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says, “Oh, that is the result of your imagination; there is no power in that," he is a fool, drunken with his folly. Just recently the press chronicled the remarkable recovery of sight in a Methodist revival meeting of a blind woman. The church people looked upon it as the work of God, but the worldlywise physician said it was nothing of the kind. He said the woman had become excited, and through her imagination the optic nerves, which had been paralyzed, were revived.

This case is rich with suggestions for the trained metaphysician. The doctor explains how the cure was effected, yet denies God any part in it, and at the same time, by his flippancy, ridicules the process while admitting its efficacy. The church people look upon it as a miracle performed by the direct hand of the Almighty, and scorn the theory of the doctor, who explains just how God in reality wrought the so-called miracle. Thus ignorance sits in darkness both in the house of those who seek God without understanding, and those who have built a curative system without this wisdom as a concomitant.

He who claims miraculous operations at the hand of God, meaning by that, results produced outside of exact and universal law, and he who claims that God is not immanent in every movement and manifestation, do err both — these are far from “coming in the name of the Lord.” He who comes in the name of the Lord, knows the Lord. He does not stand outside of him, and look at effects and judge according to appearances, but he stands at the centre of his own being, where the Lord is, and is witness to the work that is perpetually carried on. Then he can say of himself, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

Love is the crowning glory of the soul. In it, the soul expanding, enters the unfathomable depths of God-consciousness, and knoweth of a truth the power that overcometh all.- M. Evalyn Davis.



Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.- Matt. 11:28.

The world, as it is today, does not seem to show forth the bounty of God, neither does it express His love and grace, except in a measure here and a measure there. Surely, it is time since man first heard Truth from the lips of Jesus Christ, that he should be delivered from his darkness and ignorance, and saved from his sin.

We are not living in Egypt today, but are dwelling in the Promised Land - a land flowing with milk and honey, but, like the Israelites of old, God's people are still complaining, and dissatisfaction reigos, and the gods of the heathen, idols of evil and sickness, are still bowed down to and worshipped. Man should be expressing every good, for Light has been given him, but man does not choose to use his Light, and persists in keeping it covered, and living in darkness. Who can help it?

Why is the world still bewailing its fate, cursing circumstances, and groaning under its hardness of sin and sorrow? Who has made its fate? Who has made its circumstances? Who has given it burdens, and why does it weep so piteously and complain of sorrows? Man speaks of fate, then man must believe in fate; man speaks of disagreeable, impoverished circumstances, then man must believe in such circumstances; man bewails sorrow, then man must believe in sorrow. Is this the way to lighten your burden?

O man, in vain you cry out, “ O Lord, how long? O Lord, have mercy upon us!"

Is your God the cause of your trouble, think you? Do you think God the cause of all this, that you exclaim, “O Lord, have mercy upon us poor miserable sinners?

It is useless for you to cry out to God if He is the cause of all the evil and sorrow in the world, for do you not know that the will of a mighty God can never be changed by the will of man? The mind of God is ever the same, and cannot be changed to suit man's every whim and desire: God is the same yesterday, today and forever. O man! God knows nothing of sin. Do you think, for one instant, that God, the pure, holy Presence of Supreme Good, the loving Father, can conceive of thy foolish thought of sin? God who knows no evil, who is the Presence of all Purity, of all Light and all Love.

Can peace know war? Can love know hate? Can light know darkness? Where there is peace, there is no war. Where there is love, there is no hate. Where there is light, there is no darkness. Peace knows only peace. Love knows only love. Light knows only light, and these are one in God, the Good, and God is omnipresent.

God creates like Himself, perfection. That which is perfect cannot create that which is imperfect. Is this the way that Jesus, that one who told us of a loving Father, has taught us to pray, “Lord, we beseech Thee to hear us. O Lord, have mercy upon us poor miserable sinners ?" Do these words sound as though we were addressing a tender, loving Father, whose "eyes are too pure to behold iniquity”? Did not Jesus declare, “Use not vain repetition as the heathen do, for they think they shall be heard for their much speaking”? Do you ask, “Who are the heathen?Merely those who have not the true knowledge of God - the ignorant. When you pray, go into the inmost sanctuary, into the depths of your own being, open the heart to God, and say, “Our Father who art in heaven."

God is Love, and love does not have to be pleaded to or implored. God does not even have to be asked. Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of “ before ye ask Him." God, being all love, gives freely, generously, fully without measure, without

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stiti. Love is beneficent in all its gifts. Why do you beseech your God? Why do you tell Him that His handiwork is poor, miserable and a sinner? Does not the great God know His work better than any other? Does the rose cry out, “O Lord, I am poor homely flower, worthless and forlorn," and then droop her head and appear miserable? No, she lifts her head to the sun, praises her Maker, and grows in beauty. Let man learn a lesson from the rose, and acknowledge his divinity, for he is the image and likeness of the heavenly Father. Let him no longer bow his head, and say, “I am poor and worthless,'' for if he declares this, he is taking the name of God in vain, and cursing His handiwork. Do not speak lightly of God's work, for it is perfect. Know


that you are one with the Most High God? You are one with Divinity. Jesus Christ has said,

, “I and my Father are one,” “I am in you and ye are in me.' Then are we one in God?

There is no fate save your mortal belief in fate. There is no evil save that you create through fear of it. There is no unfortunate circumstance; it is man's lack of trust alone that brings such appearances into his life. There is no sin in God, neither is there sin in God's creation, for God's creation is spiritual, and the Spirit knows only Good. Man should place his thought altogether on the spiritual, if he would see the spiritual manifested outwardly; then will he know no fate, and his circumstances will prove harmonious, and his life will be free from care. Cease from contemplating evil, and look upon the good. Know, O man, yours is the power to make life what you please to have it. Oh, my friends, if we believed less and thought less of trouble, sickness, sorrow and sin, it would be an easier matter for us to behold the face of our Father which art in heaven. man thinketh in his heart so is he."

Man is controlled of his own circumstances; he is the builder of his own temple, and that temple may be of wood or of stone; its foundation may be totter

"As a

ing, resting upon sand, or it may be strong, unmoved by storm or gale of wind, founded upon a rock. The Christ is still speaking to us as unto Philip, and saying, “Have I been so long with you, and yet hast thou not known me?” Jesus Christ is here in our midst today, and yet we have not known him for all these hundreds of years. If man has Jesus Christ to save him, why has he not been saved long before now? Why has he not been saved from his sickness and his sin? Did not Jesus heal the sick and forgive the sinner, and command his disciples to go and do likewise ? Is it the fault of the Christ that man is not showing forth his salvation here and now, and manifesting God in all his ways? Is it the fault of the Christ that man is not knowing rest and peace today?

No, my friends, the Christ is saying, “Come unto me," and yet man has not come in the true way.

Man says, “I know all that is past. Jesus was once here upon earth, and went through death so that I might be pardoned, and taken up into heaven when the time comes for me to leave this earth.”

Did Jesus the Christ make such a statement unto the people? No; he said, “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world,” that is to say, even unto the end of all worldly beliefs; even unto the end of fear of sin. Heaven is within man, so why do you cry, “Lo, here, or lo, there, for behold the kingdom of heaven is at hand, it is within you." The kingdom of heaven is the pure, holy peace of God that rests within your own heart. It is the satisfaction and joy that comes from knowing oneself always in the presence of the Father, in the presence of Divine Love, at rest in the kingdom of God.

When we accept the Christ as our Savior, we accept and know him as dwelling within our own heart; we know him not as a personal presence, but as the Truth that guides and leads us. "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.


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