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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the District Court of the State of New York in November, 1838.



Ir is a peculiar feature of American History, that whatever is connected with it, can be distinctly traced to events and circumstances wholly independent of hidden and obscure traditions, it unfolds at once a chain of well authenticated facts, developing in steady and regular progression, its discovery, settlement, celonization, independence, and finally its rapid progress as a mighty and free nation. The whole fabric of Republican America, from the broad basis planted by ancestral heroism and fearless adherence to right through the short but splendid gradations of her subsequent career, up to her present unrivalled condition, has been built by a succession of disinterested efforts of such men as are entitled to be held up as examples to the world. Every endeavour, therefore, to present to the reader the claims which our history possesses to impartial investigation, cannot but receive the countenance of an enlightened community.

Cheered by these considerations, the compiler has collected into a volume at once commodious and unexpensive, the most important facts concerning the history of the United States,-including succinct biographies of her most eminent men, characteristic embellishments, &c., &c., which he confidently offers to the public as a work worthy of perusal and attentive study, especially by those who have not within their reach elaborate dissertations on the many subjects here persented such a convenient form.

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