Streifzüge durch die mittelenglische Syntax unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Sprache Chaucer's

H. Schöningh, 1887 - 296 Seiten

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Seite 83 - I seye this, be ye redy with good herte To al my lust, and that I frely may, As me best thynketh, do yow laughe or smerte, And nevere ye to grucche it nyght ne day, And eek whan I sey ye, ne sey nat nay, Neither by word, ne frownyng contenance?
Seite 239 - But syn I se ther is no bettre way, And that to late is now for me to rewe, To Diomede algate I wol be trewe.
Seite 154 - Thow oon, and two, and thre, eterne on lyve, That regnest ay in thre, and two, and oon, Uncircumscript, and al maist circumscrive, Us from visible and invisible foon Defende, and to thy mercy, everichon, So make us, Jesus, for thi mercy digne, For love of mayde and moder thyn benigne.
Seite 75 - Uppon an amblere esely sche sat, Wymplid ful wel, and on hire heed an hat As brood as is a bocler, or a targe ; A footrmantel aboute hire hupes large, And on hire feet a paire of spores scharpe.
Seite 178 - In felawshipe, and pilgrims were they alle, That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde; The chambres and the stables weren wyde, And wel we weren esed atte beste.
Seite 247 - Ye han me cast; and I ne kan nor may, For al this world, withinne myn herte fynde To unloven yow a quarter of a day! In corsed tyme I born was, weilaway, That yow, that doon me al this wo endure, Yet love I best of any creature!
Seite 83 - As to my lady right and chief resort, With al my wit and al my diligence, And I to han, right as yow list, comfort, Under...
Seite 114 - My righte lady,' quod this woful man, 'Whom I most drede and love as I best can, And lothest were of al this world displese, Nere it that I for yow have...
Seite 258 - A dong cart went as it were to donge lond, That was arrayed in the same wise As ye han herd the deede man devise ; And with an hardy hert he gan to crie Vengeaunce and justice of this felonye. ' My felaw mordrid is this same night, And in this carte he lith heer upright. I crye out on the ministres...
Seite 44 - Cryseyde, writes : — 0 moral Gower, this boke I directe To the, and to the philosophical Strode, To vouchensauf, ther nede is, to correcte, Of youre bénignités and zeles goode.

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