The Magazine of Natural History, Band 4

John Claudius Loudon, Edward Charlesworth, John Denson
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1840

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Seite 218 - These are the gardens of the Desert, these The unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, For which the speech of England has no name — The Prairies. I behold them for the first, And my heart swells, while the dilated sight Takes in the encircling vastness.
Seite 84 - I instantly put spurs to my horse, and with my attendants gave chase. After an unrelaxed gallop of full three miles we came up with the dog, who was then within a short stretch of the creature he pursued, and to my surprise, and at first vexation, I saw it to be an ass ; but...
Seite 92 - STEPHENS. -A MANUAL OF BRITISH COLEOPTERA, or, BEETLES: containing a Description of all the Species of Beetles hitherto ascertained to inhabit Great Britain and Ireland, &c. With a Complete Index of the Genera. By JF STEPHENS, FLS Author of
Seite 85 - ... his pastime. When my followers of the country came up, they regretted that I had not shot the creature when he was within my aim, telling me that his flesh is one of the greatest delicacies in Persia.
Seite 73 - Although the Arbutus is well known in the gardens of England as a shrub, Mr. and Mrs. SC Hall state, that "in Dinis Island there is one, the stem of which is seven feet in circumference, and its height is in proportion, being equal to that of an ash tree of the same girth which stands near it; and on Rough Island, opposite O'Sullivan's cascade, there is another, the circumference of which is nine feet and a half. Alone, its character is not [Quere, not ?] picturesque; the branches are bare, long,...
Seite 117 - I have caught with a fly some not longer than my finger, which have had as perfect a hard stomach as the larger ones, with the coats as thick in proportion, and the same shells within ; so that this animal is at least now a distinct species, and is a sort of link between the trout and char, which has a stomach of the same kind with the gillaroo, but not quite so thick, and which feeds at the bottom in the same way.
Seite 242 - These balls are thoroughly dried, and carried about the neighbournood where they are made, for sale in the markets ; and they are also frequently kept by shopkeepers, to supply their customers. The price of these balls varies in different seasons, from 3d. to 8d. per dozen. They are very much prized by some housewives, for their utility in the wash-house, in economizing the use of soap. When about to be used they are put into the fire, and when heated to a red heat, are taken out and thrown into...
Seite 21 - I visited Castle Connell, a poor little village six Irish miles from Limerick, much frequented on account of the appearance of the Shannon, which is here very shallow, and runs over a bed of stones. I crossed to the Clare side in a little boat, and the boatmen were very impressive in their conversation touching the danger of the passage (which they perform twenty times a-day), and told me the falls were considered the finest in Europe, and that Mr. English (Inglis) had been there. On the Clare side...
Seite 84 - But the single instabt of checking my horse to consider, had given our game such a head of us, that notwithstanding all our speed we could not recover our ground on him. I, however, happened to be considerably before my companions...
Seite 154 - M. Brandt omits to mention that the long ringlets cover the hair, properly called, which is rough and short and lies sparingly upon the skin. The dimensions of the specimen examined by M.

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