The Commonwealth Law Reports: Cases Determined in the High Court of Australia, Band 5

Law Book Company of Australasia Limited, 1908

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Seite 452 - Date aforesaid to make, ordain and establish within the Land and Territory so admitted as aforesaid all such Laws, Institutions and Ordinances and to constitute such Courts and Officers as may be necessary for the Peace, Order and good Government of Her Majesty's Subjects and others therein...
Seite 876 - Settlement" shall for the purposes of this section include any conveyance or transfer of property. 48. (1.) Every conveyance or transfer of property, or charge thereon made, every payment made, every obligation incurred, and every judicial proceeding taken or suffered by any person unable to pay his debts as they become due from his own money...
Seite 483 - Any fireplace or furnace which does not as far as practicable consume the smoke arising from the combustible used therein, and which is used for working engines by steam, or in any mill, factory, dyehouse, brewery, bakehouse, or gaswork, or in any manufacturing or trade process whatsoever; and Any chimney (not being the chimney of a private dwelling-house) sending forth black smoke in such quantity as to be a nuisance...
Seite 53 - But an objection that the Judge has erroneously found a fact which, though essential to the validity of his order, he was competent to try, assumes that, having general jurisdiction over the subjectmatter, he properly entered upon the inquiry, but miscarried in the course of it. The superior Court cannot quash an adjudication upon such an objection without assuming the functions of a Court of Appeal, and the power to re-try a question which the Judge was competent to decide.
Seite 741 - This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the Courts, Judges, and people of every State, and of every part of the Commonwealth...
Seite 211 - At the next general election of members of the House of Representatives, or at the next election of senators for the State, whichever first happens, a successor shall, if the term has not then expired, be chosen to hold the place from the date of his election until the expiration of the term.
Seite 828 - Now, the law in question is nothing more than an exercise of the power, which every State and sovereignty possesses, of regulating the manner and terms upon which property, real or personal, within its dominion may be transmitted by last will and testament, or by inheritance, and of prescribing who shall and who shall not be capable of taking it.
Seite 215 - And, perhaps, the safest rule of interpretation, after all, will be found to be, to look to the nature and objects of the particular powers, duties. and rights, with all the lights and aids of contemporary history; and to give to the words of each just such operation and force, consistent ^ith their legitimate meaning, as may fairly secure and attain the ends proposed.
Seite 413 - Majesty's' subjects ; every person wandering abroad and lodging in any barn or outhouse, or in any deserted or unoccupied building, or in the open air, or under a tent, or in any cart or waggon, not having any visible means of subsistence, and not giving a good account of himself or herself...
Seite 484 - Act, and dismiss the complaint, if it is satisfied that such fireplace or furnace is constructed in such manner as to consume, as far as practicable, having regard to the nature of the manufacture or trade, all smoke...

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