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When I was yet a child, we childish play

to me was,

pleasing; all my mind was safe Trims & learn & knew thence to do

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"It is the that passion plucks my, nor calls upon Arethuse & Minciris, nor Santys with clover heel. But poetry does this





18,Gracechurch Street



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one by nature Flow & reluctant to write Jenino w such they me delen; no rest, no care of the

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and I and making for, & round of, and is welle, Amen

reat period of my studi

Fette 23/4 1637

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What besides God has inated besied

know not, but thes at last. He is instilled into re

I at all events a rehemment love

the beautiful

with so mich labour an

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have sought her dans to Proserpone, as dan word

night & day to niche for this role of

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things (for many are the


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to that man I attack



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with by a real necessity wherever I find him. And either by nature or by falt I and do circumstanced the I can sor by no effect & labour opening on honous & elevation, yet that I and always wowshop & look up to those who have attained that flo or happity aspire to it, auther food nor men, I think have bidder


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You ask me what I and

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what am

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I am

Muming any wishe

meditating flight; but as yet our
raises himself

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no be lowly wish

th Reason of Church Government 1641

"The Church to where service, by the intention of my


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4. friend, I was destined of a child, in

I'll com coming.

If some mativity of years perceiving what tyranny had invaded in кучать had mivaded in the church that the who we taken orders must subscribe slave stake an oath withart, which unless he took with a conscience that we retch, le must either straight perjure or oplite his fleuth. I thought it better to prefer a blamelesstiline b To fire the sacred office of speaking, bought & began with servitude & for swearing 1642 Androgy for Smecty

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And long it was not aftle when I was confirmed in this opinion that he who wit not be frustrate off has hope to write well hereafter in bendable thigh ought himself to be a time poem that is a compeition 3fatter end of the best & honourable at things, not & sing high praise of heroic mind of

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famous cities unless he have in himself the experie, ve 4 the practis of all that wh. is praiseworthy

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mindjave me my Spirit without that outler, ought to be bo a mer need to expect the gilt for or the comm as word upon his thoulder & ster him of his counsel & his arm to secure & pryter weakness of any attempted chastit



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