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WHEN a can contest the point by dint of equipage, and carry all on floundering before him with half-a-dozen lacqueys and a couple of cooks' ’tis very well in such a place as Paris, — he may drive in at which end of a street he will.

A poor prince, who is weak in cavalry and whose whole infantry does not exceed a single man, had best quit the field and signalise himself in the cabinet, if he can get up into it,--I say up into itfor there is no descending perpendicularly amongst 'em with a “Me voici, mes enfans," - here I am, - whatever many may think.

I own, my first sensations, as soon as I was left solitary and alone in my own chamber in the hotel, were far from being so flattering as I had prefigured them. I walked up gravely to the window in my dusty black coat, and, looking through the glass, saw all the world in yellow, blue and green, running at the ring of leasure. The old with broken lances, and in helmets which had lost their vizards ;-the young,

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