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with love. Old age has but a carnal existence, and it is glorious realities that we want. Love is Power, a law, over which old age and ugliness can have no dominion.

If you won't believe me, try it. Love, love, love everybody and everything; fill every fiber of your being and all space about you with it. And hold it in mind that God's expression of love is beauty, also that as His image and likeness we are beautiful, recognizing only beauty in others.

Don't ever again exclaim, “Oh, I just can't love so and so.” Just be still and think, “God loves him or her, so that the heir of His love can and will." Say it over and over to yourself, and before you know it your love will go out to them. Whatsoever you will shall be established unto you. But you can't love and criticise, or love and condemn. Stop just as soon as you catch yourself at it, in the middle of the thought or sentence, don't finish it. Put this in constant practice, and soon, quite unconsciously to yourself, you will have come out of the habit. And just as unconsciously in others, neither judgment nor condemnation will be placed upon you. "Such judgment as ye mete unto others shall be measured unto you again.” “Judge not and ye shall not be judged, condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned.”

Keep thine eye single to the good, recognizing only the good and lovable in others, the God-man. By so doing and realizing the spiritual I am will shine as a light in "the temple of the living God," real and visible to your sight. As “God is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity,” love in the God-way is also. Love sees no fault in the embodiment of love. “Resist not evil," deny it out of existence, and weep not over the seeming wrong doing of others. Love is of mightier force than the battering of millions of clubs or oceans of tears, and nonrecognition is a cure for every vice.

You may say, “Impossible. One can not love

in such a way." Do not bind yourself with limitations, dearly beloved. There is no limit or boundary line to God's love. Our exemplar did, and says ye shall do even greater things than He. Without a consciousness of God-way love, the soul stupidly slumbers, a but half-alive thing, stirring restlessly, impatiently against the hands of self-placed limitations, sickening the body with its non-action, filling it through and through with old age or disease, until at length it gives up the fight and dies.

Should God-way, love, then, be denied and cramped by carnal temptation of doubt and fear, when in its glorious Mind-Power it would command the human tempest-tossed, weary soul, “Peace te still," and lo! where there was stupidity there is intelligence, and where there was a desert of flinty rocks there is a plane of beauty.

Cannot we now see what love, simply love in the God-way, means to us? It gives perfect trust, the doing away with doubts and fears. "Perfect love casteth out fear." Are we not commanded all through the Bible to "fear not” and “be thou not afraid"? because it is not good for us. It means an awakened soul, spirituality, perfection; severing the bonds of man-made laws of mortality to which we have subjected ourselves, and coming under God's universal law of Love, under which no evil thing can come nigh us; heaven right here and now, happiness, abundance, health, and everlasting life.

It is to come, it is now, awaiting our recognition. “Every head shall bow, every knee sball bend, and the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” " The lion and the lamb shall lie down together and a little child shall lead them." “Be ye perfect also, even as your Father in heaven is perfect." His word shall be established. Verily, it is Truth that sets us free, the truth of our Father's love.


Will you not publish in the next number of UNITY your interpretation of the reason for such a disaster as the San Francisco earthquake which came like a thief in the night, taking the lives and the property of innocent people without giving them a moment's warning? How are such occurances reconciled to New Thought teachings, and can students avoid such accidents?

- A FRIEND. This planet is pervaded by a thought atmosphere which has been generated age after age by the minds of men. This thought force moves upon matter exactly as the individual mind moves upon the body. As Paul says: “The whole creation groaneth for the redemption of the body.” The planet is sick, and an earthquake is simply a physical chill. When we all think thoughts of harmony with the Principle of Love, the throes of nature will cease, and all destruction of human life come to an end. Those who are very obedient and receptive to the Spirit, and are led by it in all things, do escape injury. We have quite a number of letters from New Thought students who were warned to leave San Francisco several days before the earthquake. The Holy Spirit is a veritable Presence, and will guide and protect all those who have faith in it. God is no more responsible for an earthquake than for an explosion in a coal mine. Mental forces under the control of men rule in both cases. When ignorance gives place to understanding, the destruction of human life will

But we must learn the law. There is no other way to master the forces that environ us.


Words are inadequate to express the love I feel for, as well as the gratitude to, your dear little magazine and organization. Wonderful unfoldments have taken place in my own life since I have joined your society. I, with many, many others can but feel a great thrill of love when UNITY comes into the house. I hope it will come about that I will some day take Mr. Fillmore's hand and look into his face. I think his ideas are the highest and most intelligent as well as most logical of any I know anything about. I would be grateful if sometime among questions and

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answers an explanation could be given in regard to tendency to very tender feet, corns, callouses, etc. I have always have had this tendency; have been told I think that “Pisces" had something to do with it, having some planetary influence as indicated in my horoscope, but I would be interested to learn of the mental cause and spiritual treatment of same.

- E. W. H. Tenderness in the feet, which includes soft corns, chilblains, callouses, etc., is always associated with a lack of perfect adjustment between the spiritual and material understanding. People with this tendency have spiritual minds, and are usually very sensitive, high-strung, and submit to material conditions with poor grace.

One who perceives spiritual Truth, and, at the same time realizes the power of Spirit to make conditions, does not admit control of planetary influences. With Napoleon he exclaims: "Circumstance! circumstances! I make circumstances!” The remedy is: Realize your spiritual mastery and refuse to believe in or give any power to material obstructions. There are no thoughts of hard conditions in your life that the Spirit cannot overcome.

Then affirm that that Spirit goes before you and makes easy the way.

Please explain in the next issue what is the difference between "going into the silence," as understood and practiced by Divine Scientists, and the study of the Lesson Sermon, every day finding references and studying and meditating on the Truth therein expressed, and also the helpful explanations from "Science and Health," that are also marveously beautiful. Much Truth has been revealed to me by going over these lessons, and I have worked out my understanding by this means. Christian Scientists do not teach that one must communicate with the Spirit within, but that God is reflected by our being reformed and having the mind of Christ Jesus. Is not any study and meditation of Truth practiced daily the same virtually as "going into the silence"? I think on these things day and night, and many rays of light have come to me, but I can't experience, as many relate, in their letters to UNITY."

-Ι. Ε. Η. The difference between going into the silence, as we practice it, and the meditations and revelations of the Christian Scientists, is the difference between the thought and the spoken word. We have our

periods of silent meditation, wherein we spiritually perceive the Truth, but the deeper silence is where the Spirit witnesses its unity with our spirit in a quickening life-energy, unifying thought and substance, or soul and body. My experience is that when I am studying the Scripture and meditating as to its meaning, I get flashes of understanding, and spiritual perceptions, too, which I know are from the Lord. This, to me, is the first step in the process of soul regeneration. The next step is to go within the temple and start the fires of eternal life on the altars. When I do this, I affirm that the Spirit of the Lord is within me a quickening life, and the response is a thrill, and what might be termed a swift life-energy permeating the whole nervous system. This is the beginning of another step, which, in its ultimate, is the complete redemption of the body, and the overcoming of the belief in death. My understanding of the present practice of Christian Science is that humanity is not yet far enough along in understanding to take up the complete redemption of the body. Jesus said: “Follow me,” and in following him I find that my body is becoming immortal. I know, from the witness of the regenerating Spirit within me, that the grave is being robbed. This inner consciousness of eternal life I have gained through going into the silence and concentrating my attention and speaking powerful words of life and intelligence to every center in my body. The Spirit shows me that in no other way can man gain control of the flesh, and be master of the body temple to the complete overcoming of disease and death.

Why do you say, "My trouble"? Do you want to claim such possessions? What you claim of course you draw to yourself. Since “man's word is his only burden," lighten your burden hy changing your words. Try words of rejoicing and praise for a while.

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