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CORRESPONDENTS, &c. tre hope our valuable Correspondent B. will not take objection at finding his answer to our firrt Query in No. 3, in this place. Solicitous to oblige every one, and tenacious of uniformity, which will not admit of two answers to any one question, we find ourselves under the necessity of placing it here.

Answer to Query 1, in No. 3, p. 98, proposed by Peter Puzzle. “ The Magical Authors tell us, that the reaton why a lion funs a cock is, that this bird possesses a stronger folar virtue: dividing the folar virtues into heat and light, the reason is truc, for he possesses much more of the latt, and this is proved by the lion's Shunning more particularly a wbile cock.

You will observe the power of antipathy in this case, how deeply grounded in nature is the science of AUGURY, and how truly instinct acts.

The Lion ever seals upon his prey--he will not be seen before he makes his attack, and accomplishes his purpose by a spring. Hence, he has a natural antipathy to a cock, who naturally watches and announces the first dawn of light; and especially to a white cock, whofe garb also tends to betray the first approach of light.

I will just obferve, that this disposition for secret advance is kept in view in Scripture, as an attribute of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah--" He shall come as a THIEF in the night."

We have no objection to the terms upon which Q. P. proposes to procure us some original articles upon Spirits ; but we hope he is serious, and mean not to impose upon the public. In articles of this kind, we must be satisfied by some respectable authority, living or dead, of their veracity.

Conjectural Opinions of the Ancients upon the State of Departed Spirits is received, as also the Letter upon Somnabulism, or Night-walking; both shall be inserted as soon as possible.

The Letter from Lime-street, dated at midnight, has not been overlooked. His ob. jection may be removed without expence, and his Query thall be inserted next month ; his future correspondence is requeited.

The anonymous Letter, containing the objection to our last article upon Dice, will produce a correction in a future Number. Wc have not forgotten our old friend W. D. his paper only waits its turn among our other numerous arrears.

Intended for insertion. The nativity of Valentine Naibod, and R. H.'s Horary Question, both with schemes; Mr. Fowkes's Le:ter 'from Hinkley; Mr. Williain Don's Letter upon the planetary influence in the moment of imbrication, must be elucidated by a scheme; an abitract from Gadbury's Astrological Seaman, and the Chapter on Election of Times, by Mr. W-, of Bunhill-row, are foremost for the press.

Mr. J. B. of Portland-road, has our thanks for his kind attention in forwarding his extract from Ramsay, on Elections, as applicable to the Lottery.

Objectionable, Galthureus; and the MS. of 16 pages 4to, which is against us, is returnable,

Besides our successful correspondents, we have been favoured with answers from Domus
Scientia, L. M. Nauticus, P. O. J. S. Gandeli, R. Davenport, W.H-y, T, H-f-,
J.J. Oxon, P. P. Fitzroy, and Noviscious, who all agree upon the general terms of the
feveral subje&ts of our Querift.

To our several Correspondents, who thinking themselves neglected, desire reasons to be assigned for the omiffion of their Letters ; we antwer, that, they may be assured whate ever is sent us will be carefully preserved, examined with attention and candour, and inserted if proper ; but we request they will have patience ; for to enumerate the various pieces we receive, would occupy more room tran the page we allot for such acknow- ledgments can furnith.

Our numerous Subscribers are respectfully informed, that proper directions wi!! hereafter be given for placing the Engravings given with this Magazine: as they will chietly belong Lavater's celebrated Work, it inay not be amiss to remind them, that by this means they will become poffeffed of a moá superb Edition of that Author, at a very easy and cheap rate.

Mr. R. Davenport, at Mr. Ruff's, apothecary in Stanhope-ftreet, Clare-market; and Mr. H. Lemoine, No. 12, New-square, Minories, both return thanks for the Instrumenrs presented them as the reward of their ingenuity.

Ben Row is the fuccetsful correspondent this inonth.

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According to Coley's Opinion.

(Continued from Page 109.)

CONCERNING the space of life, then you must take the ascendant for the opinion of Ptolomy is this. The giver of life. Apheta, or Significators of Life are five, In a nocturnal nativity, the Moon and those are the Sun, the Moon, the claims the firit place among those

quaAseendant, Part of Fortune, and that lified to be giver of life; but if she planet who hath moft dignities in the should be in the 8th or 12th, or under place of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the earth, and the Sun should be those and Part of Fortune in the celer- five and twenty degrees next succeedtial figure, and in the place of the ing the ascendant, and in the morning conjunction or opposition of the lumi- Crepusculum, he shall be chosen: but naries preceding the nativity, in which if the Sun should not be fo qualified, this order is to be observed.

then see what planet is and hath most Partridge observes, In a diurnal na- dignities in the before-mentioned tivity, to see if the Sụn is in an aphe- places, and in an aphetical place also; tical place, and fit to give and deter- but if none are so found, then take the mine life ; which places are the mid. part of Fortune, if in an aphetical heaven, the 11th house, the ift, the place; but if they all happen to be gth, and 7th ; any house above the unqualified, then take the horoscope earth, except the 8th and 12th, but if. for the giver of life. he should be in either of the two latter, If a new moon precede the nativity, see if the Moon be in an aphetical place, prefer the Ascendant for Hileg; but if if so, the Moon is to be accepted. a full moon precede, then take the part But if neither of the luminaries should of Fortune, if in an aphetical place. be so qualified, then take that planet Carefully observe, if there be not who hath most dignities in the before

the before- two or three planets in aphetical places, mentioned places, and in an aphetical as the fun, moon, and lords of those place also; but if there is none suche places, then you are to take that star


S 2


Events predi&ted from the Moon's Age. which is most powerful, as well in ef- the apheta likewise, that is when the sential dignities as in position; but of apheta comes to his own square, it kills. the sun and inoon choose that which is The apheta being placed between the Itrongest ; for example : let the moon mid-heaven and the Seventh house, be in her own dignities in the mid- there is only one anareta, and that is, heaven, and the fun peregrine in the the cusp of the seventh, and the bodies 7th or 9th, although the nativity be and rays of the malefics falling between diurnal, the moon is to be preferred. the apheta and the degree of the seventh But the lords of those places being do not kill, but the rays of the benestronger, are, in the opinion of Ptole- fics and malefics being adjusted, they my, to be prefixed before the lumina- either take from or add to the number ries, especially when they shall be bet- of years before demonitrated by the ter placed, and in their own digrities. apheta's direction to the degree of the

Tie anaretas, abfciffors, and de- seventh house; and indeed this direc. stroyers of life, according to Ptolemy's tion is no other than the afcendant to opinion, are the antiicions, the body, the opposite place of the apheta; all {quare and ppposition of Saturn and which shall be further explained and Mars, their fextile rays in figns of long illuftrated hereafter, from Gadbury's and trines in figuis of short ascension, Collectis Geniturarum, both which have the strength of a {quare. The square or quadrat ray of

(To be continued.)



grows fast.

Moon's Age.

9th Day.--Dream turn out good ist Day.-The dream true, and next day. event satisfying. The child born long 10th Day.-Dream foon effected, lived.

Sickness, perilous, Child long-lived. 2d Day.--Dream unprofitable. For o being Alchochodon. tunate for uncommon searches. Child nith Day.--Here rules Babiel, ene

my to Dreams. Dreain of no effect. 3d Day --Dream good. Child for- Child afflicted in travelling. We may tunate with princes.

presume irreligious too. 4th Day.-- Unhappy, perilous, fall- 12th Day.--Dream good and effecting sick. Dream not effected. Good ed. Child ingenious and long-lived. to be quiet and at rest.

13th Day. Dream true.

Child 5th Day:- Good to begin a good zealot and foolish. work, or build on water.

A good

14th Day...Dream suspense. Child dream will be effected, a bad not. born extraordinary genius. His geChild proves a traitor.

nius is under Catfiel in Uriel's hierarh Day.--The fugitive shall be re- chy,

Dream suspended. Child 15th Day. --Sickness mortal. Dream d.

true. ! Fortune indifferent. Child Sickness, foon well. The like l.

be kept secret. Child 16th Day.--Dream effected. Child -roabled.

long lived.

falchocodon. Child 17th Day.--If Saturday very unfor.


eam certain

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tunate. Dream not effected for three 23d Day.-Day fortunate. Dream days. Child unhappy.

false. Child deformed, but ingenious. 18th Day.-Dream certain. Child 24th Day. Dream unaffected. through much labour and travel come' Child soft tempered, and voluptuous. to high dignity.

25th Day. Unfortunate Dream, 19th Day.-Hiel rules. Day dan. Adversity for the child. gerous. Dream ill. Child mischie- 26th Day.-Dream certain. Child vous, and

when adult rich and honoured. 20th Day.-Dream true. Child as 27th.Day.-Prevalent for Dream before, a cheat.

and Child. 21f Day.-Day good. Dream un- 28th Day.-Sick, die. Dream bad. profitable.' Child corpulent, strong, a Spirits troubled with religious whims. cheat.

The child will die young, and if it live 22d Day.-Geliel rules. Dream past five months, prove a zealot or true. Child good, docile, long-lived.


a thief

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THRASYLLUS, a mathematician, be their pleasure concerning your's ? was in the retinue of Tiberius, when Upon which the Astrologer presently the latter lived in exile at Rhodes; and erected a icheme, and having considernotwithstanding the very unpromising ed the situation of the liars, changed aspect of his affairs, Caius and Lu- countenance, and with unaffected percius, who stood in his way to turbation exclaimed, My fituation is hathe throne of the Cæsars, being till zardous, and my end not far diftant. alive; yet would the astrologer be con- Whereupon Tiberius embracirg nim, tinually flattering him with hopes of faid, Till now, hrafyllus, I had regardfucceeding to the empire. Tiberius put- ed your predictions as an imposition, ting so faith in the prediction, which he and had intended your death as a pususpected to be a contrivance of his ene- nishment for your deception. Not mies to betray him into some treasona. ' long afterwards the fame Thrafyllus, ble measures, that might affect his life, walking with Tiberius on the beach, determined to make away with the for- discovered a 'hip under fail at a considea tune teller privily. The house he lie rable distance. That vessel, said the ved in was washed by the sea, over Astrologer, has failed from Rome, with which projected a tower, whence he messengers from Auguftus, and letters resolved to cast him headlong, with permitting your return; which the the assistance of a trusty and vigorous event verified. servant, whom he had made privy to his design. On the day appointed for In the latter part of the 13th centu. the execution of his purpose, having ry, there lived in Scotland a man nasummoned Thrafyllus to attend him in med Thomas Lermouih, who was conthe tower, I charge you, said Tiberius, fidered as a prodigy, for the gift of by all that you hold dear, fay whether foretelling future events. He had forethat be true which you have so confi- told many ages before it happened, the dently affirmed to me concerning the union of England and Scotland, in the empire. What I have affirmed, replied ninth degree of Bruce's blood, with Thrafyllus, is by the stars ordained to the succession of Bruce himself to the happen, and my prediction will soon crown, being yet a chid. The day be accomplished. If, said Tiberius, before the death of King Alexander, the stars reveal my destiny, what may he told the Earl of March, that before


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the next day at noon, such a tempest ed Lermouth, and soon after arrived a should blow, as Scotland had not felt messenger with news of the King's many years before.

The next morn

sudden death. - This, cried the seer, is ing proving clear and serene, the Earl the tempest I foresaw: and such inrallied Thomas with the fallacy of his deed it eventually proved. prediction ; Noon is not yet paft, repli.

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(Continued from Page So.) BEFORE any person venture to

The first Septinary of Aphorisms, use the agency of spirits, he ought to secure first himself Let him take care to make himself a master, with an Whosoever would know fecrets, let unshakcable capital, and be capable him know how to keep secret things of executing every branch of the busi- fecretly; and to reveal thofe things ness himself before he takes a partner; that are to be revealed, and to seal atherwise he will be either cheated or those things that are to be fealed : and abused, or, at leat, disappointed of “ not to give holy things to dogs, nor benefit. I say partnership, for no spi- to cast pearls before swine.”. Observe sits will act effectually as slaves, though this law, and the eyes of thy underif not fully prepared they may be ap- standing fall be opened, to underitand prentices, and under absolute coin- secret things; and thou shalt have mand and correction.

whatsoever thy mind desireth to be Having premised this to prevent any divinely revealed unto thee. Thou one's con mencing fludy with the mise- fhalt have also the angels and spirits of rable view of being always indebted to


prompt and ready in their nature others for help, instead of making it a to minister unto thee, as much as vehicle to arrive at mastery, and be any human mind can desire. affociated as a matter with masters; I shall refer them for detailed principia, or leading principles of spiritual in- In all things call upon the name of struction, to the Aphorisms in the first the Lord: and without prayer unto tome of orbatel of Magic.

God through his only begotten Son de not thou undertake to do or think any

thing. And use the spirits given and ON MAGIC,

attributed unto thee, as ministers, with

out rafhness and presumption, as the IN the name of the Creator of all messengers of God; having a due rethings both visible and invisible, who verorce towards the 'Lord of spirits. revealeth his mysteries out of his trea- And the remainder of thy life do thou fures to them that call upon him; and accomplish, demeaning thyself peace. fatherly and mercifully bestowethable, to the honor of God, and the those his secrets upon us withcut mea- profit of thyself and thy neighbour. fure. 'May he grant unto us, through his only begoten fon Jesus Christ our Lord, his ministering spirits the re- Live to thyself and the Muses : vealers of his secrets, that we may avoid the friendship of the multitude: write this book of Arbatel, concerning be thou covetous of time, beneficial to the greatest secrets which are lawful all men. Use thy gifts, be vigilant for man

to know, and to use them in thy calling; and let the word of without offence unto God. Amen. God never depart from thy mouth.







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