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Remarkable Fires in 1791. fential dignities and also from the dig- ker's wcrk-lop, in Duke-street, Soho, nities of the two superiors then opposed, which (pread to Wardour-street and to produced in the clements a violer.ce, Berwick-street, destroying near which burft heavily on Lincoln's Inn houses. district and Chancery Lane, and in St. A large cimber.yard in BermondStephen's Chapel, a co-grelive attack fey-ftreet. on the Lawyers, who supported a part A great confiagration in Rotherhithe, audacioully avowed by the Chancellor, near 50 houses and warehouses destroywill not require farther Astral reasons ed : a fhip under repair near the thore, for the violences in England and the took fire from the houses, and after fedelignation of those violences. If he veral attempts to scuttle her, sheered off be wise, he will likewise see, that they into the itream. The efforts of several are typical, and expect a heavy and ac- hundred people in boats, around, precumulating burst.

vented any material damage. to the With respect to London in particu- numerous tiers which

the paffed lar, and fires in particular, you will through; the appearance of such a find by referring to my discourse on the fire ship in motion, in the midst of the solar eclipse June 4th, 1788, inserted shipping of the port of London, was a in No. IJ. of this Magazine, that mal. fight equally fingular, awful, and in configurations in Sl produce fires in these teresting; she was at length united cities, one of which is under F great dexterity, laid athwart the iterand the other under 11. Now, at the lings of London Bridge, where she period of which I speak, the GEORGIAN burnt to the water's edge. was the only planet in s, and in the Nov.- The great cotton mill at new Moon in February, you will find Clithero, in Iancashire, built by Live. he had juft fuffered several oppositions. fey and Co. was entirely destroyed; And he in very truth is a hear'y and in- the damage was estimated at 20,000l. Veterate aficior. So take warning. B. DEC.-The porter-brewhouse at

Worcefler, nearly consumed. This A Great part of the town of Mine- was the largest brewery in Great Brihead in Somersetshire dcitroved. tain, those of London excepted.

MARCH.-The Albion Mills con- Bugle Hall, a large house in Southfumed; the damage computed, at ampton, formerly the residence of the least, at 70,000l.

Earls of Southampton, entirely burnt MAY,- -Several houses destroyed down ; the distress of the inhabitants of near St. George's Church in the Bo- the town was much increased from a rough.

violent storm of wind and rain, which Å great fire at the village of Kin- continued all night, threatening them nersley in Shropshire.

at once with detiruction from opposite JUNE.-A large timber-yard in elements. Rosemary-lanc ; several buildings de- The great cotton-mill at W'arringItroyed, and ncar 40 dwelling houses. ton, in Lancashire; the damage com. received damage.

puted at 18,000l. JULY.--Birmuham fires.

The Duke of Richmond's house, in AUGUST.-Nine houses destroyed Privy-garden Westminster, destroyed in at the Water-gate, Deptford; the the day-time, notwithstariding the imKing's Tips moored near the spot, mediate assistance of engines, firemen, were much endangered.

a regiment of soldiers, &c. The floors Sept.--Seventeen houses, a large tan- of this house had been lined with iron ner's work, several barns and granaries, plates, and various other precautions and a large quantity of farming-stock, had been taken to renderit incom. destroyed at Newport in Shropshire. bustible. A fire broke out at a cabinet->




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7. The Percution, to the Möari and


The wrist is referred to Mars. A TABLE OF PALMISTRY,

There are lines of an inferior degree, From Saunders.

which are not found in every hand, and

they are, IN all the lines of the hand we must especially observe ;

1. The way of the Sun, or Solar.

2. The inilky way, or via combusta. 1. Their quantity in longitude, ex

3. The Way of Saturn. tent, and profundity ; viz. length, breadth, and depth; crookedness


OF THESE LINES. 2. Their quality in colour and figure, in reference to shape and complex

1. The line of the heart, or life, in:

closes the thuinb, and separates it ion. 3. Their action in reference to other

from the plan of Mars. lines, as touching or cutting.

2. The middļe natural line begins at 4. Their passion in relation to other

the rising of the fore-finger, near

that of life, and ends at the mount lines, as being touched or cut by them.

of the Moon. 5. Place and position.

3. The line of the liver begins at the

bottom of that of life, and reaches The lines of the hand are princi

to the table line, making this trian

gular figure A. pally

4. The table line, or line of forture,

begins under the mount of Mercu1. The line of the heart, which is that ry, and ends near the fore-finger

of life, which is referred to the Sun. and middle-finger. 2. The Cephalick line and parts, §. Venus's girdle begins near the joint

which is the middle natural line, of the little-finger, and ends between to the Moon and Jupiter.

the fore-finger and middle-finger. 3. The line of the head to Mercury. . 6. The Percussion is between Venus 4. The Table line, or line of fortune, and the Moon, also called the Fe. to Jupiter.

rient a feriendo, from striking. 5. Venus's girdle, to Venus. 7. The wrist contains those lines 6. The line of Death, or finister of which separate the hand from the the line of life, to Saturn.

arm, called Ra Scetta.

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Observe; that if the letter A be to them, and if they can obtain that found in the place of Saturn ħ, (as point, will prove ungrateful. in this mount or line) it denotes that If the letter A, or such a mark be the person will be covetous.

found in the place of Jupiter 24, the If I H XE be found there, it pre- person will prove honest, wealthy, and dicts that the person will be laborious a good friend; if the letter B is found during life ; that he will be rich, and there, he will be powerful, rich, forlive well in old age; that he will be tunate ; beloved by kings and princese. deemed wise, and obtain the favour of If luch a b is found, he will be rich, great persons, but let him beware of religious, and much efteemed. IFC his kinsfolks, who will endnavour to be found he will be general of an arpersuade him to make over his citate my. If D be there, it denotes perfi

diousness men,




Explanation of the Figure. diousness in all the party's actions, and the person will have a large inheritance, eommitting incest. If the letter E be but addicted to venery and the most unfound, or something like it, he will be natural pafsions. If the lecter F, it enriched by women, but hated by his foretelis wisdom, a good memory, parents. If F appears, he will be and the person will understand arts Atatesman, grave, wise, fortunate in and sciences. If Gg, the person will countel, and be loved by his superiors. be given to mirth, keep great comIf G be found, he will be a man of pany, yet be subject to surfeits, and luxury, especially in women, but pre- pains of the head and ftomach. If serve his reputation among his acquaint. such an O, or such a one o, be found

If the letter o, or such a cha- in the mount of the Sun, they denote racter as A be keen, he will be wise honesty, riehes, that the person will be and discreet, have a penetrating judg- an inventor of arts, beloved by women, ment, understand arts and sciences, and will suffer by them, te extremely loved for his merits, be If A a be found in the place of rich, and have trusty friends all his Venus,f, he is unfaithful ; will love life.

poor, beggarly, fiel, and unwhollome If the letter a in any of the lig- women, and will receive dainage from nifications of Mars ŏ , the person will them. If the letter B, the person be hard-hearted, much given to anger will be happy in marrying into a noble and passion, and prove unmerciful. family, by which he will get riches IF Bb be found, he will be rich, be and honour. If C be found there, it loved by princes, and have a great denotes the person to be a fornicator, post in the

army, If C be found, he and will commit lewdness with his will be an expert maller in geometry,

near relations, and at lait marry one 2nd other sciences, yet be a sufierer by whom he knew before. If the letter grief, or a fall from an high place. Dd, he will be an expounder of dreams, If the letter d, he will injure his father, a searcher of hidden secrets, ' will be fplenetic, and aff:cted with aches speak truth, and love travelling. If in his joints. If the letter E appears, the letter E be found, he shall be for. he will be litigious, and suffer much tunate in all things, and receive joy by it, keep company with lewd and and content from persons of quality, vile women, and if he gets a loving If , he will dispatch much business

. If wife, will go near to break her heart. G be found, he will receivę much joy If the letter F be found, the person and good by women. will be crafty, false, a liar, a traitor, If Aa be found in the place of and fuffer much thereby. IfG, he Mercury , fuch persons will be inwill be a thief, and commit' many quisitous, search after secrets, and stue abominable actions,

dy to find the philosopher's stone, and If the letters A a be found in the receive great prejudice thereby ; they place of the Sun O, the person will will be flow of speech, of a perverle be happy; but if they are not perfect, inind, rail against others, and do that then judge the contrary. If the letters to their neighbours which they would

there, they then denote not have done to theinselves. If B the person to be ingenious, to have a is found there, they are merchants, good wit, to be advanced to high sta- fair and honest dealers, and will have tions, and universally beloved. If the great subitance. If C be found, they Jetter C appears, it prognosticates pair, will neglect their own good and welloss of eyes, sudden death, and that fare, be given to sports and games, be the person will do mischief to his fa- learned in the tongues, write well, but ther. If it be like the letters D d, compose false things and perform exthey denote power, riches, and prefer, cellent conclusions by their own in ment. If the letter E, iç shews that deftry. If D be there, they are wise

Bb are

" Za



Answers to Queries. men, doctors in sciences, particularly ty, they love a quiet life, and are easy Astronomy, and Attrology; but if that to believe and trust their acquaintance letter be unhapely, and of an ill co

with secrets. If A a be found there, lour, they are poor, will do great they denote fickness, and that the perthings in youth, be rich after middle fon will consume his paternal inheriage, suffer pain at the stomach, and

Įf Bb, they are fortunate, reli. other parts, and love magic arts. If gious, and love people that are in IE E, they are religious, will be women's $, they are subile, bold, subject to taylors, or stay-makers, or busy them- weak cyes, will have a long and tedious selves in pictures. If I be found, sickness, or be taken off by sudden they are expert and excellent searchers death. If D d be found, they will be into nature, and have great knowledge intermeddlers, have fore eyes, and in philosophy. IfGGg, they are of pain in the ftomach. If Eé' they will good life and understanding, loving lit- be very much addicted to luft. If F, , tle children, little women, &c. they will seek their fortunes, be faith

And they who are of the na- ful, and of good condition. Gg be ture of the moon ), and have this tokens greatness and nobility, but if character X in the quadrangle, will be they are imperfect, they forețel many poor, in youth extremely rich after mid- discaies. dle age, and then be reduced to pover

To be continued
Coba sagor


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Notwithstanding all this, I verily

believe, that they were all once in a BY BEN RÖw.

fluid ftate: and could bring forward IT has been a long contested quer- many refpectable authorities in proof tion, whether there were ftones in the of it; but as I ain afraid of being tao · antediluvian world or not ? ---some prolix, shall content myself with one. ftrenuously supporting one opinion, John Reinhold Forster, F. A. S. some the other.

{ays, in his discourse on mineral boThe first mention we find of stones, dies *, “ All fofiils, minerals, and ineis at the building of Babel, where Mo- tals, are generated by combination : fés informs us, that " Brick had they combination depends upon the attracfor stone, and ilime had they for mor- tion of the discrete parts, or the sepa.

ration of the concrete pares, neither of But to the query. The common proof which can be effected without previous that stones grow is supported by an ob- fluidity," servation that if stones are gathered out of Stones + are undoubtedly masses a ploughed field; in a few years there of earth, which were formerly in a will be so many as there were before ;" soft disialveủ state, and have been inwhich is a very erroneous doctrine, as durated by electrive atiraclion, chry I know by experience.

talization, or evaporation.", Undoubtedly, If you gather all the « An absorbent earth, mixed with stones from off the surface of the land, a few acid and alkaline particles difit muit cause the plough to enter folved together in water, and afterdeeper into the earth, and lay hold of wards evaporated by a gentle degree of those stoncs, which before it did not heat, might forın calcarcous stones.” touch; but if you weigh a stone, and “ The difference in stones arises from bury it seven years, it will be the exact weight to a grain as before,

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