The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal, Band 14

Pub. for the proprietor, 1851

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Seite 122 - The glorious company of the Apostles, The goodly fellowship of the Prophets, The noble army of Martyrs praise thee.
Seite 276 - We brake down 1000 Pictures superstitious; I brake down 200; 3 of God the Father, and 3 of Christ, and the Holy Lamb, and 3 of the Holy Ghost like a Dove with Wings; and the 12 Apostles were carved in Wood, on the top of the Roof, which we gave orders to take down; and the Sun and the Moon in the East Window, by the King's Arms, to be taken down.
Seite 273 - ... of the houses on such main are not supplied with pipes, cocks, cisterns, machinery, and arrangements of all kinds for the reception and distribution of water, constructed according to the regulations prescribed by the special Act or by this Act, or which any company, with the approval of the Board of Trade, may from time to time make in that behalf; and after any such requisition as aforesaid shall...
Seite 51 - Yard, was an upright engine of two feet stroke; and in order to have facilities for comparative trials and experiments, it was necessary that a double engine should be made, the two parts exactly corresponding. Two bars of soft iron, six inches...
Seite 249 - ... months the like powers, rights, and privileges as might have been conferred upon him by letters patent for such invention, issued under this Act, and duly sealed as of the day of the date of such application ; and during the continuance of such powers, rights and privileges under this provision, such invention may be used and published without prejudice to any letters patent to be granted for the same ; and where letters patent are granted in respect of such invention, then in...
Seite 36 - The Annual General Meeting for the Election of the President, Vice-Presidents, and other Members of Council, for the ensuing year, and for receiving the Annual Report of the retiring Council, was held on this evening. The Report was rather more explicit than usual ; and, whilst congratulating the members on the increased attendance at the meetings, the high value of the original communications, and the practical character of the discussions which ensued on their being read, it urged the necessity...
Seite 265 - To counteract this, we have, or may be conceived to have, the tenacity of as many longitudinal bars as there are lineal units in the circumference of the cylinder. The united strength of these bars constitutes the total retaining or quiescent force, and at the moment when rupture is about to take place, the divellent and the quiescent forces must obviously be equal.
Seite 217 - The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tyre, -skilful to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and in timber, in purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson; -Also to grave any manner of graving, and to find out every device which shall be put to him, with thy cunning men, and with the cunning men of my lord David thy father.
Seite 164 - ... in consequence of the green generated by the red surface, adding itself to the green of the juxtaposed surface, thus increasing its intensity, the green, in its turn, augmenting the beauty of the red. This effect can easily be appreciated if two other pieces of paper of the same colors are placed at a short distance from the corresponding influenced ones, as below : — Red.
Seite 52 - ... in other ways to establish a certainty of action, so that the engines may be managed by persons not thoroughly skilled in the subjects of electricity and magnetism. It remains yet also to be proved whether the power will increase in proportion to the size of the engines. This principle seems to be strongly indicated by past experiments, but yet it cannot be established by calculation or process of reasoning. Experiment upon an extensive scale can alone determine this point. A part of the work...

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