Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, Band 9

B. Franklin, 1851

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Seite xi - Nuevitas and took possession of the country In the name of the King of Spain.
Seite lxv - And pant already to redress. Go on, the height of good attain, Nor let a nation hope in vain: For hence we justly may presage The virtues of a riper age.
Seite iii - Frighting the wide heaven. And in regions far. Such heroes bring ye forth As those from whom we came, And plant our name Under that star Not known unto our north.
Seite 92 - The river was almost half a league broad. If a man stood still on the other side, it could not be discerned whether he were a man or no. The river was of great depth and of a strong current; the water was always muddy; there came down the river continually many trees and timber, which the force of the water and stream brought down.
Seite 6 - To handle them gently, while gentle courses may be found to serve, it will be without comparison the best ; but if gentle polishing will not serve, then we shall not want hammerours and rough masons enow, I meane our old soldiours trained up in the Netherlands, to square and prepare them to our Preachers hands.
Seite ii - And the ambitious vine Crowns with his purple mass, The cedar reaching high To kiss the sky, The cypress, pine, And useful sassafras.
Seite 97 - Indians had just got done the bridge as he came up. It was built of wood, in the manner of timber thrown across from tree to tree; on one side there being a rail of poles, higher than the rest, as a support for those who should pass. The Cacique of Casqui having come with his people, the Governor sent word by an Indian to the Cacique of Pacaha, that though he might be at enmity with him of Casqui, and that Chief be present...
Seite 126 - ... buried in the night at one of the gates of the towne within the wall. And as the Indians had seene him sick, and missed him, so did they suspect what might bee.
Seite ii - You brave Heroique Minds, Worthy your Countries Name, That Honour still pursue, Goe, and subdue, Whilst loyt'ring Hinds Lurke here at home, with shame. Britans, you stay too long, Quickly aboord bestow you, And with a merry Gale Swell your stretch'd Sayle, 10 With Vowes as strong, As the Winds that blow you.
Seite 82 - A waiied man, which he said had rebelled) : they found a walled town, without any men ; and those which went with the cacique set fire on the houses, to dissemble their treason. But by reason of the great care and heedfulnesse, that was as well in the...

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