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gress establishes the Departments of the Govern ment- The President fills them-He visits New. England-His Reception-Addresses to him-His Answers--Negotiations with the Indians—Treaty with the Creeks—War with the Wabash and Miamis Tribes--General Harmar's Expedition---St. Clair defeated-General Wayne victorious and makes a Treaty with them-Second Session of Congress-Fiscal Arrangements of the Secretary of the Treasury-Indisposition of the President-He visits Mount Vernon-Meets Congress at Philadel. phia-His Tour to the Southern States-Second Congress, The President refuses his Signature to the Representative Bill--Contemplates retiring to Private Life-Consents to be a Candidate for the Second Presidency · · · · · · · · · 87


General WASHINGTON re-elected President-State of

Parties–Division in the Cabinet—The President endeavours to promote union-Influence of the French Revolution—Measures to secure the Neutrality of the United States in the War between France and England-Mr. Genet's illegal practices --He insults the Government–The Executive restricts him-He appeals to the People--They support the Administration–The President determines to arrest Genet-H) is recalled--Negotia. tion with Britain--Insurrection in Pennsylvania -Dernocratick Societies–British Treaty-Com. munication between the French Executive and the Legislature of the United States—The Praci. dent refuses to the House of Representatives the Papers respecting Diplomatick transactions-His interpositions in favour of the Marquis La Fayetie -Takes the Son of the Marquis under his Protec. tion and Patronage · · · · · · · · 1:5


The President calumniated–His Letter to Mr. Jefferson-Statement of the Secretary of the TreasuryThe French Directory's attempt to control the American Government Review of the transactions with France- The President declares his resolution to retire from Publick Life-Meets Congress for the last time-Describes the Letters that had been forged-Attends the Inauguration of Mr. AdamsRetires to Mount Vernon-Threatening attitude of France-General Washington appointed Commander in Chief of the American Forces—His opi. nion of Publick measures-His indisposition and Death Conclusion ...

... 166

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