith for a lad of 16, and says he is getting well and strong, and they dare not mention surgical operation now. -E. W.

My father's ear is getting well, thank God and you!

- R. K M.

Mother wishes me to write you that she is healed, and that she praises God for the good that she has received from the Society and the Red Sheet. You will please find enclosed $5.00 as a thank offering, and may God bless you in all your good work.

N. W.

My face is nearly well, and I am very grateful to you for the treatment you have given me.

- B. M. G.

Some time ago I wrote to ask for treatments as my health seemed to be so poor at ihat time that my mind was very much disturbed, and I felt so depressed that I could not seem to rise above that condition. Soon after writing to you I improved a great deal, both physi ally and mentally, and now feel more like myself.

M. H. C.

I thank you for your quick response to my request to treat my little girl, and am glad to report her entirely well again.

— J. S. R.

I wrote you some time ago, asking you to help me heal my father. It came to me soon after I had written that he was getting better, when my sister wrote and told me it was true. I waited for the next letter, and as it did not come, I asked the Spirit to let me see him so I could tell how he was getting along. It took some time before it came, but when it did my father

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