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Spirit creates Soul, and Soul forms body through thought centres, or body brains.

There are twelve thought centres, in man cor: responding to the twelve disciples, and many other Scripture citations of twelves.

Seven centres are here given; five to follow in future lessons: Spirituality: Top of Head. Seat of the Supercon

scious Mind. To develop: Centre attention there and affirm, “I am Spirit,” “I am Christ, Son of the Living God. Pray,

meditate upon God. Life: Generative Function. To put in Divine order,

deny sex, carnal lusts, impurity and fleshly weakness; and affirm purity, spiritual power

and unity with and obedience to Divine Law. Strength: Small of Back. Deny weakness and loss;

and affirm enduring, abiding, sustaining spiritual strength. (Connect in thought

action with Life Centre.) Appropriation: Pit of Stomach. Deny material

selfishness and fear of loss; and affirm

spiritual intelligence, peace and harmony. Love: Heart; Centre of Breast. Deny fear and

deception and falsity; and affirm courage and candor. Deny hate, and affirm love for

everybody and everything. Power: Throat. Affirm power, confidence, ability,

mastery; and deny all “I can't” thoughts. Say with Jesus, “All power is given unto

me in heaven (mind) and in earth (body)." Sympathy: Navel. Deny material sympathy and

fleshly sensations; and affirm spiritual vigor, vitality, force and energy, under Divine Law.

I dedicate every purpose of my soul to manifesting only that which proclaims God to be the AllGood; God to be infinite Love; God to be absolute, changeless Principle, the very essence of my own beng.- HANNAH MORE KOHAUS.


Special Dedication Exercises for the New Unity Building will be held for an entire week, August 19th to 25th. The program has not been arranged, but enough speakers, musicians, teachers and healers have indicated their intention of being present to make the event of more than passing interest. It is now taking the character of a Mid-Continent New Thought Convention. It will not in any way take the place of the Chicago Convention, to be held in October, but will give an opportunity to a large number of people in this immediate vicinity to get together, and establish in united thought the good work in this neighborhood.

The work outlined for this Dedication Week is of a most practical character, and will be especially helpful to students and invalids. There will be in addition to the usual convention lectures, lessons in healing, concentration classes, healing through musical vibrations, and other features not usually found in such gatherings.

Everybody is invited to be present, especially inquirers and seekers for the Truth. Our auditorium will seat over five hundred. There will be several sessions daily, and we estimate the capacity will be adequate. Arrangements have not yet been made with rail

for the usual reduced convention rates, but they will be, and all visitors should notify agent at purchasing point that they expect a return ticket at reduced rate on account of Convention. Please notify us at once you intend to be present.


The following speakers have accepted invitations to be present and deliver addresses during the Gala Week, and others will doubtless come whose replies have not yet been received by the Program Committee:

Cassius A. Shafer, Chicago, "Jesus of Nazareth, the First of Many Brethren."

C. Josephine Barton, Kansas City, “Lilies of the Field.''

Dr. Alice B. Stockham, Chicago, Victory.

Marion Austin Drake, Kansas City, Kansas, The Unity of God and Man.'

Judge Joseph R. Clarkson, Omaha, The Kingdom of God Within You."

Geo. Adams Hunt, Lawrence, Kansas, Biblical and Other Evidences of Reincarnation.

A. P. Barton, Kansas City, Building and Unfoldment.''

Mrs. E. Dodge Carson, St. Louis, "Soul Freedom."
T. G. Northrup, Chicago, “Our Opportunities.
Mrs. Jennie H. Croft, Kansas City, “Appropria-



Dr. J. Gilbert Murray, Rochester, N. Y., “SpiritMatter; Physical Substance."

Mother Virtuzia, Williams Bay, Wis., The Message of the Spirit."

Grace M. Brown, Denver, “Treasures."



BY J. H. C. It is most gratifying to those engaged in the work of this Center to note the interest displayed by our many friends at home and abroad, in the erection of our new Unity Building, its finishing, its furnishing, and its being made beautiful. We have had many suggestions, some donations - one friend supplying all the plumbing fixtures, etc., and several letters asking what could be done to help furnish the building or beautify it. Here is a letter full of practical ideas along that line:

The new building has quite a fascination for me. I am going to ask a few questions about it (practical) and, of course, I am practical, and know we need useful people and things to make a comfortable and beautiful home. First, about the bedrooms, how many, and have you linen, etc., to furnish the beds, bath rooms, etc.? I was thinking if a number of ladies could help to supply the linen, etc., for one or more bedrooms, it would be quite a help to you. Then about the reception room, or perhaps you might call it the room where people wait to make known their needs. The color of decoration; the wood, so that if one felt inclined to send anything to be used in it, it would harmonize with the surroundings. Oh, to be able to give to Unity in the name of Jesus, is such a blessed privilege. If only a little, let it be beautiful —"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Each one giving that which they feel they can give; how beautiful the Home would appear, how attractive! The gift of love always emits a beautiful influerce, is felt, is inspiring; helping other souls on their way to the temple of peace, to the within, the holy silence, God alone with His own. It seems to me this reception room could be, and should be, most attractive and comfortable; weary ones finding rest and inspiration in contemplating the beautiful gifts sent by loving brothers and sisters from far and near, anxious to express their love and appreciation to those who in Christ stead have weathered the storm and tide, and at last have anchored in the haven of rest, bringing many weary ones with him to share the manifold blessings of Unity. i feel I should consider it a great privilege to be allowed to give that which I am able, and we can all give something. Now, dear ones, many hands make light work. Answer please the questions.— E. E. S.

We wish to correct the impression entertained by some of our friends that Unity Building is of the Home of Truth character. It is not a Home, but a building which will house our publishing plant, give us a large auditorium for our services and assemblies, and which will be a college or school where students will be fitted to go forth to teach and heal. The Society of Silent Unity also has its quarters in the Building

There being no rooms for the occupancy of either pupils or patients, there is no need of bedroom furnishings. Rooms may be obtained either with or without board in the immediate vicinity of the Building.

Acting upon the suggestions in the above letter, we will describe the rooms, and mention furnishings required.

On the first floor at the right of the hall is the business office, which needs desks and chairs. At the left of the hall is the Library and general information bureau, in which desk, table and chairs are needed. Woodwork finished in antique oak. Back of the hall is a waiting or reception room out from which opens a healing room. Both of these rooms require tables and chairs, and a couch in the healing

Rugs are needed in all these rooms.
On the second floor are the parlors, other healing


rooms, and the Auditorium. Floors polished hard maple, woodwork finished in golden oak. Chairs, tables and rugs required for these rooms. The Auditorium is furnished by the Woman's Auxiliary connected with the Unity Society of Practical Christianity. They are also putting in the art-glass


Upon the third floor are the rooms for the Society of Silent Unity, and desks, typewriters and typewriter desks, chairs and rugs are needed. The walls are of hard white finish, with the exception of the Auditorium which is in sand finish for furture decoration.

The whole Building has been built so far by love-offerings, which came from every quarter from our good friends who have esteemed it a privilege to give. We believe many others will find a pleasure in helping to furnish the Building in which all have a share. We expect it to be all finished and furnished by the time set for the Dedication and Jubilee Week, August 19th-25th.




It is almost universally conceded that Jesus had a deeper understanding of the results of human acts than any man that ever lived, and he voiced the words above. A gift in the right spirit carries with it a hidden power, multiplying and sustaining.

"Who gives himself with his gift feeds three

Himself, his hungering neighbor, and me." It is a special benefit to the soul to give with generous heart, accompanied with blessings. Such giving falls like the gentle rain from heaven on the place beneath, and blesses him who gives and him who receives. To make an opportunity for good giving is of greater benefit in the end than giving millions, if “it is more blessed to give than receive.

Run over in your mind what you have given to the Good, and see if it does not bring up a feeling of

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