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If there is no sin, how can there be any forgiveness, and why do we feel so wicked and condemn ourselves when we do wrong? It seems to me that Jesus taught that there was sin. See Mark 3:28,29. Also John 3:36. The 29th verse of 5th John is also a puzzle to me.

- J. A. B. We do not teach that there is no sin, but there is no reality in sin.

I! sin were real and enduring, like goodness and truth, it could not be forgiven, but would hold its victims forever. When we enter into the understanding of the Real and the unreal, a great light dawns upon us, and we see what Jesus meant when he said, “The Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sin.” The Son is that in us which discerns the difference between Truth and error. When we get this understanding, we are in a position to free our souls from sin, and our bodies from diseases, which are the effects of sin. If we continue to affirm the reality of sin, we make it permanent in the soul, and it cannot be put out of consciousness. This is the sin against the Holy Spirit that cannot be forgiven. Sin is the result of desire manifesting in erroneous ways, and may be compared to the errors of the child working a mathematical problem. When the error is discovered, and there is a willingness to correct it, under the law of forgiveness it is erased as easily as the child rubs out the false figures in his problem. Thus in spiritual understanding the I Am of man forgives, or gives truth for error, and the mentality is set in order and the body healed.

When spiritual understanding dawns upon the mind, there is a coming forth from the silent realms of materiality (tombs) of all subjective states of consciousness. As we say in science, we are "faced up" with both the good and evil thoughts, and have to straighten them out.

The good is retained and

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Please give in UNITY a treatment for the curing of warts.

The eliminating thought is forgiveness. Forgive everybody against whom you have any feeling whatever; also forgive the wart, and say to it, “ Through this forgiveness you are banished away."

Please give a formula that will heal corns.

– C. J. Tight shoes or very loose shoes are the immediate cause of corns, but if the mind was constantly supplied with harmonious thoughts they would not long remain after proper adjustment of footwear. But a corn once established insists upon remaining, unless a new thought and a new life current is put into it. Therefore it is necessary to reconcile your mind and your feet to the Truth in handling even so simple an error as a corn. Deny that you believe in hard conditions or obstructions of any kind in your life, and affirm the perfect, harmonious flow of the Universal Life in every part of your body, but especially your feet.

The secular papers now and then try to be funny at the expense of New Thought healing methods. The following called, "A New Thought Corn Killer" was recently given in one of them. The writer would undoubtedly be greatly surprised if we endorsed his satire, and named it a good treatment for corns. Here it is— try it for yourself:

Why suffer with old fashioned corns when the New Thought treatment offers an immediate and painless cure? Anybody can do it who has the New Thought.

Expose the corn and pass the finger tips of your right hand over it slowly and caressingly, at the same time sending a vibration from the brain to the corn. If it is a soft corn, 413 vibrations per second will suffice; if a hard corn, put on forced draught. Repeat slowly:

“I am now sending a current of thought force into my corn, and so separating, deducing, disintegrating, rending, splitting, sundering, splintering, snipping, dwellicating, whittling, dispersing, dislocating, eliding, divorcing, pulverizing, slashing, slicing and dissecting it, that presently it will pass away."

Repeat three times, then with rising inflection: "Avaunt! avaunt! avaunt!" Finish by repeating the pass word, “The universe is mine. I am it."

The corn will at first look extremely surprised, then wilt and fade beautifully from sight.

The doctors tell me I have a weak heart and hardening of the arteries. Please tell me what to think and what to do in order to overcome these troubles.

- F. E. P. You need a greater realization of the Universal Life, and your unity with it. This Life is expressed in the body through the generative centre, and any thought about that function that obstructs or interfers with its free action cuts off the life current, and the circulation slows down until the force is not sufficient to carry away the refuse of the organism. Lack of action in the life-flow is followed by inertia throughout the body and the hardening of the arteries. The remedy is, a quickening of the understanding in matters pertaining to generation, and a concentration of high thought potency into that centre. This will set up a swifter life vibration in the whole organism, and quicken every function. Remove the ban of evil from your sex nature. It is of God - pure and holy, and should be spiritualized and lifted up from the earthly conditions of error thought. Under this treatment the life that has been bound will be set free, and that “more abundant life” of Christ become a living reality to you.

We are,

Intelligence, Divine Intuition, God-Strength, God-Love, God-Life, constitute harmonious relation to all that is. I am-is that which recognizes and appropriates these qualities in our conscious mind and bodies Where the heart is, there the treasure is also, suggests that the development of the various thought centers is accelerated by the love of God being centered throughout each thought center, or faculty, so as to make it a conductor of the perfection at every point inherent in I-Am-God likeness within, which is in embryo all that God is. Experience suggests that the tendency to dwell on Truth intellectually develops the head faculties, which throws out of balance the other faculties having their centers of action in the body.

- D. W. P.


Inspired by the Spirit of Truth. It is found that when many people hold the same thought there is unity, though they may be separated by thousands of miles, and that all who are connected with that unity are in touch with higher spiritual states, even Jesus Christ.

So there has gradually grown up this Society of Silent Unity, in which thousands in all parts of the world join every night at 9:00 o'clock, in thinking for a few moments one thought, which is given each month in the magazine UNITY. This we call the “Class Thought," and every member expected to hold it at least five minutes at the beginning of the silence, in order to make the unity connection; after which, "Ask what ye will in my name, and it shall be done unto you."

Certificates of membership are issued without charge to those who make personal written application for them. To meet expenses, we ask members to send us free-will offerings, as no charge is made for any service we render.

This society has been in existence about fifteen years, and has over

12,000 registered members. Through its ministry thousands have been healed mentally and physically, and its power grows stronger day by day. The silent hour is 9:00 P. M., your local time. Geographical difference in time is not a factor in spiritual unity.

Beginners, usually have a great many questions to ask, and they require a course of lessons and reading. To such we recommend the " Lessons in Truth,” by H. Emilie Cady; paper, 500.

UNITY is published monthly, and contains a large amount of instruction. The price of it is $1.00 per year. Where members take UNITY and the “Cady Lessons" together, we make a rate of $1.35 for both.

The simple written request to be enrolled a member of the Silent Unity Society is all that is required to join with us.

Special Notice – If for any reason, members cannot observe the Silence at the regular hour, they should notify us what hour they can observe, and we will arrange it satisfactorily.

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915 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, Mo.

Class Thought.

(Held daily at 9:00 P. M.) July 20th to August 20th.

Love is tender: Love is kind.

Prosperity Thought.

(Held daily at 12 M.)

Divine Love manifesting through me fulfills

every need.



This department is given over to UNITY readers, and they are requested to fill it to overflowing. Concisely written experiences and demonstrations of the Truth are always acceptable. Addresses will not be given, except with consent of writer.

I wrote to you last spring asking for help in financial matters, and you sent me help for the month of March. I believe March was the most prosperous month I ever had.- N. M. S.

I am glad to report improvement all along the line, and am especially grateful for a marked improvement in my financial affairs for which I asked your assistance sometime ago.

- H. E.C.

I wrote to you for treatment last month, for prosperity and for spiritual understanding. My husband secured employment a few days after I wrote you, so I am very thankful for your help.

- MRS. L. W. L.

I asked for a special treatment May 16th, and you gave it. The results were what I wished a position at the seashore for ten weeks, where I can have my son and daughter with me, and draw a salary beside.

- H. E. E.

I sold my place in Sterling, Kansas, I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me through the Spirit. My health is good. The place was sold for the price I asked for it.

M. S. L.

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