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or in Chief on the Subject-Expedition against the
Indians under General Sullivan-He destroys their
Towns—The American Army posted for the de.
fence of the High Lands on the North River, and
for the protection of the Coantry against the incur.
sions of the British--Sir Henry Clinton moves up
the Hudson, takes possession of Stony and Verplank
Points, and fortifies them-Arrangements made for
Assaulting these posts General Wayne carries
Stony Point by Storm-The Attact upon Verplank
fails Congress vote their thanks to General Wash
INGTON and to the brave Troops employed in this
service—They vote General Wayne a Medal-
Evils short Enlistments Plan of the General's to
remedy them-The Army in two Divisions erect huts
for winter quarters, one near West Point, and the oth-
er at Morristown in New-Jersey—The troops suffer
through the scarcity of Provisions-Colonel Wads-
worth resigns his Office-Confusion in the Commis
bary's department_The Commander in Chief is ne
cessitated to apportion supplies of Meat and Flour
upon the Counties of New-Jersey—The winter ex
cessively cold, and the waters around New-York
frozen over ; but the Commander in Chief is too
weak to avail himself of this opportunity to Assail
the British Posts Expedition to Staten Island


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