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which appeared in the Morning Herald, and partly on prirate notes,

Weld.-A Vacation Tour in the United | Wilson. - Bryologia Britannica: Con

States and Canada. By C. R. WELD, taining the Mosses of Great Britain and Barrister-at-Law. Post Pro. with Route Ireland systematically arranged and described Map, 103. 6d.

according to the Method of Bruch and

Schimper ; with 61 illustrative Plates, inWest. — Lectures on the Diseases of cluding 25 new ones engraved for the present Infancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST,

work. Being a new Edition, with many M.D., Physician to the Hospital for Sick

Additions and Alterations, of the Muscologia Children; Physician-Accoucheur to, and

Britannica of Messrs. Hooker and Taylor. Lecturer on Midwifery at, St. Bartholomew's

By WILLIAM Wilson, President of the Hospital. Third Edition, revised and en- Warrington Natural History Society. 8vo. larged. 8vo. 148.

42s. ; or, with the Plates coloured, £4. 48. Wheeler (H. M.)-A Popular Harmony Woods.- The Past Campaign : A Sketch

of the Bible, Historically and Chronologically of the War in the East, from the Departure arranged. By HENRY M. WHEELER, Author of Lord Raglan to the Time of the Kertch of Hebrew for Adults, &c. Fcp. 8vo. 58. Expedition ; with a brief Appendix, detail

ing the Events to the Capture of Sebastopol. Wheeler (J.T.)-The Life and Travels of By N. A. Woods, late Special Correspon

Herodotus in the Fifth Century before dent to the Morning Herald at the Seat of Christ : An imaginary Biography illustra

War. 2 vols. post 8vo. [Just ready. tive of the History, Manners, Religion, .:: This work is compiled partly on the incidents of the letters Literature, Arts, and Social Condition of

taken on the spot by the author, with original documents since the Greeks, Persians, Babylonians, Egyp

forwarded to him, -comprising the Journals of Captain Batler

describing the defence if Silistria, and the correspuadence of tians, Hebrews, Scythians, and other Ancient Captain Christie reiative to the disastrous gale in the Black Sca,

Nov. 14, 1854. Nations, in the Days of Pericles and Nehemiah. By J. TALBOYS WHEELER, F.R.G.S. Yonge.- A New English-Greek Lexicon : 2 vols. post 8vo. price 21s.

Containing all the Greek Words used by Wheeler.-The Geography of Herodotus De

Writers of good authority. By C. D.

YONGE, B.A. Post 4to. 218.
veloped, Explained, and Illustrated from
Modern Researches and Discoveries. By

With Yonge's New Latin Gradus: Containing Maps and Plans. 8vo. price 188.

every Word used by the Poets of good

authority. By Authority and for the Use Whitelocke's Journal of the English of Eton, Westminster, Winchester, Harrow, Embassy to the Court of Sweden in the

Charterhouse, and Rugby Schools ; King's Years 1653 and 1654. A New Edition,

College, London; and Marlborough College.

Third Edition. Post 8vo. 9s. revised by HENRY REEVE, Esq., F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 246.

Youatt.-The Horse. By William Youatt. Willich's Popular Tables for ascertaining With a Treatise of Draught. New Edition,

the Value of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church with numerous Wood Engravings, from Property, Renewal Fines, &c. Third Edition, Designs by William Harvey. (Messrs. with additional Tables of Natural or Hyper- Longman and Co.'s Edition should be orbolic Logarithms, Trigonometry, Astronomy, dered.) 8vo. price 10s. Geography, &c. Post 8vo. price 9s.

Youatt.--The Dog. By William Youatt. Lady Willoughby's Diary (1635 to 1663). A New Edition; with numerous Engravings,

Printed, ornamented, and bound in the style from Designs by W. Harvey. 8vo. 6s. of the period to which_The Diary refers. New Edition ; in Two Parts. Square fep. Young.--The Christ of History: An 8vo. price 8s. each, boards; or, bound in

Argument grounded in the Facts of His morocco, 188. each.

Life on Earth. By the Rev. John Young,

M.A., formerly of Albion Chapel, Moorfields. Wilmot's Abridgment of Blackstone's Post 8vo. 7s.6d.

Commentaries on the Laws of England, intended for the use of Young Persons, and Zumpt's Grammar of the Latin Lancomprised in a series of Letters from a Father

guage. Translated and adapted for the to his Daughter. A New Edition, corrected use of English Students by Dr. L. SCHMITZ, and brought down to the Present Day, by F.RS.E. : With numerous Additions and Sir John E. EARDLEY WILMOT, Bart. Corrections by the Author and Translator. 12mo. price 6s. 60.

4th Edition, thoroughly revised. 8vo. lts.

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