May day

Rodwell and Martin, 1816

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Seite 279 - tis impossible thou canst be so wicked, Or shelter such a cunning cruelty, To make his death the murderer of my honour ! Thy language is so bold and vicious, I cannot see which way I can forgive it With any modesty.
Seite 273 - Sirrah, no more ! I see you have discovered This love's knight errant, who hath made adventure For purchase of my love ; be silent, mute, Mute as a statue, or his injunction For me enjoying, shall be to cut thy throat ; I'll do it, though for no other purpose, And be sure he'll not refuse it. LoL My share, that's all, I'll have my fool's part with you.
Seite 256 - t is the soul of freedom ! I should not then be forc'd to marry one I hate beyond all depths; I should have power Then to oppose my loathings, nay, remove 'em For ever from my sight. De F. (Aside.) O blest occasion! Without change to your sex you have your wishes; Claim so much man in me.
Seite 305 - Tigr. Serve my turn, sir ? Arb. Ay, sir, it shall not serve your turn. Tigr. Be plainer, good sir. Arb. This woman shall carry no more letters back to your love Panthea; by Heaven she shall not; I say she shall not. Mar. This would make a saint swear like a soldier, and a soldier like Termagant.
Seite 324 - All we can do to comfort one another, To stay a brother's sorrow for a brother, To dry a child from the kind father's eyes, Is to no purpose, it rather multiplies : Your only smiles have power to cause re-live The dead again, or in their rooms to give Brother a new brother, father a child ; If these appear, all griefs are reconciled.
Seite 277 - tis not possible My service should draw such a cause from you : Offended ! could you think so ? that were much For one of my performance, and so warm Yet in my service.
Seite 267 - No, I'll see you wiser first : to your own kennel ! Fran. No noise, she sleeps ; draw all the curtains round, Let no soft sound molest the pretty soul, But love, and love creeps in at a mouse-hole.
Seite 284 - A merry slight, but true experiment: the author Antonius Mizaldus. Give the party you suspect the quantity of a spoonful of the water in the glass M, which, upon her that is a maid, makes three several effects; 'twill make her incontinently...
Seite 312 - Tom. All league with mankind I renounce for ever, Till I find this murderer; not so much As common courtesy but I'll lock up; For in the state of ignorance I live in, A brother may salute his brother's murderer, And wish good speed to th
Seite 181 - O the motions that I, Lanthorn Leatherhead, have given light to i' my time, since my Master Pod died! Jerusalem was a stately thing; and so was Nineveh and the city of Norwich, and Sodom and Gomorrah; with the rising o...

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