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UNITY is a hand-book of Practical Christianity and Christian Healing. It sets forth the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ direct from the fountain-head, “The Holy Spirit, who will lead you into all Truth." It is not the organ of any sect, but stands independent as an exponent of Practical Christianity, teaching the practical application in all the affairs of life of the doctrine of Jesus Christ; explaining the action of mind, and how it is the connecting link between God and man; how mind action affects the body, producing discord or harmony, sickness or health, and brings man into the understanding of Divine Law, harmony, health and peace, here and now.

Subscribers who fail to recieve UNITY by the 20th of the month, should so notify this office.

If you have subscribed for any other magazine in connection with UNITY, and should miss any number of that magazine, do not write us about it, but write directly to its publisher.

DISCONTINUANCES.-All subscriptions are continued until requested stopped, when all arrears should be paid in full. The label shows date of expiration.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. — In changing address the exact postoffice address where you have been receiving UNITY must always be given as well as the new address, before the oth of the month.

REMITTANCES. — Send all money by postoffice order, express order or registered letter; or bills will carry safely if carefully wrapped. Postage stamps received for only sums less than $1.00.

In sending checks or Canadian bills, add 10 cents for collection. We cannot accept Canadian stamps or Canadian silver money of any denomination.

UNITY TRACT Society, 913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo.,


Unity publications are on sale by or may be ordered at the following places among others:

New York: The Alliance Pub. Co., Oscawana-on-Hudson, N Y.; Brentano's, Union Square, New York City.

Boston: The Metaphysical Club, 30 Huntington Avenue.
HARTFORD, Conn.: E. M. Sill, 89 Trumble Street.
WASHINGTON, D.C.: Woodward & Lothrop, roth, uith & F.,N. W.
TOLEDO, Ohio: Mrs. Frances Wilson, 1o The Zenobia.

JacksONVILLE, Fla.: New Thought Reading Room, Woman's Club Bldg., E. Duval St.

St. Paul, Minn.: W. L. Beekman, 55 East 5th Street.

Chicago: Liberal Book Concern, 87 Washington St.; Purdy Pub. Co., McVicker's Theater Bldg.; A. C. McClurg & Co., 215 Wabash Ave.; Marie J. Petersen, 4000 Cottage Grove Ave, Room 6.

St. Louis: H. H. Schroeder, 3537 Crittenden Street.
Denver: Colorado College Divine Science, 730 17th Ave.
Los ANGELES: Home of Truth, 1327 Georgia St.
San Jose: Wm. Farwell, 275 North Third St.

LONDON, ENGLAND: Power Book Co., Wimbledon, W.; Higher Thought Center, 1o Cheniston Gardens, W.

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Mark 11:19




Sigi Blessed is he tbat cometh in the name of the Lord.ND


11 7 Jesus said, “But even the very hairs of your head are numbered. Fear not, therefore; ye are of more value than many sparrows.". !! the Father is so minute in His watchful care of His children, as to be familiar with even the number of bairs on every head, how can we for an instant imagine that we have been lost sight of in the bustle agd whirl sf the millions of earth's population. Do not deceive yourself into believing that because you are not conscious of the Father's presence that you are therefore out of His sight. What is it that gives you life? What heals your cuts, burns and bruises so quickly? The intellect has taught you to say Nature. But what is Nature? Is it not that same intellect's name for God? If Nature exhibits extraordinary ability in gathering healthy particles of flesh to the burned finger, why not recognize the real source thereof, and name it as it rightfully is, the Omnipresent Spirit - God. As Jesus said, it is so omnipresent that it has numbered the very hairs of your head. It lives in you; in fact, it literally lives you, and you are as a puff of wind without the omnipotent God.

You are therefore numbered. To be numbered is to be especially designated as having place, relation, importance and necessity. If you are numbered you are one of the factors that enter into the great problem of life. To number and to name mean one and the same thing. If you are numbered, you are therefore recorded in the annals of heaven, and the omnipresent Father knows you by a name peculiar

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