A Digested Index to the Modern Reports, of the Courts of Common Law, in England [1689-1809] and the United States [1799-1812]: Including L'd Raymond, Salkeld, Strange, Willes, Wilson, W. Blackstone, Burrow, Cowper, Douglass, Lofft, Term Reports, East's Reports, 10 Vols., H. Blackstone, 2., Bosanquet & Puller, 3., New Reports, 1., Massachusetts Reports, 8., Johnson's Reports, in Newyork [sic] 8., Johnson's Cases, in Newyork [sic] 3., Dallas's Reports, 4., Cranch's Reports in the Supreme Court of the United States, 6 Vols


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Seite 294 - TR 32, it was held, that, if two persons agree to perform certain work in a limited time, or to pay a stipulated weekly sum for such time afterwards as it should remain unfinished...
Seite 65 - Thus, in an action by the payee of "a promissory note against the maker...
Seite 443 - That if any Action or Suit shall be commenced against any Person or Persons for...
Seite 37 - ... such allegation was not supported by proof that the tunnel was made on the defendant's land, which he had agreed to let the plaintiff have for this purpose for a certain consideration; but of which no conveyance was made by him to the...
Seite 373 - To constitute a levying of war, there must be an assemblage of persons for the purpose of effecting by force a treasonable purpose. Enlistment of men to serve against Government IB not sufficient.
Seite 236 - Naval courts-martial, military courts-martials, courts of Admiralty, courts of prize are all liable to the controlling authority, which the Courts of Westminster Hall have from time to time exercised, for the purpose of preventing them from exceeding the jurisdiction given to them: the general ground of prohibition, being an excess of jurisdiction, when they assume a power to act in matters not within their cognizance.
Seite 387 - ... justify under a sufficient legal process if he had it in fact at the time, although he declared then that he entered for another cause.
Seite 188 - ... an act for the relief of debtors, with respect to the imprisonment of their persons.
Seite 9 - ACTS subsequent to the time of delivering goods' on a contract, may be admitted as evidence to shew that the goods were delivered on a partnership account, if it were doubtful at the time of the contract; but if it clearly appear that no partnership existed at the time of the contract, no subsequent act by any person, who may afterwards become a partner (not even an acknowledgment that he is liable, or...
Seite 290 - Aid. 137), where it was held, that, if a factor who sells under a del credere commission, sells goods as his own, and the buyer knows nothing of any principal, the buyer may set-off any demand he may have on the factor, against the demand for the goods made by the principal.