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satisfaction. Have you ever regretted such gifts ? Men often go insane over their financial losses, but who ever heard of one losing his mind, or even regretting, what he had given to the Good ?

We do not boast but in all meakness say that nowhere on this earth is a better work being done for the Lord than at this Centre. We not only help people spiritually, but physically and financially. The multitude of letters we are daily receiving prove the truth of these claims. And all this is being done without financial demand. It is known that we thankfully receive free-will offerings, but no one is asked to contribute, and no partiality is shown between the services we render to those who give and those who do not.

This work is being carried forward in the name of Jesus Christ, and we strive to follow the methods of unselfish Christianity. There is no financial gain to any individual connected with it. Our new building is owned by the Unity Society, and under the management of a board of twelve trustees. In its construction they have provided for the workers who are ministering to the sick and needy in all parts of the world, hence it is more than a local institution.

Cheerful givers everywhere are allowed to have their names recorded on the Parchment Roster, which will be put in the corner-stone at the dedication of Unity Building, 3:00 P. M., August 22, 1906.

This is an unprecedented privilege. Never before on this earth has a temple been erected where the souls and bodies and finances and feelings of men and women receive healing without money and without price. We are assured that we need only to let this fact be known in order to receive funds sufficient to pay for all the material and labor put into this little temple.

“And now I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you the inheritance among all them that are sanctified. I coveted no man's silver, or gold, or apparel. Ye yourselves know that these hands ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me. In all things I gave you an example, how that so laboring ye ought to help the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, how he himself said, It is more blessed to give than to receive."-Acts 20:32-35.




We were not burned out, but menaced by two fires, one on the southeast and one east. I steadfastly held that the power of mind would stop anything that one did not desire. I had the satisfaction of seeing the fire on the southeast die down after a strong protest. Then I began on the other, and saw it change its course entirely. I know the Law is true. The quake did not frighten me. I treated them about me who were badly frightened and we never left the house. The vibrations of the quake were in every direction, and the house was heaving and pitching like a ship in a storm, but I knew man was greater than the earthquake. After it subsided, we dressed and went out on the street. Two houses below us collapsed but no one was hurt. The people are as restless as the earth, for they are moving up the hill and down the hill, across the bay, and some back to the city. Our minds seem restless; our bodies manifest the unrest. It was all an experience that we will remember for some time. People are having vacations who never dreamed of taking a vacation; children are camping in the park who probably never had been to the park. It is all good, and nothing but the good can come of it.

- Mrs. L. ROBE, 1292 McAllister St., San Francisco

The week previous to the 15th of April was celebrated by the churches, especially the Episcopal and Catholic churches, as Passion Week — the passion of Jesus Christ who suffered 2,000 years ago. In all Catholic churches they had what is known as the Stations of the Cross, a procession of priests and worshipers, that would stop and pray before the pictures, representing the several stages of the journey of Christfrom the time of his arrest to the crucifixion, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the different altars were draped with the symbol of death and sadness. On Sunday all new life, for this same Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead. The altars of all churches were resplendent with flowers, the symbol of life, and lighted candles, and the gorgeous robes of the priests, beautiful altar clothes, and the pungent incense curling around and over the heads of the faithful, bright clothes and radiant hats of the worshipers, made the scene one of many colors, bright and fully


alive. The music of the organ, and the singing, were one glad peal of joy for a Christ that is risen.

This Easter I have described was all form, all ceremony, all creed and dogma, much lip service, candles and flowers, that represented thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the vestments, and a good fat Easter offering. If Christ had really walked into any church on Easter morning, would he have claimed it? Would he have said, “This is the

· church I builded upon a rock” ?

We are told in the story of the crucifixion that, when the Master gave up the ghost, the earth rocked and the graves opened. In three days from this church-Easter, the earth rocked, the graves opened, and of the churches scarcely one stone stood upon another. Jew and Gentile, no matter the creed, the ritual or the book, were leveled, and fast following the earthquake came the devouring flames, that finished what the earthquake began.

The rest of the week, from Wednesday, April 18 at 5:14 A. M., was Passion Week.

Not the passion of Jesus of Nazareth, but of every person in San Francisco. It was a sublime passion of each soul, and crucifixion of self. It was the hand of God that led those children out of that Red Sea of flame. They cared nothing for ritual, for creed, for beads, for Bibles, for dogma, for lighted altars flower bedecked, for church or vested choir. Life was greater and dearer than all these. The people came trailing past, a vast hord of human beings, fleeing from a destroying element, hardly knowing the where or whither, dragging what they could of household goods and pets, each heart-burdened with a grief he would not express, but helping and cheering each other. Not a tear nor a complaint. Saturday night the fire burned itself out, and darkness settled over the city.

Sunday morning dawned, the sun shone brightly, all nature looked glad, the trees were just as green, and the flowers just as sweet. Four square miles of




this proud city were in ruins, and her children huddled together, rich and poor alike, in the parks and open places, and yet what we call the physical universe took note of the change, but went about its daily duty. It was a new Easter Sunday, the greatest the city by the Golden Gate had ever seen dawn.

There were no flowers, no gorgeous gowns, no Easter hats, no ceremony; self was crucified; and as we looked into the faces of each other, we knew the stone was rolled away, and the radiant soul shone forth. The old mask, the old veneer, the old conventionality, had fallen away, and we had passed from death to life. It was the resurrection of over 450,000 souls that recognized the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

Man was shorn of goods, of chattels, of lands, of houses, of pomp and power, and stood alone, without Bibles or creeds, with the Universal Presence. For life is more than raiment or than food. Families that were not on speaking terms were tumbled together, and were glad, forgetting their petty differences in the face of the greater disaster. The rich were helped by the poor to adjust themselves to the new order of things. The poor helped each other as they always do. Japs, Chinese, White, Italians and people from all over the globe were shaken together, cooking over the same stove and sharing their belongings. Class distinctions swept away. No high, no low, no black, no white serving and being served - one universal brotherhood. A really truly Easter, a coming to himself of each individual soul that needed no blare of trumpets, no roll of costly organs, no irredescent plumage, no flowers, no candles; each bearing in his heart the divine spirit of a living Christ.

May the stone be ever rolled away, and as we rebuild this city by the sunset sea, may this brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God be the corner stone, and love and righteousness be the building material, remembering the needs of all her children. Then San Francisco will build an eternal city that no fire nor quake, flood nor famine will come nigh her dwelling place. She will be founded

upon a rock.

The Spoken Word of God. Fayette M. Drake

LeRoy Moore

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1. There is Life, Life, Health-creating Life; there is Life, there is Life;

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Life, Life, Health-creating Life, in the Spoken Word of God.


There is Power, Power, wonder-working Power ;

There is Power, there is Power;
Power, Power, wonder-working Power,

In the Spoken Word of God.


There is Peace, Peace, harmonizing Peace;

There is Peace, there is Peace;
Peace, Peace, harmonizing Peace,

In the Spoken Word of God.
There is Joy, Joy, soul-inspiring Joy;

There Joy, there is Joy;
Joy, Joy, soul-inspiring Joy,

In the Spoken Word of God.



There is Strength, Strength, all-sustaining Strength;

There is Strength, there is Strength;
Strength, Strength, all-sustaining Strength,

In the Spoken Word of God.


There is Love, Love, never-failing Love;

There is Love, there is Love;
Love, Love, never-failing Love,

In the Spoken Word of God.

In our meetings here in Kansas City we find the above a wonderfully harmonizing and quickening treatment, bringing into active consciousness the importance and power of the Spoken Word, through which the Spirit accomplishes the regeneration of mind and body. "And God said, Let there be light; " "He sent his Word and healed them;" "I will do to thee all that thou sayest." The Word is the working power of God. According to your word and acknowledgment will you manifest. Try this treatment daily for a month and see how rapidly your word will increase in power and vitality.

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