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The Minister an Admirer of the Ladies! the ig sorant a contrary jest. But I am n on the M. C. but they have not all, certair 1, he is fond of woinen as well as with Guido BONATUS, remembered, wire; but they will never injure him, that & ameliorates all his injuries to and th: sugh they may produce light fears honor; and if ever, I am sure she must andan rieties, they are too well designed do it most effectually on this subject. I to hur! · This Star also subje&ts him will only mark one notorious instance to gre it cavilling in both his public ---the nature of the Opposition which and p. rivate accounts, interrupts his he receives in Parliament. h particu. ftudies, . subjects him to domestic fpoli- larly signifies his open enemies, togeation, and inclines him to seize on ther with all their actions, connexions, things with a strong hand. Lilly, and final resolves. The saturnine re

gard, softened by the venereal mild. Wha t I have said, that the strength ness and liberality with which he is of his i ignificators prevents the debili- commonly treated by Mr. Fox, are tations of debauchery, is grounded on equally conspicuous, and give equal a rule, to be found in every author, pleature to all those minds who have that ftro ing and benevolent planets in really any generosity unexpunged from the 12th, help instead of injuring. their heart. This, it must be observed,

The I Moon, as Lilly agrees with Car. confirms another of the general prog. dan, in a wpect with many planets, ren- noftics of the figure, in 7th. Add ders a mi in famous; and here she aspects to this, that, from the position of h, all the planets, including Ħ, before he never meets the assaults till the first fire quits her fign:---With & she gives vehemence is over; and the whole early pre ferment, encreases fortune with gradually diffipates, from a happy comtanour, and confers tranquillity of bination of fucceeding events. mind, with health of body. LILLY,

Some persons may


pasts of the

lait preceding remarks hardly applica* All į lanets above the carth make ble to the whole of Mr. Pitt's public a man illü ftrious far and near, and, if conduct; but let them recolle&, that fuift in i notion, render him nimble the whole of what appears to be Mr. and dexter ous in the dispatch of bu- Pitt's, is hardly his own. Notwithfrefs." "CARDAN, Segmont 1. Aph. standing his VIRTUES AND TALENTS, 40. and G'ADBURY. But we may re: there is a SCOUNDREL AND A PERSON collect, th at Agrippa ascribes to go a Hitie flowiness---another general progmofic con nfirmed by particular fitua-. GENTLEMAN, IN OSTENSIBLE PLACES tions; for D is very flow in course, ABOUT GEORGE THE THIRD.and applic:s to a semi o $, who meets Such a body of impurities may perhaps it by retrcıgradation. The effect of all sometimes appear to defile the stream. täis is, th at the first object, which pre. The identical people to whom I allude, fents itself to Mr. Piit in every scheme, are the Duke of RICHMOND, no longer is its dificialties; but he suddenly pafles Aubigny, and Sir GEORGE YONGE*. and explains these, then steadily moves “ Eninent fixt stars on the Angles to the completion of his purpose, though of a Nativity, chiefly M. C. and Howith encreasing flowness, But the roscope, declare eminent persons, such conclusion is seldom what he designs--- as I shall make the world admire them, but yet it is better, and pleases him bet. if the Planets therein do but moderately

The difficulties and the end, I afift.” The Twins with Procyon are repeat, are what arreft him immediate- on the cusp of the Ascendant. The , ly? However, the real end is com- latter I have noticed already. The first monly a collection of friends, a good dinner, and a good bottle.

* WILLIAM GILBERT, No. 11, Dee Aitrologers have all agreed in abusing ronthire-street, Queen-square.

pager 699.







Matrimonial Advice to Mr. Pitt,


with D, give pride, boldness, impe- years of age," GADBURY; ui les riousness, power; authoritative to wife Itrong teftimonies occur to the conio ary. or mistrefies; but the 6 f and 8 sofien I can make no doub: of Mr. Piirt's this last.

having had an honourable attacho sent The

part of Fortune in o o, con- ever since he has been feated in his firms the prognostic of thievith servants, place. He has not gratified hi'r felf yet he is well served.

consistently with his honour; lut I “ He, that wath many Planets in advise him never to relinquish the a 10reception, or beholding each other by a riage he has in view. It is impo3 ible good aspect, cannot fail of having many but he must ultimately succeed. It: may friends.” GADBURY ---This rule ap- be between nine and ten years from his plies, especially as they are from the forming the plan before he finally fucirth House. In thort, all the testimo. ceeds. nies which concur in placing him at On the whole, he is fingularly forthe Treasury, also tell in making hiin tunate, who is able to take the fruit of friends. So, as he values the friend- Power with the bloom of commen cing hip of mankind, I would not advise Fame, and probably with that all o of him to quit the Treasury. In 1783 commencing Loveor 4, his ascendant came by direction Uniwifting all the chains that tye to the King's, which established him The hidden foul of Harmony. in power at that period, and to his own

day, Feb. 4th, 2. 2d, which encreased his goods and moveables. LILIY, &c.

N. B. I may at some future time “ He, who hath h Lord of the speak of Mr. Pitt's Nativity as a pubgth, never marrieth till he is past thirty lic æra.



THIS FULL Moon is consecrated to alted, and dispositor of O with recepDivine vengeance. Lilly observes, that tion, and together with ħ himsel f, of if the Lord of the roth be in the i 2th, $ and f, with which last also o has

the figure being one that declares witch- a strong cross reception, and sepa; rates en craft, the afiittion is from the hand from a partile square, she being Lady of God. It is the same when the Lord of the ioth, and in mundane


allel of the 12th, especially a Malefic, is in with all the bad houses. ñ and ť the rorh. Familiarity between the allo rule two good houses, with and Lords of the 12th and 6th, or 8th, are 5th; but as the motives which de:terindubitable signs of spiritual afflictions, mine them to mischief, are so universal, particularly if & afflict Lord of Af- this circumstance must be considered cendant from a convenient place of the as spreading the contagion among perfigure ; that is, from any parallel to the sons and places, that fancy themselves evil houses : and, in all cases of secret very

secure. Next, 2, Lord of the dealing, I take into judgment, on my Ascendant, on the cusp of the 11th, his own authority, the 4th house, of which, joy, is flourishing away with external however, the books are not wholly honours ; confident of his own gcode filent; my judgment led me to this, ness, of peace, and of his ascenda: cy; and it is has neverifailed in experiment, but rotten at the heart, Hosea, v. 11, Mars, Lord of 4th and 12th, is on the 12. that is, without one elential dignity, cusp of the ioth, in mucual, though and where and has no less than eleven cross reception, (which yet is best for effential dignities with no participator, mischief), with h placed in the 4th, by either night or day: to this wrer che! and Lord of vf, wherein also ó is ex® 24 his open antagonist appplies by


Predictions for February. a completed in fixt signs; and I never know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid faw flanet less prepared to receive an from me; for now, 0 Ephraim, thou enemy than 44. Had R any dignities committest whoredom, and Israel is dewhert: 24 is, they would parry the bio:v filed. They will not frame their doo in forue measure; had 24 any where ings to return unto their God; for the is, they would foften the blow ; but spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of now it comes with fearless, with un- them, and they have not known the mitig ated violence: and in that nati- Lord.” John ziv. 17. Read the whole vity, where 4 is not on the place of $, fifth Hosea, particularly 14th verse and nu it befriended by him at birth, he will I am unto Ephraim as a Lion, and reccio e such a stroke for his intrusion, as a young Lion to the House of Judah. that be cuill never recoter.

I, I will tear, and go away; I will take The e nature of the calamities will be away, and none shall rescue.” 2 in a wretched obstructions in the parts lig- fixt fign fortishly abides his fate; nay, nified by m, and the neck and præcore accelerates it by retrogradation. dia; fuch as hooping-coughs, hcarse. The only new thing I see remarkable nesses, heart-burnings, &c. and in the among mankind under this full Moon, reins, thighs, breast, and knees. As besides those I have noticed, are forci. I have called it pre-eminently a Di- ble abductions and rapes, in which the VINE SCOURGE, I will say what it is actors feem


secure; but return, for: I find the Ascendant, the Lord of and the result helps the progress of Liit, 2 and ļ to signify CONJUGAL BERTY. Love; and from 21. being out of all At the new Moon of the 22d, dignities, as I said before, I must con- transiting $'s place at the full and folclude that the judgment proceeds from lowing up his o 4, while he goes a total inattention to, and aversion from, from A to * ħ and 8 conthat l.ey-stone of Society, CONJU- tinue the effects already predicted. GAL !!FFECTION. “ Whoremongers Women will be brawling among themand aclulterers God will judge:” Ve- selves. The winds are very various, nus, on the contrary, Lady of the roth and shifting under these influences; and 6th, also in a sign, where she re- there will be some heavy gales; but presen.ts Conjugal Love, is VERY the proximity of 8 to Ō, takes off

This marks the difference thunder and lightning, which otherbetwe en the King and People in this wise would affuredly happen. regarci. The Pleiades in 6th, threaten There will be no

more frost. fore-eyes and blindness; a fignifica. The A of @ and 24 by this time helps tion corroborated by a 's view of both something; but it rather helps out of the lu minaries, for he aspects ) with difficulties than prevents. a semi 0, and with sesqui , ap- I find ß retrogade on the King of plying, and ) is in sl, descending Pruflia's Sun; the significators of both into the 8th. Lastly, as 2 is placed Government and People much afflicted, when he represents the Royal Houle- and very weak in general; let him exhold, whether spiritualor natural, I can. peet a blow from France, if not already not fum up the contents of this figure itruck; I assure him the French.will so well as by the four first verses of not honour their King much at present. Hosea, V.." Hear, ye Priests, and I, however, thirk highly of the King hearlien, ye House of Israel! and give of Prussia's character, and am certain, ye ear, O House of the King, for judg- he is a fincere, and will be a dilment is toward

you ;

ye have tinguished friend to peace and reform. been a fnare on Mizpeh, and a net But, let no little petulance embroil spread upon Tabor. And the revol- him with France; and let him take ters are profound to make flaughter, care of the Emperor. though I am a rebuker of them all. I


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self one like to it.--After having re. The Chest which opens at command. placed all the pieces in the mortar, you

must cover them a second time with a THERE is a little figure of Maho- napkin, and whilst you amuse the commet within this chest, in the body of pany with some trick or story, you af. which is a foring, made of brass wire, ford time to your confederate to take twisted in a spiral form.-By this means the bruised pieces, and replace the first the little figure, though higher than the watch in the mortar. chest, can, by the accommodation of the spring, be contained within when it is shut, as the spring in the body closes

Tea Caddies. and shortens.-The chest is placed on levers concealed on the table which com- TWO cards being drawn by diffemunicate their motions by the aslistance rent persons, are put into separate tea of the confederate to the bolt of the caddies and locked up. The performer lock, as soon as the staple is disengaged, changes the cards without touching the spring in the body of the figure, them, or any confederacy. finding no resistance but the weight of

The caddies are made with a copper the lid, forces it open.

flap, which has a hinge at the bottom, and opens against the front, where it

catches under the bolt of the lock, so as The Watch beat to pieces in a Mortar. when the lid is shut and locked, the flap

will fall down upon the bottom; the per . A Watch is borrowed from one of former places two cards that he intends the company, which being put into a to be chosen beween the flap and, mortar, shortly after another person is the front, which, being lined with requested to beat it to pieces with a green cloth, may be handled without peitle--the guts are then thewn to the any suspicion; he then desires the first company entirely bruised; in a few mi• person to put his card into one of the nutes the watch is reitored entire to its caddies, taking care it be that which owner, who acknowledges it to be his contains the contrary card from the one property.

that he chose, and the second into the It is easy to devise, that the mor- other; he then desires they will lock tar must be placed near a concerted them up, which unlocks the flaps, co. trap and that it must be covered vers their cards, and when opened, prewith a napkin, to afford an opportunity sents the contrary ones to the view of to the confederate of subitituting ano- the company. ther watch unobserved by the company. In order to succeed in the illusion of

The Wonderful Well. this trick, you must take care to provide yourself with a second watch re- FOUR different coloured seeds or sembling somewhat the first in its size, small comfits are given to one of the case,&c. which will not be very difficult, audience to mix together, and throw as you may either be furnished with a down the well, he then is desired to watch by a person with whom the mat- let down the bucket, and name ter is preconcerted, or by addressing lour he would have brought up first, yourself to some one whose watch you and so on 'till all the colours are sepa. have before observed, and procured your rated. VOL. I.



the com


Questions on Cards and Dice.

The well is made to take off in the bability of taking B next will be as 8 middle, in the lower part of which are to 1, or ; we shall then have 7 counfour cells to contain the different feeds, ters left, and the C undrawn ; and the which must be filled before the trick is probability of taking C next will be as performed, and closed by four valves 7 to to 1, or ; now collecting all these limilar to the keys of a German flute; together, we have the product towards the bottom the well is made of the lower number being 504, 15 narrower so as just to fit the bucket, the probability is as 504 to 1. If which being let down the performer all the counters be required to be demands what colour the company drawn, then the expreffion becomes chooses to be drawn up first, and by 777651751; all these numbers mul. touching the lever the feed required will tiplied together produce 362,880, and fall into the bucket.

are the number of different ways by which the said 9 counters can be drawn

from the heap by one at a time, and CURIOUS QUESTIONS ON CARDS AND consequently the number of chances

against this event happening.


(Continued from Pages 114, 117.)


Let there be the same heap as before; QUESTION 20.

what is the probability that in drawing A person undertakes, in three casts three of them they ihall be the same

three firit, marked A, B, C, as before, with a common die, to throw both an ace and à duce, without regard to

but without any regard to which shall

be firit drawn? which thall happen to be first thrown,

Solution. Consider the number of required his probability of winning.

Solution. The probability that he things to be drawn from the heap ; place brings up an ace and a duce successively

them above the line beginning with is z's, that is so, the probability that

1, 2, &c. likewise consider the whole he misses an ace and a duce succeflively

number of things contained in the heap; is ? 7, that is 38 ; now both these proba- . be gradually decreased by one to the

begin with their number, which must bilities together are, that is 1080 to 20; multiply 2o by the number of fame number of places as are above the different pairs in 3, which is z, and the line, and place these below, which will product is 60; and this multiplied a

form the expression for the probability

of the happening of the event; then the make 180, so the probability is as 1080 expreffion for this question will be ; 1; to 180, or as 6 to 1.

now multiplying, as before taught, we have 364, and seeing each of these nun

be Any number of ihings given, az A, B, C, D,

may be divided by 6, we reduce É, F, &c. to find the probability that in the expression to 34, or 84 to 1. taking any number of them they thail be the A first, A next, &c.


Again let it be required to draw the Let there be a heap of 9 counters, four counters, A, B, C, D, at four marked A, B, C, &c. what is the pro- drawings, without regard to which shall bability that in taking three of them, be first drawn, what is the probability they shall be the A first, B next, and of the success? Claft?

Solution. The probability is exSolution. The probability of taking pressed thus, 535; and multiplying A firil is as gto 1, orj: if this happens, as before, we have point; now each of there remains & counters, and the pro- these may be divided by 6, which will


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