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Domeflic Calamities.

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ale-house in Turnmill-street, under Hangman to give their female Slaves a the name of the Cock-and-Hen-club, round dozen, for their amusement, Mr. Boddington was directed by the After this punishment is inflicted, the Justices to dilperse them: accordingly, poor wretches are obliged to curtsey to attended by ocher conftables, he went the flagellator, and kiss the scourge, to to the house; and, upon entering the fnew that they have nothing stubborn club-room, the officers were ailailed in their disposition. This, among with cutlasses, and other wearons, innumerable other cruelties {tand reand were all severely wounded. Hub- corded in the Report of the Committee bard was the man who attacked Mr. on the Slave Trade. Boddington, and wounded him so Among the fingular events attendan: terribly on the head, breast, and upon the French Revolution, may be shoulders, with a cutlass, that his re- reckoned that of Louis XVI. being covery was for several months dejo obliged to take out a patent as “Manupaired of. The injury Mr. Bodding- facturer of China." . This is ton received on the above occasion count of the Works at Seve, near Paris, greatly impaired his conftitution, and, on which his Majesty expends a large it is supposed, contributed towards sum annually. his premature death, by rendering him 13. A trotting match was performed susceptible of the most poignant feel. on the road between Cambridge and ings on beholding the dying agonies Newmarket; a Stable-keeper undercf a man who had attempted to took to trot 32 miles in two hours. murder him, and had absolutely. He was allowed two horses, and pere embittered some of the latter years of formed it in a minute and a half less his life.

than the time. 12. A man cleaning the two pair So much had the mutineers of the of stairs windows of Lord Le De Bounty conformed to the customs and spenser, fell down, and was impaled manners of Otaheite, that when two on the iron railing. He had also one of CHRISTIAN's crew swam off to thigh broken, and yet is likely to the Pandora frigate, they were fo survive the melancholy accident. TATTOED, and exhibited so many

John Kimber, master of the Re. other characteristic tains, that on covery, a vesel employed in the Slave being first received on board, the Trade, has been apprehended at Bristol Pandora's people took them for natives by the Bow-street Runners, and of the island. brought to the Public Office Bow. We trust that the present Bill before Street, on a charge of having murdered Parliament for the reformation of the three female llaves on their passage Police, will have the desired effect. from the coali of Africa to that of the And it is hoped, that at a future peWeft-indies, and is committed to riod the Public will not say that the Newgate to take his trial.

title of the Bill fould have run thus, There are now in Newgate 406 “ A Bill for the extending the number prisoners, of whom 185 are debtors, of the VENAL Magistrates, and con 15 under sentence of death, 19 respit- fusing the Westminster Police. This ed during his Majesty's pleasure, 80 Bill fulfils a late Prediction. transports, 80 under orders of imprison

A Club called the CHEROKEES, ment for certain determined periods, has been instituted in Dublin, by a and 27 for trial.

fet of uncivilized barbarians, of family To such a pitch of depravity is the and fortune. They have been lately human mind reduced, by continual dispersed, by the activity of the objects of cruelty being presented to Magistracy, but not before two of the the eye, that it is not unusual for the RUFFIANS were sent to Newgate, for Ladies in the Weft-Indies to order the attempting to tomahawk a lady of

falhion, in a sedan-chair.



Conjuror's Magazine,


Bagical and Phyüognomical Mirror.

M A Y, 1792.

Embellished with the following elegant Engravings, all accurately copied by BARLOW, frora

LAVATER.-1. ATTENTION, DESIRE, HOPE, reflecting ASTONISHMENT; afte GUIDO.-2. The BRUTAL Son taking leave of an indulgent Father.--3. The Last SUPPER, after RAPHAEL.





401 Spring Quarter

401 Farther Verifications

401 Effects of the Planetary Influence 402 Hints to young Artits, by W: Elder, in answer to B.

404 The Augur, No. VII

.495 Origin of certain Customs Arbatel's Magic, continued

407 The Seven Secrets

408 Curious Narrative, of man tracing out

murderers by their footsteps 409 The Murdering sickle

411 Albertus's Secrets of Nature, continued 412

Influence of the Planets on the Foetus 413 The English Fortune-teller, No, VIII 414 Oracles for the Ladies

414 The Theory of Colours, from Nichola

son's Tranflation of Chaptal's Che-

415 The preparation of the Indigo Vat 416 The Querist, No. IX.

417 Answer to Queries

417 On the Increase or Diminution of the

New Queries

419 Philosophical and Ingenious Amuse

420 How to change a pack of cards into all manner of pi&tures

421 How to deliver out four aces,


convert them into four knaves

421 The Golden Head, which leaping and dancing in a glass, answers differ

421 To cut Glass, or even a piece of Cryfa

tal, let it be ever so thick, without
the help of a Diamond, in the same
shape as the mark of the drawing
made on it with Ink.

421 For a person to chuse a card, you not

supposed to know what it is, and'
then for the per fon to hold the
cards between his finger and thumb,?
to strike them all out of his hand

except the very card he had taken 421 Lives of Eminent Magicians, &c.

421 Gilles de Laval, Lord of Rais, a mon

Aer in human shape, from the gift
Number of Gifford's Hiftory of

421 The cruel Alchemist

422 Life of Paracelsus

423 Jacob Boehmen

425 Apparitions, Dreams, &c.

426 Apparition of Sir John Owen, concluded

426 Instance of Witchcraft An Instance of the force of Imagi

nation Domestic News,&c.


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Printed for W. LOCKE, No. 12, Red Lion Street, Holborn; and fold by all

Booksellers and Newscarriers in Town and Country.


We esteem ourselves highly favoured by Mr. Adams ; his observations and ftri&uru bo ni he attended to : we flatter ourselves he will perceive in the present number, proper åttention has been paid to his remarks.

J. S. At a future day we may comply with his with; but it is our duty to adhere to our original plan.

J. D. of Buckden, took the most effectual means of obtaining information and notice upon the subject of his enquiry. We return him thanks for his convivial present, and can affure him, the specimen, upon trial, appears to be Arsenical White Pyrite, ufually found embodied in folid rock. We, however, caution him to be careful in his future experiments, as they might be attended with danger.

A. J. Junior, Sheffield, thall find himself noticed in a future number,
J. F. His horary question on folen goods has our entire approbation.

Leo's long letter and queries are in hand; and Peter's defence of Aftrology shall be made use of at a future opportunity.

Our correspondent at Montrole has our fincere thanks; it is flattering to be noticed at so great a distance from home.

We are greatly obliged to The Petit SORCIER of H--1--r-ftreet for his intended Favour; but so many fancies and combinations with cards and dice have appeared in public, without being proved by experience or calculation, that we must for the present beg leave to decline his kind offer, being apprehensive that his tricks, though new, and extremely ingenious, might deceive our readers, for we can boast such as think for themselves. However, we thall hold ourselves greatly indebted to this correspondent for the MS, he mentions on the cabalistic numbers of Hermes,

QUERIES. It is with reluctance we could not insert the learned and laborious answer to B. R.'s Query 1, in No. 8. in length; it exceeded our limits.. We request a continuance of Mr. Hargrave's correspondence. His queries shall foon have a place.

The remainder of the Queries have been satisfactorily answered by the following gentlemen. J. D. Buckden. Will. Davis. H.L. Stephen Richards. Domus Scientia K. Williams. A. C. Litchfielaienfis. Grace Honour. Wm. Deacon. Philomath, Hotspur. Mercutio, and fome anonymous..

Proposals for inftracting Pupils in Spiritual Knowledge, including a Plan for commencing Societies or Colleges for receiving inttruction.

Mr. WILLIAM GILBERT will teach Attrology and Spirit, with the nature and use of Talismans, on the following schenre :

First Clafs of Pupils.-One hundred and fifty pounds per annum; or, one hundred. guineas down.

Second Class. Eighty pounds per annum; or, fixty guineas down.
Third Class.-Sixty pounds per annum; or, forty guineas down,

The lowest.-Twenty pounds per annum; or, fifteen guineas down. In all, the first quarter to he advanced.

The instruction, to be epistolary and personal, according to circomstances : and, if per. fonal, either at the Pupil's own house, or at Mr. GILBERT'S ; who, as soon as 2001. are subscribed, will provide a proper place to receive Pupils either publicly or privately, as may beni plea e: if epiftolary, the Pupil muft free the postage.

Each Pupil ought to understand the elements of Aftronomy.

As there are many excellent treatises in the Latin tongue on Aftrology and Magic, Mr. Gilbert will also intruct any Lady in that lenguage, in order to promote her better knowledge of Spirit and Astroloạy, at such moderate advance as her particular circumfances may render convenient to her.

Societies.--To accoinmodate the lowest class, Mr. GILBERT will instruct any number of persons from three to twelve, at ten guineas each per annum, and above that number indefinitely at only five guineas per head, for all those who are added to the original twelve; or, he will take any number above three at lix'guineas down each. N. B. Those persons mu& actually meet regularly in lociety, and their names and nativities must be given to Mr. GILBERT.

Talismans. -Talismans will be charged to the lowest class at only one guinca; to the third at

TEN guineas; to the second at TWENTY guineas; to the first at FORTY guineas, exclusive of the cost of materials and construction, for which the tradesmea's bills thall be preiented.

No Talisinan's will for the future be made for any but Pupils, and I will flop that cipcration of all but those which are inade through my direction, or by myself.




FOR MAY, 1792.



ters will be conducted jovially, and 'FARTHER VERIFICATIONS, Jupiter helps them. Some great per

son is intent on pleasure and uxorious I Now, under Spring, treat of a enjoyment. I ain not inclined to con. configuration, wherein Kings are all tradict Moore's predictions this quarPOWER and DIRECTION-wherein ter; let the effects be seen. their mandateş find no deløy nor dis. This quarter promises an end to appointment in execution. 'Ħ, called matters begun in the winter quarter. by me Georgeanos figures on the mid. This quarter destroys scorpions and heaven, Mars, lord of the ascendant, fifth brothers, or fifters. A fine obeys his orders punctually: Females Spring will succeed, and end with incondescend very much; they favour troducing a fine Summer. The çare, low sort of people, forcerers, reclufes, ful gardener prevents blights, and servants--they fuccumb to the lowest. Mars, ingenious, and active, sedate, people are proud, vindictive,

TO AUSTRIĄ. marshal, fafe. Every thing will be complete; there will be no half and Let him that girdeth on his sword half doings this quarter--for all the boast as he who taketh it off. angles, with the Moon, Venus, Georgeanos, are fixed.

The opposition of h and 21 (whom
Moore calls the two GRAND INFOR-

And I will leave him neither root TUNES, and perhaps juitly, as at present nor branch-For strong is the Lord marked) may probably, through Spain, God who judgeth her, France, and England, let the bad fpi. rits of Russia and Austria at logger.

FRANCE, heads.

Be not surprized if bishops and dig. The Lord is my rock, and my for. nitaries of the Church be more intent tress, and my deliverer. on Venus than Jupiter, though mate Thou haft also given me the necks

P p 2


[blocks in formation]

of my enemies, that I might destroy and a man shall be a hiding-place from them that hate me-Then did I beat, the wind, a covert from the tempeft, them small as the dust of the earth; I as the shadow of a great rock in a did stamp theżn as the mire of the weary land, ftreet, and did spread them abroad.



Behold! all they that despise thee Your hands are not bound, nor shall perish! your feet put in fetters,

This day will I begin to put the Peace, peace to them that are afar fear of thee, and the dread of thee, upoff, and to them that are near, faith on the nations that are under the whole the Lord.

heaven; who shall hear report of

thee, and shall tremble and be in an. TO ENGLAND,

guish because of thee: It is done!

am Alpha and Omega. I will restore thy Judges as at the The leading maxim of the King first, and thy Counsellors as at the be- must now be, Fortitur in re. He will ginning afterward thou shalt be cal. preserve the suaviter in modo where led a city of righteousness, the Faithful He can: but subordinately to the first. City.

The King of Poland and French na. Give, O God! thy judgments unto tion must do the same to strangers, that the King, and thy righteousness to the the King of England is obliged to do King's Son.

to his own subjects. Their first object A King shall reign in righteousness, must be to be FEARED-and then to and Princes shall rule in judgment; be LOVED.



AFTER having for several years by the concealments of certain Direcdiligently ftudied, and carefully ob- tors of a certain great company, who served, the effects of the planetary in- by fallacious statements of the comple fiuences on the great mutations of ny's ability to continue a large dividend the world, I am deeply convinced of to the proprietors of their stock, in detheir reality and power; and therefore france of the protests of the virtuous trouble you with a few obseryations Mr. Manship, sustained the prices of on the extraordinary and magnificent the stock at an enormous height, till events which are now bursting from Fordyce and his connections were the womb of time.

overwhelmed in ruin ; India stock In the year 1772, the two superior foon after fell 50 per cent. planets, Saturn and Jupiter, repeatedly During the interesting period, to in opposition from the signs Pisces and which I have referred, a foundation Virgo; your readers cannot fail to re- was laid for that unhappy, and rui. collect the mischiefs that happened to nous contest, which separated the many worthy inhabitants, not only of American states from the parent coun. this metropolis, but also of various try: which also leads me to observe, other parts of the country, by the fai. that this month begun with an oppolure of Fordyce, Down, and Co. fition of the planets, Saturn and Juf. whose speculations, though founded ter, from the cardinal and equinoctis! on rational principles, were defeated signs, Aries and Libra; which the

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