Annual Report, Ausgabe 21

The Department, 1897
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Seite 38 - With such sources ready formed in the earth's crust, it seems to me, to say the least, unphilosophical to search elsewhere for the origin of petroleum, and to suppose it to be derived by some unexplained process from rocks which are destitute of the substance.
Seite 429 - He shall see that all the provisions of law pertaining to the drilling of wells and the piping and consumption of natural gas are faithfully carried out and that the penalties of law are strictly enforced...
Seite 84 - ... is delayed. The second party shall have the right to use sufficient gas, oil or water to run all necessary machinery for operating said wells, and also the right to remove all its property at any time.
Seite 639 - Who knows but this chance wild fruit, planted by a cow or a bird on some remote and rocky hillside, where it is as yet unobserved by man, may be the choicest of all its kind, and foreign potentates shall hear of it, and royal societies seek to propagate it, though the virtues of the perhaps truly crabbed owner of the soil may never be heard of, — at least, beyond the limits of his village ? It was thus the Porter and the Baldwin grew. Every wild-apple shrub excites our expectation thus, somewhat...
Seite 30 - The derrick itself was seventy feet high, and the oil and the sand, after bursting through the roof and sides, flowed fully three times higher, forming a greyishblack fountain, the column clearly defined on the southern side, but merging into a cloud of spray thirty yards broad on the other. A strong southerly wind enabled us to approach within a few yards of the crater on the former side, and to look down into the sandy basin formed...
Seite 36 - We have in the Huron shale a vast repository of solid hydro-carbonaceous matter, which may be made to yield ten to twenty gallons of oil to the ton by artificial distillation. Like all other organic matter, this is constantly undergoing spontaneous distillation, except where hermetically sealed deep under rock and water. This results in the formation of oil and gas, closely resembling those which we make artificially from the same substance, the manufactured differing from the natural products only...
Seite 30 - Georgiania there is a fountain from which oil springs in great abundance, insomuch that a hundred shiploads might be taken from it at one time. This oil is not good to use with food, but 'tis good to burn, and is also used to anoint camels that have the mange.
Seite 38 - This operation is not attributable to heat nor to the nature of distillation, but is due to chemical reaction at the ordinary temperature and under the normal conditions of the climate. The proofs that this is the true mode of the generation of the asphalt repose not only on the partial manner in which it is distributed in the strata, but also on numerous specimens of the vegetable matter in process of transformation, and with the organic structure more or less obliterated. After the removal by solution...

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