A Manual of Sugar Analysis: Including the Applications in General of Analytical Methods to the Sugar Industry. With an Introduction on the Chemistry of Cane-sugar, Dextrose, Levulose, and Milk-sugar

D. Van Nostrand, 1881 - 353 Seiten

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Seite 357 - Qualitative Chemical Analysis. A Guide in the Practical Study of Chemistry and In the work of Analysis.
Seite 356 - Legal Chemistry. A Guide to the Detection of Poisons, Falsification of Writings, Adulteration of Alimentary and Pharmaceutical Substances, Analysis of Ashes, and Examination of Hair, Coins, Arms and Stains, as applied to Chemical Jurisprudence, for the use of Chemists, Physicians, Lawyers, Pharmacists and Experts. Translated, with additions, including a list of books and memoirs on Toxicology, etc., from the French, by JP Battershall, Ph.D., with a Preface by CF Chandler, Ph.D., MD, LL.D.
Seite 357 - Prof. AA Manual of Introductory Chemical Practice. For the use of Students in Colleges and Normal and High Schools. Third edition, revised and corrected. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. New and enlarged edition $1.50 CAMPIN, FRANCIS.
Seite 100 - A body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up with a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.

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