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SOLUTION TO QUERY II. Scacco Talagliacozza, in his treatise Di

Meschalzia, makes the breaking of a

bone in a horse's leg the subject of a Take three bits of lead and hang to whole chapter, and delivers the methods the ends of three horle-hairs, and to the of cure : which is also described by end of one of the hairs make a double Signor Carlo Ruini, in the fixteenth loop which may hang on each side of chapter of the sixth book : and 'tis evithe fulerum of the ballance; and to the tiro

dent they were both of opinion, that ends of the beam tie the other two hairs, the broken bones of a horie might be into the loops where the scales should

re-united and consolidated.- I have inhang; draw a line horizontally against ferted this paragraph ncarly verbatim the wainscot, and hold up the beam from the second volume of the Dictionaabove the line, and the three hairs will rium Ruiticum, as tending to elucidate hang exactly perpendicular and parallel the subject. It cannot therefore, if it to each other; then with your pen really was imposible (which it is clearly make a dot exactly behind each hair, proved not to be) arite from the ablence or stick a pin as it were through each in of the medullary lubitance, since the the ho:izontal line : then if your three dots Auidity of it is the common objection ; are equidistant from each other (tried it is therefore molt probabie that the by a pair of compasses) your beam is juft, difficulty of the clie makes to tew peo. otherwise not.

ple try, that it is generally reckoned N. B. One of the arms lengthened imposible. half as much more--One pound will weigh ten. Lengthened one quarter,

QUERIES, one pound will weigh five.

UPON OCCULT QUALIT176. quarter, one pound will weigh two and a half.

Half a




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What reason can be assigned for

the fear the lion is said to betray at the The difference between the sum and sight of a cock? difference of any two numbers, will always be double the least number.


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Why do briony, hops and wood.

bine, observe a method of motion in BY R. DAVENPORT.

their growth, turning themselves west It is a common opinion, that the by south, and if rooted against an eredt bones of a horse when broken can ne

north wall full of holes, will find a ver be set, and he is then given over way through them to approach the sun for loft: the reason alledged is, that the medullary substance is liquid ; it appears however, by experiments, that

QUERY III. a horse, and even a mule, can be cured

BY by the same means that are used for What is the cause of a more sensible men ; though it must be acknowledged degree of cold being felt at the rising what the situation of a horse's parts ren- and setting of the sun, than at any der it extremely difficult. Fillippo other period;



N. B. D. R.

Jatrodu&tion to Pa’mistry.



It is found by experience, that the What is the reason that the parts of emetic quality of some vegetables is vinegar which come off in distillation, abated by boiling, while their distilled are specifically heavier than those which water has no emetic quality at all ; 2 remain in the still?

initanced by ipecuhana. Whence the eausc?

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very scarce.


esteemed work upon Chiromancy and

Palmistry, the latter of which subjects Qui manu mnium hominum signa y fuit, ut he abridged and published in a small occognofcerent opera ejus finguli.

tavo volume, a work which is now

Job. xxxvii. 7. HOMER, the greatest poet and di- Partridge, the famous almanack maker vine of the Greeks, according to and astrologer, at the beginning of the Blackwell, wrote a complete treatise present century presented the world upon the lines of the hand, but unfor- with a judicious abridgment of what tunately this curiosity, like many others, every preceding writer had observed has not reached our hands, having been upon this head. His book, which is destroyed by the injuries of time. A

very rare, and seldom found upon sale, modern theorist has lately advanced the will form the basis of what we shall doctrine of physiognomy, and shewn hereafter detail upon this science, and it's indicative direction of the passionate of which, this must be considered but affections of the mind with clearness as the prelude. Some MS. papers that and precision. But the ancient science were left by the late Mr. W. Salmon, and of manual divination, according to true which are now before us, will enable astral in Auence, has long Numbered us to make some new and judicious obamongit the lumber of neglected volumes, fervations upon Palmistry, which even elteemed by many inore curious than the feverest critic mult allow to be useful.

founded in reason. Early in the fixteenth century, Though this science has been much learned F ench jesuit published a Latin and long abused by a set of dulky imtreatise on this subject, but it was too postors called Gipsies, who have made much tinctured with the superstitions of it a pretext to pick the pockets of the his communion to prevail beyond the unwary, we can aver there are many pale of a Romifh faith. The seventeenth sound arguments adduced in the works century, which may with propriety be of the foreign learned world in support deemed the age of wonders, saw some of the more than shadow of truth of geniuses rise which have not been since this science. The Greeks, who bor, equalled in learning and industry. Dr. rowed all their knowledge from the Rothman composed a compleat piece Egyptians, and the Romans who reupon this art in Latin, which has since ceived their's at their hands, have left been translated by George Wharton, various writings, in which it is very and is usually found at the end of his plain that Palmistry was in high repute works. About the same time the among their priests and augurs. Learned Dr. Saunders produced his

To 502066


N 2


The Planets, and Signs of the Zodiat.


To know by figns to judge the turns of fate, 1 The table line, or line of fortune. Is greater than to fill the feats or late;

2 The middle natural line. The ruling tiars ab' ve bi secret laws,

3 The line of life, or of the heart. Determine fortune in her seco d caufe; These are a book wherein we all may read,

4 The line of the liver or stomach. And all should know who wish here to fucceed; 5 The filter-line of the line of life. What corre'pondent figns in man display, 6 The percussion of the hand. His future act:ons--print his devious way,

7 The wrist.

Of these lines four only E’en in his hand a leffon he may leain,

are principal. The present, paft anfuture to difcern, Correct his steps, improve the hours of life, And, thunning erior, live devoid of trife. It is absolutely necessary to know and M. Manlius in his Pretace to Hug Cæsar. diftinguish these lines from each other,

and before we come to an explanation

thereof, we shall give a description of CHAPTER

the hand.

Anatomists divide the hand into PALMISTRY, or, as some call it, three parts, viz. the wrist, the body of Chiromancy, (the first being derived the hand, and the fingers: but in from the Latin, and the last from the palmistry, the first of these three parts is Greek) is the art of knowing the dispo- called the palm, or plain of Mars; the fition, inclination, temper, good and second is called the hollow of the hand, bad fortune, &c. of any person by the which extends from the extremity of the lines or signatures of the hands. other side of the thumb towards the lite

To render this art more plain and tle finger, which in palmistry is called intelligible, the reader muft necessarily the mount of the hand, or of the moon; know, that as there are seven planets, or the third is the five fingers, noted by wandering stars, which have great in their names thus : viz. Pollex, Index, fluence over all sublunary bodies in ge- Medius, Annularis, Auricularis. The neral, fo likewise they have their mate- Pollex or thumb, being the first, greatrial and fignificant position in the hands eít, and strongeft, is dedicated to Venus, of every person. Thele planets are and marked thus, f; the next is called characterized, or marked thus, viz. Index or fore-finger, because we gene

rally make use of it when we point at Saturn h

q 오

any thing, and this finger is attributed Jupiter 24 Mercury 8

to Jupiter, with this character, 24; the Mars

Luna > Medius, or middle-finger, is so called, Sol

because it is placed in the middle of the The reader must also know that rest, and is dedicated to Saturn, and there are twelve cæleftial or heavenly has this mark h; the Arnularis, or figns in the Zodiac, the knowledge of ring-finger, is so called, because a ring which will be absolutely neceffary to- is generally worn upon it, and is dediwards the attaining this art, viz. cated to the Sun, with this mark O;

the Auricularis, which we call the litAries P Libra

tle-finger, had this name given to it by Taurus ४ Scorpio in the Romans, because it is generally used Gemini

Sagittarius in picking the ears, and is attributed to Cancer

Capricorn vf Mercury, with this characteristic . Leo S Aquarius

Now every one of these fingers have Virgo my Piices * certain risings at their roots and bases,

which in palmistry are called Mounts, There are also seven lines or parts of and attributed to the planets ; to which the hand, which is the principal part as is added that visible flesh which is, and ww.palmistry, viz.

belongs to the perculion of the hand.



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The four principal fingershave twelve love ; that of Jupiter, honours ; that joints or ligaments, to which are attri- of Saturn, misfortunes ; that of Merbuted the twelve signs of the Zodiac, cury, arts and sciences ; that of the Sun, as may be seen in the following figure. riches ; that of Mars, military atchieve

We must observe, that every mount ments; and that of Luna, or the moon, fignifics and denotes something of spe- afflictions and diseases of the mind. cial consideration; as that of Venus,


Wherein is represented the Planets, Signs of the Zodiac, Lines, Monats, Roots, &c.

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Principal Lines of the Hand.

7. Linea Epidemica feu Peftifera, the CEDING FIGURE.

epidemical or pestiferous line,

because sometiines it denotes Here visibly appears the general divi

death by the pellilence, or a fion of the hand, according to art, and

contagious disease. also the proper names of the

8. there.

Thoralis Testiculorum, feu

parts of, from the roots of the fingers to the

Spermatica, as having the line which divides the wrist and the

fignification of the tefticles, arm. The Tuberculum is a term ap

feed, and instruments of gepropriated to the mounts, being placed

neration. under the roots of the fingers, and is that part which is higher than the

Secondly, the several denominations mount. It is sometimes found towards of the linea media naturalis, or the one finger, sometimes between the fini- middle natural line. gers, and sometimes in the middle of the mount.

The back of the hand is 1. Linea Cerebri, the line of the brain. the opposite part of the palm, and the 2. - Capitis feu Cephalica, the back of the fingers are to be understood

line of the head. in the same manner. The Quadrangle 3.

Vivifica, fignifying activity of the table, and the space between the

and vivification natural and vital line called the triangle, 4. - Profperitatis, the line of profare here plainly demonitrated.

perity. I observed before, that the principal 5. - Sinistra Triangula, the line lines of the hand are but four in num

conftituting the left angle. ber, and as they are the grounds of

prediction or fore-knowledge ; fo by reason

Thirdly, the linea vitalis, or line of of the diversity of their signification, au- life, has these appellations. thors have given divers appellations to them, viz.

1. Linea Cordis or Cardiaca, the cor1. Linea Mensalis, the table line, be

dial line, or line of the heart. cause from one part

it C01

- Temporalis, the Temporal, stitutes the table of the palm.

or line of time. 2. Fornnæ, the line of fortune, 3. Dextræ trianguli supreme, the as having the most general

live of the right and supreme fignification of geod and evil

accidents, in respect to
temporal estate.

Fourthly, the line of the liver has . Neceffaria, the necessary line, these appellations :

because it is chiefly concerned
in the opening and exercising 1. Linea Hepatis feu Hepacica, the
of the hands, and fingers.

line of the liver, shewing the Martis, the line of Mars, be

conftitution of it. cause it denotes evil, enyy,

2. Stomachi, the line of the treachery, &c.

ftomach. 5.

Basis Trianguli, the basis of Veficalis, seu Renalis, the 3. line of the bladder or reins,

the triangle, for this line bebecause it demonstrates the

ing joined to the other bepains and diseases belonging

fore, constitutes a triangle in to those parts.

the hand, and this is the Generativa, the line of ge

foundation of it.
neration, because it has the
sign of the power of genera-

(To be continued.



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